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Ciaran - Venantium

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Ciaran - Venantium

Post by Ciaran on Thu 24 Jul - 20:37

- Name: Ciaran Ryan O'Connell

- Gender: Male

- Age: 17

- Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

- Requested Pack: Venantium

- Requested Rank: Apprentice

- Appearance:
Standing right around 5'9'' tall and being healthily weighed at 135 lbs. , Ciaran has a fairly slender figure. His skin color varies from being rather pale to lightly tanned. Also there are no significant scars and / or tattoos to be found at his body, except for one stitch scar, stretching from his left under arm all the way to his elbow. He prefers to keep his shoulders covered as there's a faint bite mark able to be seen, caused by his former mate.
His striking pair of stormy grey eyes usually wear dark circles underneath them, which is obviously related to his general sleep deprivation. He does put much effort in his appearance, not wanting to stand out of the bigger crowd, he tends to dress like your everyday teenager. His boyish facial features definitely help him achieve that, as he mostly wears jeans and a simple shirt, though they're usually brightly-colored. Also his brownish, averagely long hair, will be shown to others as neat and well-cared for.
Wolf - Ciaran's inside beast is a an entirely Arctic white wolf with a strikingly rough coat. Though, that's not the only feature which makes him notable. His eyes usually appear as a lighter shade of grey but when strong emotions overwhelm the canine, his iris's instantly respond to his feeling by turning dark grey which makes him as a relatively small pup (compared to his peers) that more obvious. He stands right around 8' 5'' ft tall and just as his human figure, he's built rather skinny, which often leads to his ribs being unintentionally displayed.

- Face Claim: Sean O'Donnell

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- Joining Keys: -Keys have been eaten by Noctavia.

- How Did You Find Us?: Top 100 Wolf RP's

- History:

Ciaran Ryan O’Connell was born at September 28th ,1996 in a village just outside the Irish capital Dublin. He grew up in a family with a mother , father , and a younger brother. They lived a pretty peaceful life and it was almost like a stereotype family. Nothing out of the ordinary and his parents were eager to keep things the way they were. His parents were afraid of something that stood out of the ordinary; something that attracts attention of other people , they were anxious about being judged by their family or neighbors.

With his 14th birthday coming up, the young wereling’s excitement and at the same time, anxiety became very evident as the big event neared. Two feelings took ahold of the boy when that day arrived; Fear and curiosity, what will it be like to finally run free and mindless across the open fields? He found out as night fell and the painful process came around way too fast. His father made sure everything went according to plan. He watched Ciaran swap his slender body for that of a stunningly white wolf. Despite Cole’s hopes (Ciaran’s father) his son’s playful and ignorant behavior continued to show even as a wolf, he didn’t pay attention to things that actually mattered. Instead of taking a hike, Ciaran was more interested in snapping at his father’s paws, just to see how long it took him to rage. As his father eventually drew the line by tackling Ciaran harshly down to the ground and keeping a dominant position over him, the pup whimpered and additionally didn’t move one muscle. The boyish behavior he tended to show back then, still resides within him to this day.

Ciaran graduated from the local school a few years after his first shift. Meanwhile he had heard about the Venantium pack and became more and more curious finding out what they did exactly and how they worked. He secretly wrote letters to members of the pack asking them a lot of questions and didn't bother to get to know every single little detail. His parents better not find out about it, since their irrational fear of being in the spotlight was still very much active. If they noticed the slightest bit of weird movement or stuff that seemed suspicious , they'd confront him right off the bat.

One thing his parents actually found out about was that he had a relationship with another male. They had no idea their son was bisexual and definitely didn't want to spread it into the world for everyone to have their own opinion on the question, the need to get to know everything of the Venantium pack kind of fainted away as his relationship moved on and he and his parents along with his little brother tended more and more to separate their ways. As Adam (Ciaran’s boyfriend) offered they should go out some time, Ciaran immediately agreed, what could it hurt? Meanwhile, their date proceeded and the love between the two men became more obvious, a few unknown yet uninvited guests came to the party and made their presence known.

They both decided it was time to go and as the two of them were about to go home , the few men who showed up earlier up making themselves as to why they despised of ‘people’ who allegedly ‘fancy others of the same gender’. Adam got cut open by one of them and bled out rather quickly because of the alcohol and the wound that was caused by a sharp projectile. Probably one of the deadliest combo’s. Ciaran, however, managed to escape with the risk of leaving his partner behind. To this day, that weight still resides on his shoulders, making it virtually impossible for him to start a new relationship without finding redemption of his first one.

- Example Writing:

'Yo, Ciaran! Wake up man, we’re late!'

The medical student woke up slowly, as usual. He had heard his roommate Brandon calling out for him, well it wasn't actually calling, more like yelling. They were late for class. A deep sigh, followed by a groan which could be heard from underneath the blankets. Damn. They were late, was the conclusion he came up with. Brandon rushed downstairs, probably preparing take-away breakfast for him.

At long last, Ciaran managed to drag his lazy, hung over ass out of bed. Resting his head on both of his hands, he swept his feet across the edge of his bed, while eagerly trying to remember what in the world did he do to get the world's most worse headache. Perfect. Just when this morning couldn't possibly start of better than it already had, the fear of having to take an important test this very afternoon, slowly but surely crept back into his chest. He wasn't able to study.. yesterday ..or the day before yesterday. Well, short said, he hadn't cast a look in the books at all.

'Bran!' 'You seen my books?' Ciaran yelled just after he got up from the mattress, drifting towards the door, still sleep drunk. 'I gotta study..' he added to his former call-out, though that wasn't meant to reach 'Brandon's ears. These words were supposed to convince himself, rather than his roommate. 'Seriously?' ‘You don't even know where they are?' 'You're so screwed!' Brandon responded rudely from downstairs. God he hated him at these times. Especially that mocking laughter afterward. Ugh.

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes highly agitated by his roommate's actions, he jerked his head up to the wall to his left hand side, focusing at the clockwork. Oh my god. Better hurry now, they had only half an hour left. With that thought, Ciaran rushed over to his closet, quickly pulling out the uniform he's ought to wear, hurrying himself into it and struggling with the tie in the end, as always. After freshening up and combing his hair so that it looks wavy and flawless as it used to, he quickly ran downstairs and as he came into the kitchen, Brandon already packed their bags.

'Good.' 'Now grab some sandwiches, we ain't got time to eat, we'll have time for that once we're underway, alright?' Brandon mentioned on a tone that would easily go through as his father. His roommate acted like a big brother to Ciaran, one you're able to rely on and will support you're decisions, no matter the circumstances. He fancied it just the way it was. Most of the times, he admitted.

Taking a few sandwiches, stuffing them deep in his bag, giving it a good swing and it flew past his shoulder as it landed on his back, he nodded to Brandon. 'Let’s go' Ciaran said, walking over to the door, opening it waiting for Brandon to pass through the doorway before he closed it behind his back and turned the key 360 degrees to the right, locking it.
Their bicycles had already been removed from the garage they were stored in at night. Ciaran and Brandon both took one of them, paddling of into the chilly morning not long after.

As they reached the college grounds, a scarce amount of students were still there , about to enter the main building, meaning bad news. The 2 medical students hastily wandered across the tiled ground munching there sandwiches vigorously and taking a sip of the milk every once in a while just to wash it away. Ciaran’s eyes fell on a male who seemed to be completely taken by his gaming system, and a mischievous smile curved about his lips as his mind immediately thought of something to get the guys attention, Brandon had already foreseen what his friend was planning on doing. 'Oh no you're not, class starts in a few we don't have time for trouble' Brandon said sharply along with the dangerous narrowing of his eyes, but Ciaran was too busy to listen to his dorm mate
'Sorry man, can't let this one slip, I’ll see ya in class' Ciaran grinned, watching Brandon shaking his head in disbelief, followed by an agitated huff. 'Fine, but don't you dare blaming me when you fail this test' Brandon grumbled and stalked inside, leaving Ciaran and the other male alone.

Ciaran rushed over to the other person and 'Accidently' bumped into him, which led to Ciaran’s pack of milk being spilled all over his new victim. 'Oh my god.. I’m so sorry..' he said while trying to keep up an upright innocent look on his face, watching the milk dripping of off the other males shirt. ‘Bulls eye’, he laughed inwardly.

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Re: Ciaran - Venantium

Post by Alphess Noctavia on Sun 27 Jul - 20:38

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