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Name Claim

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Name Claim

Post by Lost Admin on Thu 12 Jun - 16:53

Below is where members will reserve the names they have chosen for their characters. We try to keep things very different here. If someone is already named Sarah, please do not make a character named Sara. This will claim your character and any names close to it. If any names are not there, be sure to list yours with the following code seen below. We are not held responsible if one is not there that was not commented.

A - D's
Aaron Blackwell - Male
Accalia Arlandas - Female
Adonis Braveheart - Male
Alexander Reese Jr. - Male
Alexia Summers - Female
Amariela Windsong - Female
Amora Gautier - Female
Anastasia Faust - Female
April Meyler - Female
Arianna Bishop - Female
Arielle Blackwell - Female

Axel Evans - Male
Bailey Collins - Female
Brutus Ceasar - Male
Calloway Bass - Male
Cameron Muller - Male
Casper Hayes - Male
Castiel Kazeshini - Male
Ciaran O'Connell - Male

Collette Martin - Female
Daiken Kazeshini - Male
Daiyu Fang - Female
Damian Arevalo - Male
Daniel Blackwell - Male
Dante Arlain - Male
Darcy Jones - Female
Gregori Daratrazanoff - Male
Diatori A. Garrison - Male
Dyson Roe - Male

E - J's
Elay Lutheran - Male
Evelyn Claremont - Female
Faolan Lucian - Male
Faye Harper - Female
Fedrick Xavier - Male
Finnick Rebane - Male
Finnley Beckstrom - Male

Gabriel Braveheart - Male
Garrett R. Matthews - Male
Gideon Ravenwood - Male

Hazel Gaunter - Female
Hikami Seishin - Female

Hughes Greyson - Male
Ignis Guetta - Male
Isaak Wolfgang - Male
Jace Valentine - Male

Jasmine Lyonn - Female
Juliet Capulet - Female

K - O's
Kaehl Valentine - Male
Kaiko Silverwind - Female
Kiba Frost - Female
Laundi Nex - Female

Liam Gracen - Male
Lillyana Evans - Female
Kismet Smith - Female
Legacie Rey - Female
Leilani Arevalo - Female
Locsi Chanel - Female

Loki Francone - Male
Magnus Bane - Male

Mairwen Lucasta - Female
Melissa Rejaz - Female
Mercedes Clelland - Female
Natasha Capulet - Female

Noctavia Dark - Female
Noelle Kazeshini - Female
Nordic Inlusio - Male

P - R's
Raiden Invictus - Male
Raven Johnson - Female
Rayne Valentine - Female

Rick James - Male
Roxanne Dyre - Female
Ryker Dahling - Male

S - U's
Samantha Deadwood - Female
Sanaa Lutheran - Female

Sebastian F. Matthews - Male
Silas Kazeshini - Male
Sinta Tillary - Male
Sterling Harris - Female
Tatum Bores - Female
Teimhnin Kane - Female

Tanken Kazeshini - Male
Temari Eos - Female
Tenn Huron - Male
Thyatira Duranki - Female
Tobias Denoan - Male
Travis Manchester - Male

V - Z's
Vladimir Luther - Male
Vitani Dark - Female
Winter LeAnne - Female
Zelda Carmit - Female

**If your character is not on here, please post below, stating both the human's full name and the character's rank & name besides it.

Male Code
[color=#00ccff]First & Last Name Here - Male[/color]

Female Code
[color=#ffccff]First & Last Name Here - Female[/color]
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