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Sebastian - Venantium

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Sebastian - Venantium

Post by Loner Sebastian on Mon 2 Mar - 16:29

- Name: Sebastian Felix Matthews

- Gender: Masculine

- Age: Unknown. *granted by Administration

- Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, females preferably.

- Requested Pack: Venantium

- Requested Rank: Doctor

- Appearance: In human form, Sebastian fits each and every requirement of the 'perfect' breeding male - unmistakeably flawless and completely symmetrical, he is what women claim to be of great genes worthy of a proud, pureblood litter. Though it may all seem glitz and glam, perhaps thought of to be genetically enhanced methods to what created such a dapper fellow, it all remains a myth, as he is completely natural and does well to keep it that way as years press on and embed their ways into his toned form and edged face. Much like all the males in his family, he grew to be very tall and lanky, sported with a broad set of shoulders and bulk to make his muscles rather larger than what they were predicted to be when he was only a young man. At a complete, standing height, he reaches to be '6ft, 5inch", a gentle giant, one would say if they truly got to know him. His hair is a shaggy mess atop his head, curls and waves befitting to the color of a soft, dark brownish red tint, with some highlights known to be described as a orange-ish brown shade. For facial hair, he leaves a great amount of bearded stubble rising over his angled jaw and upper lip, these hairs are just a tad lighter than his hair color. His lips are of a fleshy pink, pouty in every right way for a man to possess, used for only the greatest kisses he could give. When this face was created, he was gifted with a lovely set of eyes - irises that form the color of a whiskey orange, mixed with golden flecks of copper. He has no identifying markings upon him other than freckles that dot his face here and there, as well as a forearm tattoo. In his many years, he felt it was finally time to get one, and it now resides on his right forearm in the shape of a clock that fades into a flock of black, ravens. Normally, he wears dark clothing, consisting of boots, perhaps sneakers from time to time, a loose shirt and fitted or unfitted jeans that tend to have tears in them due to his ability to always seem to get dirty. His hair is almost always in a mess, and he cares never to fix it - just the way he likes.

As a wolf, very similar to his human form, he is very bulky and has a thick muscle tone. He uses the advantage of his strength almost completely, for he cannot move as fast as a female or a leaner male, but he surely can pack a bunch as well as a damned bite if he was forced to. However, with that, his height exceeds in getting him places, not the fastest as others would, but he is grateful either way. Most of his body consists of fur verses muscle, actually, his coat grows faster before winter hits, providing him an even bigger image than what truly lies beneath. His pelt consists of a vast amount of dark colors. Starting off as a primary color, a majority of his fur is a light brown underneath, but slowly grows to a set of darker browns and even a saddle of black residing over his back. The very tips of his ears are black, along with his tail and around his face. Much like his human hair, in some lights, others can see the red, rusted tints in each hair. Just like his human eyes, they remain the same, only a bit more vibrant, as most werewolves possess. In wolf form, he stands at a complete 10ft, taller than a lot of wolves, but not as tall as some Alphas he's seen in the past and even present.

- Face Claim: Derek Theler

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- Joining Keys: - Keys have been removed ~ The Lost Admin

- How Did You Find Us?: I'm the Site-Owner

- History: The long story began at the heart of a small, yet potentially growing, British village, where a pack resided within the darkness of a tiny cottage in waiting of a child. As most families had done it before professional hospitals and buildings were thought up of to aid in child birth, at the time, they went with the natural way and the mother was forced to push by her own control in the lovely estate and comfort of her own bed. Alongside her, her mate held her hand and kissed it tenderly, keeping her calm as best he could despite the pain that brought her to several echoing screams that then later filled the room as the miracle came closer and closer to life's hello. It was then when the babe was brought into the hands of the mother's servant, and held up to the light before being offered the child's mother to hold warmly for the first time after taking its first breath. When the gender was uncovered, the pack celebrated with the joy of it being a baby boy, and while the new found parents were caring for their newborn, they slightly catered to the rest of their pack in celebration as well. For this was a new beginning for them all, and perhaps a great one at that, and in which, it did so after all as the boy grew stronger and tougher into the body it was most capable of reaching through puberty. He was taught well how to survive on the land, having none of such technology to work with other than a lamp and his mother's teachings to guide him to a proper education at the time. With the pack at his side, he molded well to his wolf-like form, and at times found it quite stressful, being that he was merrily an apprentice and wildly out of control, but was polite with what he had to offer and the pack in return with their help. In no time was the young man on his way to a new with his wolven side, being better at controlling the temper he suddenly grew to have as his hormones became stronger with it, as well as the hunger that followed. Only after a few years into being an apprentice, the family was granted with another babe - a beautiful girl in fact. Her name was Lilith, but she was diagnosed with cancer not long after she began to walk, and was unfortunately put to rest as she was too weak to continue on her journey of life and touch even the slightest of what it was like as a true werewolf. Despite this loss, Sebastian grew to be more aware of death and it's effects on others, and with that, he knew exactly what he wished to do upon future as a man of the pack.

By the age of seventeen, he had the ability to go into the medical field and studied a countless amount of ways as to heal a sick and or injured being, both old and new. He became highly knowledgeable at a young age, though at the time, it was natural of individuals at that time and year to work when they were nearly teenagers, and soon, society would expect him to marry after earning a typical savings in order to provide for a household. However, being that he was a werewolf, he had no time for that, and instead focused more of his self-awareness on his studies and the pack ways. Being that he was in the running of the upcoming Alpha male of the pack, in replacement of his parents, he would strive his best of efforts to prove just that to those who surrounded him and had aided him so far into what he tried to become of himself. He had no use for a bad reputation until centuries later, but there was a reason for everything, and none of that correlated with his worries just yet. At the time, Sebastian begins to see more signs of his work improving, and then continues his work onto bigger and brighter ideas that soon helped the rest of the world come the future. As to where all his wealth comes from in being able to become a wise man of medicine, it resides in his family, being the heir of a widely known weapon-making company beneath the name of Felix Industries. The name originated from a wise Elder and great great grandfather of his that dated all the way back to when werewolves started to show up. Perhaps he was not the original werewolf, but Sebastian knew due to his fortunate bloodline that his ancestors had made a great impression on the world enough to give him what he had done so well with in the present and the wishful future ahead of him. Following suit with the pack, when his apprenticeship was finally through and he was able to join with a proper rank at the age of nineteen, he requested the position of a mender, and with that, was what became one of the strongest men in the field of healing and those which were wounded. He was proud to say that his blood was thick and healthy thanks to his enriched Alpha bloodline, and as long as he had that strength, he was able to cure and save several lives in his day before the hour rang that he must pursue his future elsewhere.

Within the next year or so, he wished his loved ones a heartfelt good bye and began traveling the life of a young wereling to the city - London. There, he provided medical buildings and hospitals for several, and even tended as a professor for some opening education systems to teach lives to properly heal and aid their loved ones at home rather than as a career. Due to his practices of frequent socializing, he became more in touch with his inner self and even learned to control his well being for long amounts of time the more often he came into relationships. And in days prior of the New World, he met a lovely mortal woman by the name of Ariel, whom had a knack for fairy tales and telling wild stories that he so enjoyed hearing. They had met in one of the many hospitals he had formed, and conveniently, she was of the many patients to tend them. Unfortunately, the maiden's life was limited and soon short-lived despite their passion for one another's presences. You see, when she was brought to the hospital upon Sebastian's arrival, she was discovered to of been diagnosed with a similar cancer as his once was sister, though instead of it starting in the cavities of her lungs, Ariel was one of the rare few that had it severally growing at the base of her brain. Being that it was too much to bare, not even the wereling's blood could help ease the pain with the on-growing tumor wedging into her nerves system, and he was unfortunate enough to relive a loss he never got to see or love again. He was one of the first few werelings to ever love a mortal, and granted hope for many others in fact as his story spread across the British-lands. Though the rumors have now perhaps faded and the tale lays as a tattered mess with different meanings crossed over time - only he would remember such a time where he felt such a love for a normal being living the life of any other mortal. It was the loss which finally broke him down as a man, and the wolf within him had the courage to take over. He was not proud of the mistake he made in allowing his counterpart to take the reigns of his forsaken mind, but with the loss of his first love, he did little to fight back. In that time, he beheld no remorse for the lives he took beneath the wolf's control and selfish-power, only to rely on the daylight to bring him back to peace, but to fret the nights where his counterpart was most strong. Despite this happening, he eventually gained a recontrol on it only decades later, and continued as a doctor elsewhere in Europe.

Not long after settling in Germany did he get the notification that his pack had migrated to the New World, which eventually was altered to the name of America when it was first built to withstand several colonies to sail over the treacherous storms and waters between both countries, even continents. Lucky enough, he stayed behind, and was able to stay in contact every year or so with a letter of hope being received from his natal, family pack to see how well they were doing and he as well with what he was working on. He was given news that his parents were blessed with a boy, whom would be the Alpha, he presumed, as that was to be his rightful position before there by feeling he must leave the pack to pursue his own dreams. Wishing his family the kindest luck, he hoped them the best with this child of theres and that his brother do a great justice for the family name. He was proud to say as a heir of the pack that he was a fortunate and potential male for the lead, and sometimes he regretted the decision he made in abandoning it out of the thought of making his own reputation on the world alone rather than his family heirloom in leading the pack of theirs. But in order for Sebastian to learn the world, from dirt to water, he had to work alone to figure it out by himself rather than a constant guidance of another's aid. Given the fact, he was all in all grateful for that help before he set out to his own adventures, but he knew, due to his type of personality and reasoning of several methods, was that he was a hands on type of person, not typically a hearing learner, which helped him a bit more in realizing his place as a healer. As time pressed on and centuries passed, America developed a keen sense of technology that sparked the male's interest to sail across the large lake in spite of helping aid the Revolutionary War. Unfortunately, in order for him to do that without being ridiculed, he disguised himself as a soldier, and tended to the ships that would sail for royal aid on the New England's side. He had no use for war or fighting at all in that matter, he was more invested in the experience of it all, actually. When land was made, Sebastian found his own set of ways in working into the medical fields there, aiding soldiers and curing the severely injured as he once did several years prior to such technology. Eventually after, he lived in America for quite some time, and learned a keen awareness and skill for the devices and inventions of the growing years. Skyscrapers and large cities and such things had never been his most favorite thing, as change was quite difficult given his immortality, but he adapted, and as years passed on and on as they always would as he was alive and healthy, Sebastian molded himself to know the ins and out of the 21st century almost ten times better than anyone else, or so he thought.

In 2013, Sebastion was unfortunately brought to the attention of his brother's death. Never having known the man, he figured he must've done great things at one time for his family, and if not, he wished him well. However, in order for him to know this happened, he was sent secret information from his natal pack, whom had now migrated once again to London where their roots lied, stating the man's state of death, but how he died lies a mystery. It was apparent that this werewolf was quite rotten, and proved a lot of scare and inspired fear in his family. As much as Sebastian wished to hate this man for such things, he couldn't, he barely knew him, and thus had no say for he did not experience, nor see what had gone down. With the files of the incident, he was notified that Garrett had a daughter not long on the way under the name of a Collette, who was planning to give up the child for adoption due to the father of the child not being able to aid the mother's side. During the pregnancy, the mother had died, but thankfully, the young girl survived and was adopted into a new family. The werewolf had watched the child grow from a distance, guarding the little girl's mortal life till she was by the age of a teenager. This girl did not know of her relationship with the man until her first shift, where she had accidentally murdered her foster family in the process and ran off into the woods, only to find him at the clearing's center, where he had been waiting beneath the night to speak with her about himself. He had managed to get a name out of the girl before he reminded her to keep their ties a secret between one another, and that it was his time to go. Sebastian left the wereling to her own choices and to deal with herself by running away - he could do nothing to stop her, as the blood of his ancestors, as well as himself, always had a rebellious side that never seemed to keep them down. Crossing paths was here was not done by mistake, nor had he ever intended it to seem like that between them - he sincerely wanted her to know about him, but would simply forget as the wolf would keep it a secret until he would see her again.

- Example Writing: Warrior Silas - Circle of One

In the pure darkness, the top of slender shoulder-blades shifted in place beneath the tanned-flesh which covered it, muscles rippling in both pain and pleasure. The slightest touch of a cotton cover lay over the creature, for the summer had granted the dark room a humid feel, making the necessity of covering up from the cold less important. A groan, one which was low, riddled with a lost snarl built from a long night of bright lights and several drinks to follow in such a little acquainted time-limit. The figure was practically seeping in his own, intoxicating sweat and left-over stench of the last drink he consumed. Buried face first into the pillows, the brute tried hiding his eyes from the moon-light that helplessly tried to peek in through the curtains to his left, a migraine the size of the country bubbling in his head. He held no account or memory of what he had been doing, but whatever it was, he presumed it must've been worth it if he made it home in one piece, give or take. That day, he had not moved in a inch, and from what he could tell, his wolf did not even bother to irritate him into taking the first step towards the shower, as it too could feel the side-effects worship their body. He forced himself to provide small peaks until his beautifully bi-colored eyes adjusted accordingly to the broad light shining inside. Even as a teenager, his parents luckily allowed him to have his own place about the castle, which was quite fortunate at his age, he thought. His wolf grumbled as he noticed that his strength was returning, still refraining from the light and ducking back into the corner of his mental haven. Rubbing a hand over his aquatically cyan eye, he sighed and slowly pulled the covers away from his naked body and swung his legs over the side to gently graze across the floor below. When he went to get up, he balanced his weight against the wall through his extended hand, waddling his happy ass slowly, but surely over to the given restroom across the convenient castle room. He turned on the shower and stepped inside, instantly feeling the warm rush of water pool down the curves of his muscles and dampening his already glistening skin to the point where it no longer reeked from the alcohol. The adolescent made sure to clean every portion of his body and lather the manly smelling wash into his skin as best he could to at least smell normal again before heading out for a potential meal. The wolven male knew he'd only get dirty again, but it was better feeling clean to catch a meal than being miserable the whole way. It affected his hunt, and he was in no condition to take risks with the headache he made.

Once he was finished, he smoothed a set of fingers through his close-cut, dark brown hair and slicked it naturally to the side where it sat still and quietly dried. Without taking a minute left to waste, he opened his curtains to which lead to the balcony and instantly saw the moon above, this of which shown over his bare skin and made his flesh a pearl-like tone. It made the little teardrops on his body appear as if his skin was built from diamonds alone, and within his eyes were two matching, small versions of the floating sphere hanging loosely in the darkness of his pupils. He watched the rain fall down for a small second before turned around to get dressed. Pulling into a pair of demin-washed ripped jeans, he fastened a navy belt through his waist to hold them up, tugging on the chain which hang from one of the loops and lead into his pocket just to be sure that it was tightly on. As he eventually slipped into an elbow-sleeved white and navy blue shirt, he then pulled over a light grey sweatshirt to cover his remaining body from the rain outside. He rolled the sleeves on the sweatshirt up, this revealing his toned forearms and emblem tattooed wrists. Taking his time to straighten his outfit, he looked at the mirror and quickly slipped into a pair of black Vans before sweeping a hand over his hair to make sure that it was almost dried. Silas then grabbed his wallet and tucked it into his back pocket of his jeans, as well as styling silver sunglasses to shield over his eyes, as it was still too hard to look directly at the light outside. He left his keys behind and hopped into the elevator before it could close after an employee bringing up room service. The growling of his stomach became more noticeable as he licked his lips and tried to see what was on the plate before the metal doors closed in. As it rode down and opened back up, Silas stepped out and turned to go outside towards the exit of the parking garage. It was apparent that the night was still young, for it was just the dark clouds and thick, European rain that made the area seem so mysteriously gloomy. Keeping his head low and hands stored in his sweatshirt's pockets, a mischievous smise lightly grasping at the control of his expression. His footsteps made splashing noises the longer he walked the puddled side-walks, and he payed no attention to those who drove past the dark figure in the pouring rain. A small exhale drew from his lips as he kept walking, finally giving in to grabbing a cab as it rolled slowly to a neat stop, as if it had been anticipating or even following him until he let his stubbornness get the best of him. He looked at the driver with some suspicion before getting in, having no intention to pay, but to only feed his hunger once he got him at the right time. He told him to go towards the docks, but there would be a black apartment on the right, which there was, but it was abandoned and only used for druggies to make their personal exchanges and hipsters to get laid in, as he remembered. Europe was strange, but all in all, it was the place for him, it seemed.

When his destination was made, Silas slipped towards the edge of his seat and gentle grasped the driver's seat from behind, leaning closer so that his breath could barely, just barely reach the surface of the mortal's skin. He waited for when the man would turn towards him in order to ask to pay before quickly grabbing the man by his jaw to silence him and sink his elongated and hungry fangs into the delectable meal in front of him. The man's blood coursed through the air and splattered the inside of his windshield, but it was too dark, and with the right location of the neighboring alley, it was silent and gave him the advantage of an untouched meal to himself. He enjoyed every last taste, hydrating the thirst his wolf waited so patiently four and regaining the strength he once had before attending last night's hyped event. The velvet liquid stained the front of his face, and he cleaned himself with a sloppy wipe of his forearm before it could drip further down his neck. He left the meal to rot once he was through with it, stepping out of the door and looking into a puddle nearest to his feat to see a mongrel staring back in his reflection. It rippled with the reoccurring fall of rain-drops, but he could still make out the features and body structure that made up his own. Even in the most gloominess of all colors, his eyes appeared to be a rainbow in the mists of it all, and it almost made him curious with how some things could appear so harmful, yet so beautiful at the same time. ..Clean yourself, mutt.., the wolf commanded, and so he did, dipping his hand through the murky puddle and lifting palm-fulls of water to the sides of his stubbled jaw and cheek to rinse the blood away from his flesh. He knew he had not gotten all of it, but it would have to do. There wasn't that much activity out anyway, so he thought at least he could get away with the remaining residue. It gave him a rusted look, some could think, however he flipped up his hoodie to hide his face and kept hidden behind his shades so that it would not seem strange. The sound of waves and some sailboat bells dinging in the mere distance soon then came to his sensitive ears, giving him a small reason to look around until stepping into the empty streets nearest to the lonesome docks. A light fog the shade of a cigarette's smoke danced delicately over the surface of the water and peacefully alongside the wooden dock's planks that made up the supported path. The air smelt of another, and with the season, he knew for sure that it was in fact female that tingled the insides of his nostrils. He kept a cool head and closed his eyes before following after the smell, sensing more details that come to mind that it was not one of his, but a Venantium amongst all who could wonder in just a dark hour.

A-last, the brute walked towards the center of the dock and saw further down there be a shadow behind a thick cloud of musty, sea-salt air. There was in no way he could see details of the silhouette, but he could tell by the shape that it must be something of great beauty and divinity. He wondered what his female looked like beyond the cover, questioning his thought process and biting back a seductive growl to lure towards her way that was formed originally by his own instinct. This season not only had an affect on the fae's, he discovered, as it affected him as well in ways that were almost unimaginable, and he came to like it the further the summer grew. With a few more risky steps, the floor-boards creaked and practically gave away his presence, but he held no intention as to keeping it a secret from the mystery woman. Soon then did he realize that not only was she of the opposing pack, but the female was also at an estimation of his exact age. He stopped for a moment when the vein in his forehead throbbed and caused his brain to cringe, rubbing at the temple as he walked closer and slowly cleared an unveiled image of a girl crouched knees to chest and head tilted down towards the grey water towards the end of the dock. From the side, he could not typically see her face, let alone her hair that escaped the hood covering her identity, but even then, Silas knew that this was not just another apprentice like him, but this one was perhaps worth just as much as him as well. Her hair was a golden hue, a mess towards the end, but it appealed to her in a strange way to what he could not describe. She was not strongly built, but she was indeed a female of many things, as thought. The position she was in presented automatically to him as boredom, or maybe even tiredness, not in the lack of energy, but the lack of thought. Something had led this fair maiden to such a dark place, and he had every intention to find out what was wrong. He stood behind her towards a safe distance to the side, making enough room if she were to ever decide in leaving now that her peace had been broken, but also granting him some space to breath. Silas averted his two abnormally colored eyes to where her shoulders settled at the bottom of her lean neck, speaking in a rasped yet careless tone, "You're a long way from home.." He said, crossing his arms over his broad built torso, "-what troubles you?" Raising his eyes, he caught the slight weaving of a smoke's doing slowly rise from the front of her, the image itself making him want to take out a cig for himself. He reached into his pocket and patted them down before cursing under his breath as he remembered he left them in his room. Biting the inside of his cheek, he looked back towards the girl and tilted his head slightly, "Can you spare another stick?" He asked, wondering if she would actually give him one as he took one dying step closer.

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