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Post by Guest on Thu 29 May - 12:21

- Name: Kaehl Adrian Valentine

- Gender: Male

- Age: 16 years old

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Pack Position: Apprentice

- Appearance: Much like his father, Kaehl is a tall male. He has bright green eyes and dirty blonde hair. His body is muscular and toned. His genes are strong and ancient, spanning from his mother and father. At a young age, he was already being told how much older he looked than he really was. Kaehl has a thin look to his physique. He is lean and cut to perfection. He works on his body daily, making sure he gets enough exercise and working the right muscles. He does not have a tattoo yet, but he plans to get some once he is of age, or at least until he can do it without his parents finding out. In his wolf form, he is completely white with splashes of black against his spine. His eyes are a bright green, just as the same of his human form. His coat is a mix of his parents, white from his mother, but the peppered look on his back from his father.

- Face Claim: Paul Walker

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- History: Born to mother and father, Jace and Teimhnin Valentine, they lived in the smaller of the two packs. Once both children were born, Jace could not have been happier, standing by Teimhnin's side for the whole thing. The love of a first time father is stronger than any other, they say. Jace has proven this, time and time again for his young. Kaehl acts very much like his father at his young age, and for this Jace keeps a close eye on him. Rightly so, for this boy is rather adventurous. He always seems to find himself in some sort of trouble. At the age of five, he was already very knowledgeable and very much a smart ass. He learned sarcasm young and how to use it properly. Though he adores both of his parents, he has a horrible sense of when to listen. He has selective hearing, but when it comes to matters of being an Alpha or a dignitary, he listens as if it were a message from the gods themselves. He wants to take his father's place in the future, if anything does happen to him. As he went through the human grade schools, he could already tell he was different than everyone else. The other children seemed to be shy around him until they really knew him. Kaehl is outgoing and pulls the attention on himself.

As he got older, he could feel he was getting stronger daily. He knew he was a werewolf, but he was very impatient. Every year, he wished he could just jump to 16. But when he entered High School at 13, everything for him was about to change. Immediately Jace forced him to participate in football. During practices and games, he would learn to keep his cool from the sport alone. If he felt himself getting angry, it would hinder his ability to play. Jace went to every practice, every game, watching his son and making sure that he would be able to handle the pressure of being in a team sport and with only a few years left before he started his ultimate change. As a Freshman, he had talent, it was enough for the coach to pull him into the Varsity team. After their first game, Jace was the second string quarter back, but he would win the game for them against their greatest rival. In the first quarter the first string quarterback got sacked so hard, he received a concussion. Kaehl was put out in the next play for the big game and showed his strength and intelligence about the field. Play after play, they gained yards and downs. Everything was going smoothly, until their final play, the time was dropping fast and none of his players were open to catch the ball. Kaehl took the initiative to run the ball in himself for a touchdown. Dodging every defensive player in his path, and even jumping over one, he made it to the goal and raised his arms into the air. The stands went wild, cheering his name and tossing things into the air. After this game, Kaehl was now the first string and played wonderfully. With the spotlight on him now, all the girls wanted to be with him.

The leader of the cheerleaders, Amanda Kane, had her eyes on him and did anything to make him hers. The two had an immediate connection, but Kaehl knew she was not a wereling. She was a human. His mother and father would be disappointed in him if he endangered the life of an innocent young girl, so he played it the best he could, cool and not entirely caring. She was the prettiest girl in school and everyone knew it. After months of talking and texting at late hours, he finally agreed to be her boyfriend. In the following summer their relationship blossomed and she even gave herself to him completely. In the night they made love, it was in her room, trying to keep quiet so he did not get rushed out by her parents. For months to follow, the two had sexual relations frequently, even sharing a pregnancy scare. But they could not be torn apart. Kaehl was falling in love with her, or at least, he thought it was love. When they returned back to school, they were the talk of the place, and Kaehl loved every minute of it. Their time together increased and became inseparable. But with most young love, Kaehl was naive and she was turning to be rather controlling. For another year or so, she was with him, telling him what he could and could not do. His friends picked on him, saying that she was his master and he the slave. Kaehl hated that. But he didn't know how to stop it. When the twins turned 16, they shared their first shift. The feelings were hot and painful. There was a burning beneath his flesh, and it would not stop, spreading throughout until his bones started to shift and his muscles grew. It was intense and powerful. When he finally stood on all fours, he released a blood-curdling howl. The transformation was complete, and Kaehl was enjoying his new sense of power. The surge he felt continued to thrive beneath his skin, and pumped him to feel all sorts of emotions he had never before, at least not to such an extent. Anger was dangerous, jealousy treacherous, and sadness was devastating.

Kaehl felt more emotions, while Rayne felt a strong hunger. Amanda would be on her list of things to devour. Kaehl was actually not worried by this, or even upset at Rayne. Honestly, he was quite happy about it, only pulling him closer to his sister. He swore he would keep her safe no matter what. He would protect her from anyone who wished her harm in any way, shape or form.


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