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Galon Beck - Caedesque

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Galon Beck - Caedesque

Post by Warrior Galon on Sun 15 Mar - 14:33

- Name: Galon Beck

- Gender: Male

- Age: 150

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Requested Pack: Caedesque

- Requested Rank: Guardian (Warrior will be fine, until I can prove to become a high rank)

- Appearance: Beck is a handsome man, with time has come knowledge. Beck has learned that women love tattoos, and muscles. Even though, Beck has never worked out a day in his life, he still retains his beautiful toned body. Each of his tattoos that are carved into his golden skin are of something very important. When he tells women that he has a lot of tattoos they really don’t believe him. He enjoys watching their reactions as he reveals his tight toned body to them, and how he is covered in many tattoos. On his right shoulder is a rose, that symbolizes who he once loved. It was a love affair that just didn’t end well. It is but a memory to him now. Beck also has a tiger on his opposite arm, which is meant for his ferocity. He has a tattoo dedicated to his mother on his right forearm. On his chest he has sanskirt words, and on the other side he has a flower that reaches out towards it. On his ribs he has an eagle tattooed there, for his freedom. On his back he has a tattoo of a paw print, a symbol of who he truly is. On his other shoulder blade he has a tattoo of a pin up girl, a reminder. On his side he has a tattoo of a shark, probably the only tattoo he regrets. Finally, on his right arm, he has a full sleeve. His sleeve consists of many flowers, wings, and a guitar. Each symbol his music and modeling career.
In his wolf form, Adam stands shy of 10 feet. While he prides himself being tall in his human form, (being 6’3) he really enjoys the strength his weight and height carry in his wolf form. His fur is a dark black color that has a few spots of white, that stand out against the black. He is a beautiful wolf, and he shows it. His eyes are a bright silver color, which contrast in his human form. His eyes are a bit darker in his human form, which really show a difference in his wolf form. He likes to think that he is the tallest wolf, but he knows he isn’t. He just enjoys being what he is in general, turning into a wolf, for him, is a release. Being in his wolf form is theraputical. It brings out the animal inside of him, so he doesn’t bring it out on innocent others.

- Face Claim:  Adam Levine

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- Joining Keys: Joining keys are accepted- Delta Darcy

- How Did You Find Us?: I found the site through Noctavia. She was kind enough to send me the link. ~

- History: It was the morning of his 20th birthday when he got the call. Oh, it was the call that would change his life, how much however, was something he would never forget. He was being lazy, and not wanting to get out of bed. He was to tired, and his should was still stinging from the tattoo he had gotten just the day before. He had been very careful with it, and was taking care of it just as he had been told. His fiance had been helping. Ahh, his finace. She was beautiful, sweet and innocent. She was perfect, a lucky catch for him, and at that time Beck was just starting his career in music and modeling so he could support her and himself. His parents had no money, he grew up dirt poor, so he finally decided to make something out of himself when he met Rose. He and Rose moved out to California to make something out of themselves, and while Rose went for a painting career Beck juggled two. The modeling company snatched him up right away, enjoying that he had one tattoo on his body and that he held such a straight face when being photographed. He could do almost anything with photographed, and his photos were used for many ads and even commercials.

He had gotten up at 11 am that day, and looked at his phone. He had a birthday text from Rose, telling him that he would get something special later that night after she delivered her paintings. He smiled at the text, but was annoyed at how many calls he had missed. His mother and father both called him over six times. He ignored it for about 20 minutes to go shower, and when he got out he finally called them back. ”This better be important.” Beck had said, his voice gruff. As he stood half naked listening to the call, his heart dropped into his stomach and anger took over his body. He didn’t feel it at first, but the ripping in his gut and then the transformation was slow and painful. He had dropped the phone when the pain emerged from his body, and his parents heard the shift over the phone. Voices sounded in his head after the shift, and he destroyed the apartment trying to get out. He knew where he was going, but he was stumbling on his paws, in pain, emotional and physical. Rose had been stabbed and raped a town over, while delivering her paintings. That was not what she had deserved and Beck only cursed himself as he ran a fog in his brain. He had shifted back when he was to tired to move, and he laid naked on the ground tears bursting from his eyes. This was what hell would be like.

While that happened over 100 years ago, Beck still ached. It was a dull ache now, but it was something that he couldn’t fill with alochol, drugs or even women. It had to be a special kind of love, and even after a 100 years of living he was still looking. He changed his look ever couple of years, changing his appearance helped him blend in. He figured out what he was, reading up on who exactly he was and he had help from his parents. They told him how to control himself, and told him that he had to watch his temper. After learning what he was, he took it to his advantage and began using his looks to earn money. When his singing career crashed, he had plenty to fall back on. He got bored though, not with his money, but with everything he was doing and decided to search for others. It took him years to actually find someone, and when he did it wasn’t welcoming. He did how ever learn that there were packs that ran around, and a few were well known. He was told the stories of the packs, and how they came to be. As he began to find more and more people like himself he began to learn more and more about the world he had been missing.

His first pack that he joined was well..quite a disaster. The pack was very accepting of him, and his past. Some even recognized him, but they didn’t like his attitude. The alpha and alphess certainly gave him a number of chances but his mistake was challenging the alpha after he had gotten in his face. Beck had not won, and it was his first taste at a fight. He was banned from the lands around the pack as well as meeting the people in the pack at all. So he left, taking the banishment quite well. He knew what to expect in a pack, and knew that each one was different. Although, two packs really caught his ear, and he had heard many stories about them both. One was called Caedesque and Venantium. Of course at some point and time they both had different names, but from the stories he heard they were different now. He had decided to search them out, and just see what they were all about. It took him, unfortunately, a few years to find them. During that time, he kept hearing the stories about the packs. Each was different, and it seemed that most wolves he heard it from seemed..well crazy. After his third year of searching, he finally found both packs, and made his choice. Maybe this time, his choice of pack would be right instead of wrong. It would be interesting, at least for him, to see if the pack could truly handle him.

- Example Writing:
(This was for a contest. You had to put in a sample as roleplaying a moose)
The brown velvet haired older bull stood at a river, his heavy head down the cool water rushing over his soft brown nose. He lifted his head up, his large antlers glistening in the low light. Beads of water dripped down his nose and back into the water, splashing into the small creek he had come upon. His large silky ears pivoted listening to every sound around him, his breath coming out in large clouds above his head. His antlers were spanned out above his head, making his head weigh more than it normally would. His antlers were at the peak of their growth, strong and sturdy. This older bull was large, and very thick muscled, his body had grown and shaped over the years. White whiskers were starting to form on the underside of the bull’s chin, showing that his age was starting to get up in years. How ever, he was still going to fight to spread his seed. The bull’s steps were quiet as he walked over the rocky soil. His sharp hooves made deep indents in the soft soil, leaving a visible trail as he moved. His heavy body was sinewy with muscles and meat. He was a lean machine, ready for battle. His large brown eyes pivoted in his eye sockets as he looked around. Nearby he could hear the crash and rattle of antlers, and it made his right ear pivoted towards the noise, his interest upheld.

The bull’s nose was still wet with water, but it dried as he trotted. His hooves moved in unison, as he trotted towards the noise. His interest was not in the fight, but the cow they fought for. His loins stirred as he thought of taking another female. He picked up his paces, his large bulky body moving with grace. Any moose’s thin legs were the first thing that many wolves went after, easy to snap but deadly if hit with. Even now as he ran, his hooves were being sharpened on the many rocks that he ran over. His trot slowed as some willow branches caught his attention. His lips peeled back to reveal the teeth of a herbivore. He nibbled on the branch, getting the nutrients from the branch as he turned it pulp by his teeth. He walked on, his jaws still working the split ends of the branch. His antlers brushed against a bush, and he moved his head the other way scraping a tree as he did. Squeezing through some brush, itching his sides as he did he saw what was left of the fight. The one younger buck was walking away while the other walked over to claim his prize. He snorted to make his presence known and walked over from the brush. This young bull was not going to get a female this day. The bull moved quick now, coming into the small clearing and snorting again. He raised his large head at the younger bull and the younger bull came forward snorting all the same.

No, this bull would not win. Just like that, he was mad. He wanted the cow all to himself, and he would succeed. The younger bull moved quickly coming at him with his small antlers. It made the older bull want to chuckle as he charged at the young bull. Their antlers crashed together, and the older bull shoved the younger bull to the side. No, this wasn’t a fair match to the young bull, but he did not care. He would spread his seed far and wide, and no young bull would get in his way of that. The young bull stood on it’s skinny legs, the muscles quivering under his brown furred skin. The older bull smirked, he was enjoying this. Seeing the younger bull so weak, he charged again his antlers crashing with the younger bulls. He again threw the younger bull to the side, making him bugle. The younger bull gave in, exhausted and sweating from the fight. He snorted in rage, and trotted away. The older bull felt triumph, he had won against the younger bull easily. He knew he would, but this was still good. He walked over to the cow, who had stood watching. She accepted her fate as a cow and would let him breed for he won. The large bull moved to stake his claim, his head raised high his antlers scraping the branches above as he took what was his.
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Re: Galon Beck - Caedesque

Post by Alphess Noctavia on Sun 15 Mar - 15:33

So glad you came! Proceed to the borders, cutie!
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