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Silver Wolf

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Silver Wolf

Post by Buddy on Thu 16 Oct - 11:34

- Name: Silver

- Gender: Female

- Age: 19 (Wolf and human years)

- Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

- Requested Pack: Either

- Requested Rank: Any

- Appearance: Human form: 5.4 ft tall, black hair that fades to white near the ends. Hazel eyes, tattoos of paws on her palms, each paw has one black side and one light blue side. Wolf form, she stands at 5.6 ft tall with piercing black eyes and dark bangs that fall over them. Overly large paws. Large wings. Pitch black fur with a slight silver linning around her eyes.

- Face Claim: ????

- Human Photo: None

- Wolf Photo: None

- Joining Keys: -HERE-

- How Did You Find Us?: Looked for a wolf rp sight

- History: Silver is alone after killing her family, her brother having set her up and was the reason her family was dead, Silver prefers to not get to close to anyone just because of her past and so she avoids most wolves and people. She lives alone in a small house near the edge of a town.

- Example Writing: Silver stopped and swung her head in a circle, eyes blazing as blood stained her dark lips. Her kill lay on the floor beneath her paws while her tail wagged gently. Just a few moments before, she had been training in her human form. Fighting off her imaginary enemies. The sky dimmed with clouds, wind picking up, she knew she was going home soon. Even if she didn't want to. She would.

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Re: Silver Wolf

Post by Lost Admin on Thu 16 Oct - 12:13

This is far too unacceptable. You did not follow the proper outline at all according to what was given. Let's see here:

- Read ALL of the Rules stated [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] before providing a joining outline of your so-called character.
- This is a LITERATE werewolf RP, so you must follow through to be a 'healthy' writer, as we like to put it. Incorrect spelling and grammar errors shall not be tolerated, along with short fragmented sentences.
- Our wolves do not grow that small. Again, read the rules.
- You have no joining keys.
- The Face Claim is the face of your character, which is stated in the rules as well. And you MUST provide pictures of them.
- Your example is far too small.
- Since the main part of your character is HUMAN, that requires a full name, not just Silver. And we've already had a girl named Silver.
- You cannot say EITHER for your pack, we do not allow Rogues unless asked special permissions privately to one of the admins.
- This is not a Wolf RP site.
- Our wolves do not have wings.
- Your history is not realistic, and very 'Mary Sueish' according to our site.
- You do not need the Lost Admin information at the bottom of your joining profile, as it is free to be accepted by anyone from the Staff.
If you wish to continue with being a member on my site, you will do the following by changing your entire outline before bothering me again.

Your profile has been...
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