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Adreaven - Venantium

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Adreaven - Venantium

Post by Adreaven on Thu 26 Jun - 11:06

Name: Adreaven Helis VeLude

Gender: Male

Age: 137

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Requested Pack: Venantium

Requested Rank: Warrior

Appearance: In human form, Adreaven is muscular and lean at 6 feet and 1 inch tall and weighing in at 200 pounds. His skin tone is a light tan and he has sky blue eyes and short golden-brown hair. He has a strong chin, straight nose, arched eyebrows, full lips, and high cheekbones on a sturdy face. On Adreaven's broad shoulders, he has a tattoo in bold red letters that say "Night Prowler". The two words have a black wolf baring its teeth on the far left.

Adreaven's wolf form has a lot of differences; Being 8 feet and 3 inches tall, he is still muscular and lean. He has a brown pelt that gets darker as you go along the spine to the tip of his tail. His face is also dark brown, with one lighter brown streak going over his eyes to the bottom of his jaw. He has short pointed ears and a shorter tail than most. He also has a big maw with a long snout. He still has sky blue eyes, but with silver flecks hidden within their depths.

Face Claim: Kellan Lutz

Human Photo:
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Wolf Photo:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
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Joining Keys: Keys have been removed. - Noctavia

How did you find us: Top 100 Canine Sites

History: Adreaven was born into a hard pack to live with. The babies that were born had to be alpha born or hand chosen by the alpha and alphess. Otherwise, they were killed. Fortunatly, Adreaven was picked by the alpha and alphess along with a boy named Colin and a girl named Diana. By the time they were eight, they were already training. After a couple days of training, Diana had gotten sick from an unnamable illness. After about a month, she died. By this, training got harder than it already was and the pack atmosphere got tense and tempers spiked easily. When Adreaven and Colin were fourteen, the pack started to break down and Hex, the alpha, was ill from an incurable disease and Elites were always getting attacked and killed for no reason. By after a year of this, the pack broke down completely and members were being driven out by the remaining Elites.By the time the boys were sixteen, they were being driven out by the alphess and two elites. Now, they were alone with the thought of the shift dawning on them.

When the shift came, Adreaven was the only one to survive it in the end. They were both asleep and Adreaven got a wrenching feeling in his gut. He gasped and cried out, and cried out again as it was followed by another agonizing twist in his gut. This had awoken Colin, and he had come to see what was wrong. By this time, it felt to Adreaven that he was being turned inside out. He screamed constantly and Colin was not helping. Soon, his body was writhing in pain and it was starting to take on its wolf form. His body changed and it changed the body of a huge dark brown wolf. Colin was horrified, and he started to back away from Adreaven. But Adreaven was not himself. His sky blue silver flecked eyes only saw Colin as weak prey, and he advanced on his only friend. Colin shot up to run, but Adreaven had gained abnormal speed and strength, and he attacked Colin. Colin screamed as the wolf's teeth and claws tore at everything they could get to. After this, Adreaven culdn't take it anymore and he passed out.

When Adreaven awoke, he was back in his human form and was face down on the ground. He groaned and slowly got up, looking down, he saw all the blood on himself. He looked around to see the mangled body of his old friend, Colin, and he was horrified to see what he had done. He fled th place and ended up Europe. Adreaven settled down there and found a nice little cottage to live in. Like when he was younger, the thought of love was not appealing to him, and when someone else showed interest, he did not return that interest. But, at times, a light of interest would flame, but, not wanting disaster, he quickly extinguised that flame. Adreaven did this for a long time, and when he was around 100 years of age, a spark of interest finally stayed. He fell in-love with a girl named Orlana, and she fell in love with him. Soon, they started to see each-other frequently. They would laugh and talk, and sometimes just walk together. Soon, Orlana moved from Europe with her parents to live hundreds of miles away. This shattered Adreaven's heart to a million peices and he fled Europe and ended up in New York. He liked the place and settled down permanently there.

Adreaven lived alone and when he turned the age of 137, he went into the forests of New York. When he found there, he wasn't expecting at all. A body of a man was found just like when he discovered Colin's mangled body, and curiousity overpowered his horror. The scent of blood filled Adreaven's nose and he couldn't control the shift. He turned back to the brown wolf and sniffed the corpse. There was more than one scent on the body, but the second scent wasn't human. It was what he was; A wereling. Adreaven's curiousity spiked even more and he followed the scent that traveled throught the forest. Huffing slightly, he found a place where the scent split off. He was confused, knowing the wereling couldn't have split in two. Adreaven studied the two scents, coming to a conclusion that this was the place where the human and wereling could have met. The thought of a chase made him growl with anticipation. But he soon focused back on the scent of the wereling.

After a while of following the wereling scent. it was joined by scents of other wereling. More! Knowing there was more werelings around and the possibilty of a pack, he chose and followed one seperate wereling scent. It continued on for hours and the wolf was gettig frustrated and angry. How could the werelings could have just disappeared? Adreaven growled and put his mind back on following the scent. An hour... two hours... three, and he still hadn't made any progress in finding the werelings. Now he was truly angry. Adreaven snarled and howled his frustration. What the response was made him dumb-struck. A howl, not his own, peirced the air and was joined by others. He was quick to act. He used his acute hearing and followed the howls until he would find the werelings, and a pack possibility, he was looking for.

Example Writing: Adreaven's toungue lolled as he panted hard. He looked behind him to see if they were gone, and they were. For the moment. He knew it was stupid of him to not back down from a fight with two well matched and well brothers. But what could he have done? Tuck tail and run like he should have? Adreaven loathed even thinking like that. Plus, thats what he was doing right now: Running. Adreaven pawed the dirt nervously and he swivled his head around to look to his . left. A bright pelt color caught his eyes and he jumped around to look. But what he found was just the desert cactus's and, well, the desert. He sniffed the air to see if they were careless enough to leave theirr scent. Nothing. He scented no other werelings. This made Adreaven's anxiety level go up and he was always scanning the brush with a scittish eye. Having no clear visual on the brothers disturbed him and made him feel really nervous.

Adreaven's body language showed his anxiety; His ears were flat against his head, his tail was tucked, and he kept pawing the ground and jumping to any sound he heard. He padded slowly and cautiously fowards and soon his pace got faster until it was at a fast run. Thats whenthe others decided to show themselves. Adreaven snapped his head back as snarls erupted behind him. Two wolves that were about his height with the same brown pelts colors were fast and gaining on his tail. In fact, their heads were not even a couple inches from his tail when he noticed what they were doing. The brothers were playing with him, making Adreaven become their senseless prey. At this, he was enraged and he snarled, snapping at the older of the two who was leading the brothers little force. Thus, he wasn't expecting this and he stumbled, tripping on his paw and falling on his brother.

Adreaven skidded to a halt and whirled around to face the brothers with a snarl of rage. The older brother was just getting up when he pounced on him. The wereling howled in pain and writhed under Adreaven as he buried his canines into the back of his neck. His maw was big enough that it almost reached all the way around the neck. But he all but forgot about the other brother. He got the wind knocked out of him as the younger brother rammed into Adreaver, knocking him off the older sibling. He felt the atmosphere turn tense and heshot up, making sure his eyes were trained on the brothers. The older one still hadn't got up, and it looked to Adreaven that he wasn't breathing. The younger one was paying no attention to Adreaven, just his dead brother. When he did look at him, his eyes were blazing with a murderous glare. The wereling howled a peircing battle cry and lunged at Adreaven with a snarl coming from its open maw.

Adreaven was surprised to feel himself being thrown backwards as the yonger brother rammed into him. He howled as sharp canines got buried in his hind quarters. He twisted under the weight and sent his paw flying into the side of the brothers head. It's teeth let of of Adreaven and he fell to the grund, whining and whimpering like a pup. He whirled around and snarled at the writhing young wereling. But he didn't attack. He made the brother suffer, so he waited. Adreaven growled as he sibling slowly stood up, the place where his  eye should have been bleeding. The youngster just stood and glred at him. But he knew he was going to die. Adreaven tilted his head slightly as the brother still stod, frozen. Suddenly, he whirled around and fled. He snarled and ran after the fleeing brother. Adreaven caught up to him and lunged, landing on the brother's back. It whined and fell, bringing him down. He growled and bit deeply into its neck, puncturing an artery. After a tense of it's muscles, the youngster slowly relaxed and stopped breathing, signaling that it was dead. Adreaven slowly got up and, without a backwards glance, left.

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Re: Adreaven - Venantium

Post by Alphess Noctavia on Thu 26 Jun - 15:35

Sorry, but that last name is already owned by Noctavia & Vitani.
Please find enough before you begin saying it in your history.

Just a heads up.

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Look towards the Name claim above to see what last names have not been taken.
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Re: Adreaven - Venantium

Post by Adreaven on Mon 7 Jul - 21:19

Okay, finally got finished with the darn thing. Changed the last name and added the history.

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Re: Adreaven - Venantium

Post by Lost Admin on Mon 7 Jul - 23:48

Lovely character you've got there.

Welcome to The Lost Ones v2!
Thank you for choosing us, and enjoy~

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Re: Adreaven - Venantium

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