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Post by Lost Admin on Fri 7 Feb - 19:00

You are free to use any celebrity, etc. for the tone layout of your character. Each person [most likely celebrities] may not be duplicated for numerous characters, it is first come first served [again, do not take it too seriously and get upset if someone has already picked, for example, Winnie the Pooh as their character's voice.]. Though adding a video is not required, it it preferred. Please, if we have too many videos it will slow the thread's loading time, so add the link only.

Voices Taken & Their Host's:

Alphess Noctavia | Alexia "Lexi" Branson: TVD
Alpha Daiken | Damon Salvatore: TVD
Alphess Teimhnin | Emma Stone
Alpha Jace | Hugh Jackman
Beta Natasha | Alexis Knapp
Elite Melissa | Julianne Hough
Doctor Vitani | Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Doctor Evie | Barbara Plavin
Guardian Alexander | Joseph Morgan
Guardian Travis | Jared Padalecki
Warrior Amora | Kirsten Dunst: Spiderman
Apprentice Silas | Chris Pine
Apprentice Castiel | Chris Hemsworth: Thor
Beta Ryker | Alex Pettyfer
Delta Elay | Michael Ealy
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Post by Omega Bailey on Mon 17 Mar - 0:09

Omega Bailey | Bonnie Wright

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Post by Delta Darcy on Wed 16 Jul - 0:45

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Post by Sponsored content

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