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April - Caedesque

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April - Caedesque

Post by April Meyler on Mon 14 Jul - 13:36

- Name: April May Meyler

- Gender: Female

- Age: 16

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Requested Pack: Caedesque

- Requested Rank: Apprentice Doctor

- Appearance:In human form April is an average  size for her age standing around 5'6ft and weighing around 60kg. Her hair varies in colour, depending on what colour she next wants to die it. However she mainly dies it from reds to a blonde of an orange sort of colour. She has quite a slim build with a mix of green and brown for her eye colour. Her complexion is very fairly pale because of the fact she comes from a cold-ish country. Her face shape is very smooth with low cheek bones and a fairly heavy brow. Her fashion is quite casual usually just with a strap top, a pair of jeans and a pair of punk boots.

However her wolf form is very different. As a wolf April stands around 8ft and has a thin light build that is designed for running at a great speed. She has a jet black base colour with brownish socks that reach up the the top of her leg with her front legs, and half way up with her back legs. Her left eyes is surrounded buy a white circle, and both her ears are rimmed with the same colour as her legs. Her tail start of black at the top and then fades into white as it moves down.As a wolf, however, her eye colour turns into a light blue.

- Face Claim: Hayley Williams

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed ~Lost Admin

- How Did You Find Us?: An advertisement on Land Of The Wolf RPG

- History: Born into a very strict, and male dominating pack April May Meyler was born on the 20th of June. Her pack only valued males and females where used only for reproducing, and where often abused. However April was born to the alphas of that pack, and consequently of this she was treated much better and in a much more respected way. So as a new born she was pampered, had every single need tended to as soon as one cry came from her mouth. April knew nothing else than the luxuries that where given to her and because of this developed a very big snobby attitude towards anyone who was not her family. She also became very ignorant to the way her pack worked if you where female, and not alpha born meaning the only reality she knew was the extremely luxurious life she had.

Now her reality began to crumble as a revolution began within her pack. One male disagreed with the way the pack worked and hated the way the females where treated. He especially hated the alphas and wanted them dead. The male was called Maliki and was an adopted distant cousin of April but was demoted because of his so called'attempted rebellion'. For months Maliki had gathered females, and the few males that agreed with him,and had created a plan that would soon over throw the alphas and then him, his son and wife would create a different pack where both genders would be valued equally. However it took Maliki years to gather enough people and by that time April was about to shift for the first time. Ironically Maliki's son ,Calco, shifted a few days after.

Shifting was a big deal in April's pack, like it was in many packs. The young shifter males would have to fight to the death and the winners would get a lot of mating rights when the mating season came around. Further more the top male would get rights to mate with the alphas daughter. So when the fights came around and the freshly shifted males fought, Calco won out of the top five that survived. During this time April was still recovering from her first shift, and was lying,in her human form, in her bed asleep. The alpha's,unaware of the plan created by Maliki, invited Calco over to their home, where they woke up April and introduced her to Calco. They where both young when they first met and where expected to get along and become mates. However the two at first hated each other. April had never known anything different from luxuries she was living in, and her ignorant and snobby attitude was the one thing that started it.

Calco,like his father, was a kind hearted and gentle male who believed in equality. April had never experienced the outside world so when Calco explained to her why he hated the alphas and her she was in complete and utter shock. Within the confines of her home, April had always been valued but had never left the castle she lived in to experience pack life. So her ignorance lowered as she learnt more, but her snobbishness  was still very strong. The only way she was going to drop that attitude was if she experienced what life was like outside of her pampered life. So Calco took April to live with his father for a few months which April's parents agreed to with complete naivety as to what was going to happen into the future. Calco helped Aprils pack some clothes and toiletries which she would need for the next few months.So as April arrived at Calco's home she was in complete shock. She thought how disgusting this place was and how destroyed and poor these people where.

The first few weeks where the worst April had ever experienced. She hated the fact she had to hunt for food, get water from the river and then carry it back, and then, in her opinion, had to do the worst chore which was wash her own clothes. April was on the border line of having a mental breakdown within those first few weeks. All she wanted to do was run home, and go back to being pampered. However as time passed and it came to the middle of her stay with Calco and Maliki she began to realise why they did not like herself and her family, and how badly the female where treated by some of the other males. At the end of her stay April decided she would join Maliki and Calco in the rebellion after realising what her family had been doing to her pack, and how sexist they where. Deciding to leave her pampered home, April decided she would live with Maliki and Calco,and they gladly accepted her after her snobby and ignorant nature had gone, which was replaced by compassion and understanding.

With Arpil now joining the rebellion more people joined up including an increase in males. With the rebellion group much bigger they where ready to take down the alphas. No more did April think that she was an alpha nor did she think that the people she lived with where lower than her. She was a completely different person compared to who she was a few months ago. The day then came of the rebellion and everyone had a single sword and shield each. Hungry for vengeance. The charged towards the castle where they broke down the door and effortlessly slaughtered the alpha's. April felt no remorse towards her family, and as the war ended and time went on she completely forgot about her family. Developing through her teenage years, and into her young adult years April decided to leave her pack and let Calco carry on ruling over the pack. She said goodbye and left to join a new pack.

- Example Writing: April lay there on her back, her eyes looking up at the moon as the cool breeze blew through her under fur.It had been all right for her. On her own like this, for such a long time. She knew how to hunt and fight, plus there had been an abundance of prey around so things where good right now. Her head rolled to the side as she thought about these things as she quietly listened to the sounds of small rodents moving , and the crickets slowly awakening with their iconic sound. However she was alone,and had been for a long while now and the fact that she was, was slowly creeping up on her. As much as she despised being alone, April knew that leaving her pack was the best thing for her. Staying in her old pack would have only brought back bad memories over and over again. That was something she really was not going to risk happening.

Deciding to try and get the thought of her old pack out of her mind, April went in search of something to eat. Rolling onto her stomach, the she-wolf stretched out her front legs and pushed up onto all fours. Raising her dark nostrils to the air April picked up the scent of a young antelope by a small river that was not far from where she had been resting.The river was in the thicker part of the forest, and at night that was not the safest place to be. Especially if you where being attacked by a an 8ft wolf that was incredibly hungry. So silently she walked into the thicker part of the forest, making sure that she stayed quiet, not wanting to spook the antelope that was now a lot closer. April could almost see the antelope from where she was now crouched. Her frame was low to ground and then long grasses helped her blend into the darkness that surrounded her. Her tail hung low, along with her head that carried her ice blue optics that locked onto her prey.

She was now in perfect position. Her prey was not stressed nor had it noticed that it was being stalked, and was soon going to become a meal. Carefully,and silently, April moved forwards with her frame still close to the ground, and still hidden within the grasses. She drew power into her legs by moving them apart slightly where she was then ready to leap forward. When she did, her claws scraped the rump of the antelope weakening it. The antelope was now on the run and April moved,almost in an instinctual motion,in a run. Although faster the antelope was much more agile and nimble due to it's small size giving it a small advantage. However April quickly caught up and was now running next to the antelope where she then jumped onto the antelope and sank her teeth into the animals neck. The antelope called out in pain with one long, ear wrenching  squeal that sharply ended as April sunk her teeth even further into it's neck.

The body of the antelope then fell limp in April's mouth, as blood trickled out of her maw and dripped onto the grasses she stood on. Her prey was to heavy to carry back to the cave she was residing in temporarily so,knowing that nothing would attack her, began eating her catch. The meal was something April had been looking forward for, for days. Despite the abundance of food, hunting on her own was not something April was good at. She was much more successful usually when she hunted in a group. This time she was just lucky that this antelope was an easy kill. After finishing her meal she headed back to the cave where she would shift back into her human form. The walk back was quiet with not much happening. The wind picked up slightly. Maybe a storm was brewing, but April knew she had to keep moving in the morning. Arriving at the cave she shifted back into her human form with ease as she began packing up some food and water. The only thing she did not pack was the sleeping bag she had been sleeping in for the past days which she carefully laid down on and fell asleep. In the morning she would head off to find a new pack to join.

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Re: April - Caedesque

Post by Lost Admin on Mon 14 Jul - 18:43

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