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Casper - Venantium

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Casper - Venantium

Post by Guest on Wed 4 Jun - 14:12

- Name: Casper Nash Hayes

- Gender: Male

- Age: 17 Years

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Requested Pack: Venantium

- Requested Rank: Apprentice

- Appearance:
Standing at 6'4 Casper is a furious, yet intelligent young British male. He's tall and slim with a great amount of muscle wrapping around his arms. He has intense power forming in both bones with unbelievable reflexes. His height gives him a great advantage as well as his muscle tone in fights. Also he has a long fingers that can grip an average mans neck to squeeze to his nail sink deep into the male's veins till it bleeds and stains the flooring. But besides his height and muscles, he has soft, delicate skin that covers his inside flesh. Coats of paleness cover him head to toe. What also lays on his skin is his high cheekbones with a tint of red. The bright color is illuminating when the sun is setting. He has a strong sense of sight with his piercing hazel-green eyes. With a crooked nose with a scruff surrounding his jawline. He has a strong jaw with poisoned light red lips. He doesn't do much with his lips except when he's seducing his females. But the further down his body is his broad chest and ripping abs.
- Face Claim: Andrew Garfield

- Human Photo:


- Wolf Photo:


- Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed to ensure fair joining in the future for new members ~Ze Evil Alphess

- How Did You Find Us?: I am Apprentice Leilani of Caedesque

- History:

- Example Writing:
Thewerelings.forumotion.com ( Shoot to Thrill [Tanken] )

Amora was greatly satisfied as he shifted back to be only half-dressed. Her eyes printing his eyes, tattoos, scars, and the dripping blood that filled his outer ring of his mouth. His eyes were blue like he other wolves she has met lately. Biting her lip as she felt a bit awkward watching the male whose abdomen is fully exposed. Do you ever wear a shirt? She thought snidely, rolling her eyes to be followed after. Dusting herself off as her eyes were peeled away from his posture, she straightened out her layered leather jacket with a gray jacket under it. Zipping up the gray jacket while her leather one was unzipped. Her skinny jeans were ripped on both knees as she's covered in scraps from her earlier fall. Her brunette hair was little tangled in the back with strands covering her left eye. Not too much caring of her look with her combat boots still intact from running and falls. Her nails had dirt in the them, while a scar on her right cheek was covered with a bruise. Her mascara was running from the sweat that built up from the wolf. Her fear was gladly covered with determination and confidence, which Amora didn't expect, but she liked the feeling.

Amora took a hesitate step as she was finished straightening up herself. The male gave her his name, which was Tanken? That's a interesting name, she thought. "It's a weird name.. We should leave and find a snack. I'm starving." Her wolf spoke to her as it gave a shiver down Amora's back. The feeling was back as the wolf was scratching to be let out from her dying thirst. "I'm not going to harm someone that hasn't gave me a sigh of threat. He backed off and it's a waste of my time to make enemies." Amora snarled at her wolf, Chanel. Chanel never liked being called that, since she thought it was such a girly name. Shrugging at her wolf as she decided to follow Tanken with a peak of curiosity.

Clenching her teeth and burring her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket. She threw up her hood as she tries to keep a quiet look as much as she can, but felt slightly bored. Leaning against a tree that's nearest his prey as she watched him closely with her serious yet amused voice. "So.. Tanken is your name. Interesting. What's it mean?" Cocking her heading slightly as her blue with hazel specks of eyes shoot a shot curious. "Don't question him, you might scare him away." Her wolf grunted from irritation. Umm.. That didn't happen with Damian or Faolan.   Amora snapped back at Chanel. After that her wolf was silent with a pointed look. Rolling her eyes mentally at Chanel.


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