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Post by Warrior Sterling on Sat 25 Apr - 8:31

- Name: Sterling Franscia Moulleni Jameson Harris

[color=grey]- Gender:Female

- Age: 20

- Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

- Pack Position: Warrior Sterling

- Appearance: Sterling's looks gives of the look of a tough chick with an edgy taste. She has they face and body of her mother. The crown of her head is covered by long platinum blonde hair a trait which she recieved from her father that flows down to her waist and a bang that sweeps across her eyes in a smoothing way. Her eyes produce the color of hazel which is also from her father gives it an earthy feeling to them. She has plush pink lips and thick black eyelashes that cover her eyes. Sterling's skin texture is soft and silky, her skin is mixed dues to her mother being African American with light skin and tan skin like an Italian. Plus Sterling's skin is covered in lots of tattoos from her neck to her legs. She stands about 5"7 and weighs about 99 pounds. Her outfits usually skater looking outfits that consist of mostly black but on occasions she wears a skirt or dress and shoes are mainly converses but for job it requires her to wear heels. The beast inside her something that you wouldn't want to take your eyes off, as her fur is a creamy white with a bit of black near her hind end. The texture is soft and fluffy. Her eyes is also a hazel color with a glossy look. She stands about 10 feet tall and with some extra muscle she weights about 108 pounds.

- Face Claim: Sara Fabel

- Human Photo:

Warrior Sterling No6iko

- Wolf Photo:

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- History: Sterling's life basically revolved around money. She born in the summer of 1981 to a woman named Sakara, who got peregant with her do to trafficking. Due to this she never got to meet her father and her mother was not useful in the world anymore. So when Sterling turned four her mother decided to sell her into the business in exchange for money. She traveled through the world and stayed in there for about 16 years before escaping.

Now living in Bronx, New York she lived in an apartment building with a roommate for the most part. Sterling had a job at the time by doing drug trafficking in her roommates house when she was gone. It was risky to do but She made easy money and hardly gotten caught. She sometimes traveled a lot in New York for the call for a specific type, also during this time she was in the gang scene, it's name was al subre. There she was second hand woman, one day while out they went to a store and did a hold up. When the owner called the police the rest of the gang left her and she was arrested instead she got charge with breaking and enter and with drug trafficking, so she was behind bars, but somehow she escaped and moved Italy.

Now 19, she was working at a club named the water horse as a stripper. It wasn't a hard job mostly and she took it real serious it even took influnence in her taste of clothing.  One night, she spotted a male around 22 years old, which she was attracted to so during the most of the time she focused on him. After her shift he asked if she would like to come over to his home, and later that night they hooked up. When Sterling woke up she felt pain on her neck but she didn't care much less and went on her way.

A few years later, still continuing her job as a stripper Sterling had also began to mastered her control of her wolf a bit. Though loneliness had started to fill inside her and it was rough for her to keep quiet. One day, she left her apartment to take a walk through the forest, her eyes was in search for something, and that search included a pack she heard of. Even though Sterling had not notice anyone from there, but it was her mission to find out the urban legend she heard was true.

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