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Vitani - Caedesque

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Vitani - Caedesque

Post by Doctor Vitani on Sat 1 Mar - 13:38

- Name: Vitani Elysia 'Dark' Manchester

- Gender: Female

- Age: Unknown, over a thousand years old.

- Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

- Requested Pack: Caedesque

- Requested Rank: Doctor

- Appearance: Human Appearance: These words were once spoken of the female, to what one could never decipher as originally, none had never seen such beauty, such grace, yet been met with an unappealing attitude to her strut. She is merely that to which one could never describe, for she is the definition of beauty, and most reasoned to be much more, one would add. She is gifted with immense amounts of advantages to the living male's mind, but only a fool would bother in coming near as her claws are never off-guard to lash out with. Her eyes are snake-like, ironically enough, for they are an unnatural silver, a rare color some may possess now-a-days. They match the color of titanium, a metal tougher than blades and used for higher measures. Her body is like liquid; smooth and radiant in the way it moves or simply is. Body language can be found quite difficultly in her, for there can never be told a real hint of what she is feeling or noticing. Her mind is seemingly always to be thinking, calculating to that one's next move and then some. The beastly maiden was blessed greatly with a beautiful body and build, toned perfectly with time as well as years to balance upon her thin shoulders. Pass them run along long waves of ebony brown, flowing to the very ends in soft curls to which hug against her features to frame the work of art inside. Her lips are plump, given that they are used only when she finds a target worth her attention, and she surely was granted with a marvelous pair of hips, to what she only uses for fun, rather than their all natural purpose. Along her wrists, much like her sister's are plastered with ink, along with a hummingbird on her rib and a thin tramp stamp at the small of her back, drenched into the sun-kissed colored skin to behold two perfectly drawn sleeves over her own body. Gifted or not, she does not care for her looks and does little to show off what she was born with, for time has changed her like wine does with age.

The rebellious soul is wedged tightly into the matter of her own perception, pushed greatly to her limit into that of a mere beast to stand doubling as tall and just as fierce. Blended with symmetry, her pelt is resembled to a work of art, one would say. Strokes of darkened paint swirl within the thickness that encases her entire body and curved, tone muscles to add a sense of beauty to when she walks to the cold, treacherous nights by her lonesome self. Amongst the many shades lie to that a rainbow of browns, ebonies and to a vast majority - dust. Most of her features are patched and patterned perfectly for identification, framing her pristine torso and hips from the top all the way down to the tip of her tail that drags just slightly of the forest floors. Ash is worked upon mostly her stomach and the insides of her legs, forearms and under her chin, as well as some near the pads of her bottom bows. Other shades may include a sorts of browns and blacks, which can be embedded every where else amongst her lean structure. Rarely in her primal form will one ever see the large scar cutting across her back, as it had come to heal over time and has been covered with thicker patches of fur to keep it well hidden. Her eyes are that of the same in her human form, reflecting from the color to that of metal sheets and titanium rods, in which captivate one's attention in a matter of minutes.

- Face Claim: Adriana Lima

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- Joining Keys: -Joining keys have been removed ~The Lost Admin

- How Did You Find Us?: I am the Site Owner of Lost

- History: It all started with a difference in the matter of a simple opinion. No really, it did just wait. With a little lack of spark, the Alpha father of the Dark pack became fairly distant of his wife after their first born was exiled. He no longer cared for her and with that came an affair like no other. Night after night he’d sneak from his house away from his assigned Alphess what was centuries ago in the hopes of another of which gave him free pleasure. Though it wasn’t entirely her fault, the woman, that is for she had no choice since he was her ruler and was to be loyal to him no matter if she wanted to or not. Who’s to say she didn’t enjoy it either? But with all great things comes tragedy, semen of an Alpha ran through an innocent female and with that sprouted a new. Within a couple months, signs of life progressed through the fae, causing her to put on more weight than normal and miss the only time of the month that brought pain to any other female on this planet. The mother kept quiet of whom the father was, persuading some to believe she was raped by a loner and was threatened not to of spoken about it, but the Alpha knew at moments notice of a child that it was in fact his. As the child grew, more drama and rumors of the mysterious father spread, along with the increasing intelligence within the girl’s mind.

When she hit the age of five, disaster struck and evidently the Alphess of the Dark pack was murdered during the cold nights of winter. Things were of said that the Alpha male murdered her, but he claimed his hands blood-free for he was partially correct. He’d hired one of their Guardians to do it with great money, threatening the man if he were to tell a single soul of his affair with the female he would be banished or given the fate of death with the rip of his throat. Everything was planned and perfected, being performed correctly without a drop of blood to stain their flesh in the process. After a while the pack began to stir with questions of whom his decision of an Alpha female would be, and of course, her mother was his choice. Vitani, the child was took in by him and soon started to refer to him as father. She knew nothing of the affair at such a young age, but as she grew to be a young teenager and fulfilled in her training exercises as an intelligent Apprentice, some, a majority the Elites, believed she held the blood of the Alpha and his exile of a daughter as well. They studied her throughout her development, marking similarities in looks and flexibility of how she controlled herself as a human. Rumors never die, they say and so she starts to believe once she was given the title of the expected Alphess like the one before. Noctavia was her name, or so she heard from one of her friend's mother one day while she was over. Had said to of been the demon compared to the rest of the bloodline, an exile towards the end as well. Though for a while she chose not the believe that such individual could be born under the power of her father, for she looked up to him and praised his simliar personality like hers. He had always called her his 'Angel', continuously claiming she was the most beautiful young lady he had ever seen. Later on she knew that he wasn't really her father, or so she thought in that case. Her mother had taken care of that issue herself so she wouldn't spread more information of the possibility of the family affair. Yes, she was spoiled, almost to a point of becoming rotten, but the fact still lies that there once was another to of rightfully been the Alphess of that generation, and she choose not to believe that she was meant to be it after all. As training became harder, the more her peers would examine and jot down notes, analysis's were done to match both her mother's DNA. Every time they'd ask for the Alpha's DNA he's chuckle, and act oblivious to the question and speak to their authority to ask such questions, persuading them into thinking he'd never betray his previous mate. Vitani felt a state of being uncomfortable as they watched her, however after a while it sank in and she trained like any other day of her life until she hit the age of fourteen. The shift..

Though for a human she was fairly strong in being a female, and being trapped in someone else's wrists by their own will was not the best way to encounter her. "Let me go! My legs are perfectly fine, ya know?!" She spat. The Guardian released her, the same man who was threatened and killed his own Alphess for his Alpha's other love and the child's life. Vitani was led slowly through the woods until their land cut off into a cliff, there she was brought down to the same chamber that collapsed almost fifty years ago when the original Alphess in line, Noctavia had her first shift. It didn't scare her to know how the daughter made it fall in, what caused her to tremble was how she got out and lived long enough to be exiled five years later. As of the pack routine, she was given nothing but a bottle of water and a small good luck. The chains were no longer a part of the tradition after what happened with previous subjects. The shift was painful, sweat embedded across her light tanned skin and her body felt as if it were being put through a thousand punches all at once. Her long bouncy waves of black dampened, providing a blind to her silver eyes from the only source of light from a torch other than the full moon's glow peeking through the steal gated door. Claws four times longer than her human nails sprouted from her fingertips, the razor sharp feeling cutting into her gums as her canines lengthened to appeared three inches long. Vitani remained calm and collected like she had been trained to do from there very beginning. The voice of a female spoke to her, "...Relax your muscles back and release the grip on your body.... it'll be easier for me to reach inside complete the shift.... Either way you try to fight it... it is not going to get you anywhere else but straight into the wall.... I can't promise anything... but you'll have to trust me... We'll be getting to know each other for a long time.... might as well get use to it now.... Relax Vitani..." Vitani trembled, moaning at pain shot up her spine and sound of her hind legs snapping into the form of a wolf's. "W-Who are you and w-why are you in my head?" She breathed, clenching her jaw to fight away the pain. The voice smirked, "...I'm your other half... who else would I be?... Let me free, Vitani.. or I'll force it into you to let go... I know a lot more than what you might think...Vitani..." She shook her head furiously to rid the voice that spoke in her mind which apparently was her wolf. A light chuckle rippled out of her, followed by a snarl, "O-Oh yeah?... And what would that be?" Vitani questioned her beast while attempting to stand on her two legs, failing as she fit her shoulder into the ground and onto her back. Her claws scratched into the ground, causing her to flinch at the sudden heightened sense of hearing of the sound made when claws met cement. Her wolf winced inside, holding back a snarl to her human soul. "Quit fighting it you moron!.. Noctavia is your half-sister...and the man who is the Alpha of this pack is your biological father!... You have their blood... We have their blood.." Vitani's silver eyes widened at the words, refusing to believe such a thing until it hit her, along with the force of her wolf's power encasing her body at the moon appeared over their heads and shown through the small gap between the bricks. A low snarl curled her lip back into a deathly smile as all her bones cracked and whirled into place, causing her to stand on all feet, her soul captivated entirely by the body of a wolf. Her pelt was an array of browns, grays, reds, and blacks, but her eyes stayed constant like all werelings. It was no longer her though. Her counterpart grew to be a towering height of only seven feet, knowing she was expected to grow much larger during time. She darted away to her duties she had planned for almost ten years for this night, Vitani was an intelligent girl she knew of course, which made it only ten times more fun to bring a little recklessness to her other side.

As the wolf sprinted through the terrain for something to eat, and if she were lucky, maybe a sign of human flesh would make her night a whole. The fae stopped though as a strange scent hit her nose. Vampires. And not just any vampires, but the pack of which called themselves, 'the Hunters.' She feared that one day her family's pack would be ambushed and her expectations came true, pumping faster her wolf controlled her heart rate and blood flow at perfect balance in order to get to where she was going without slowing down. The fae practically ran through the territories at rapid speed, using the advantage of her long legs and small build to make up for the time Vitani used to procrastinate and attacked the first signs of the creatures that closed in onto the dividing lines. More of her packmates flooded in slowly after,  chasing the 'The Hunters' away and killing them off one by one. They had lost a few of their Apprentices that night, along with a few other Elders. It was a tragedy to see such creatures terrorize one of the strongest packs in the New York area other than their enemy...The Bravehearts. Though she looked at them as any other. When she woke up, Vitani was lying in her room, being mended by one of their doctors to her arm which was scratched open into a jagged scar. The Doctor said she had gotten it from one of the vampires for which she knew nothing about until her packmates started to thank her for warding them off the land before the rest. She held no remembrance of that night, only hatred for her so-called-father instead. As he welcomed her back into a large embrace and a smile from her mother, her counterpart stirred in her mind every time she came close to human or for that matter, anyone's body. As the Alpha hugged her, she shoved him back forcefully against the wall which made her mom gasp in horror. "Vitani Elysia Monroe!" Her mother cried angrily. He looked at her with hazel green eyes of concern and curiosity, "What in God's name has gotten into you, Vitani?" At the back of her mind, her wolf chuckled, provoking Vitani to tell futher and answer. "Don't give me that bull shit. I know who you are, I'm not stupid. You're my real father, aren't you? And don't lie to me, you bastard. You've kept it from your own family and pack all along haven't you. Coward! How could you do such a thing?!" The two exchanged a glance to each other, lightly her father pushed her away, Vitani stumbled, keeping her balance as she put her hands on her hips and gave him a cold and emotionless glare. "Well?!" The Alpha clenched his jaw, fixating his eyes to sympathize with her, but it was no use. "I didn't want them to know... You must keep this a secret, Vitani, I'm doing it for the pack and you. If they found out I had another child they'd think you're like the last one... I don't want that for you, you have to understand." She shook the words away. "Bullshit, you selfish jackass! You only did it for yourself and I know it. The pack shouldn't believe in stories or the past and worry about what lies in the present. If I am to be the Alphess someday, then to Hell with it all. I'm going to tell them, and there's nothing you can do to stop me." Hot tears ran down her face as she whipped away from the room and out into the camp's center where the campfire usually burned. "Vitani, wait! Don'-" They smiled and bowed at her presence but she didn't acknowledge it with a smile in return. Towards the front of the crowd, the teenager through down her hands and looked up to see all their faces looking at her with concern, seeing her biological father and mother run up behind them all. "I am the Alpha's daughter! His blood and DNA runs through my veins and I am related to his first born, the evil and demon you call Noctavia Alexandria Dark!" The crowd gasped and grew angry at both the girl and their Alpha, calling her a demon like her older sister and calling their Alpha a coward. Vitani tried to reason with them that she was not going to end up like her sister and that she explained how her father's affair caused them to be this way. "....Its no use, Vitani... We must go before anything starts up again.. if we don't leave now, they'll kill you and I... Go...Run.." And with that, the fae had no choice but to listen and dart off into the woods as her other form.

Coming across a family a month later, Vitani stayed with them for the longest, persuading them to believe that she had no home, which gave her to opportunity to live with them until she was considered an adult. They gave her home-schooling along with the rest of their children. As much as she fought the urge to kill them all, it was nice to feel wanted after a while and not running for once. As the years went on, Vitani and her wolf grew friendly and close to each other as her body formed into a elegant young woman. Eventually, she moved onto bigger and better plans at the age of nineteen, moving out of the house to live in the city of what was New Amsterdam at the time. Time passed and so did the increasing rate of intelligence and technology. In the later 1800s, Vitani went into attending the University of Albany in hopes to be forensic anthropologist, as well as bury her time in tracking her long lost half sister. For the time being she worked on her schooling and graduated with a master's degree, working within the Criminal Minds and bodies. It payed great money for her to learn with all the newest technologies the world had to offer her, growing apart from the company after a while of rumors being spread of how young she appeared after thirty years in the business. In 1990s, she grew bored of all the waiting for Noctavia to appear from the ashes and was accepted from Harvard to profess their students in the Science and Health department. Only to then grow apart of it once the rumors spread of a snake-like woman to of bought and owned one of the cities most luxurious hotels. Vitani's mind was set to meet her, and meet her she shall...

When coming across the Caedesque borders, Vitani had reached her destination and fulfilled her goals in finding her sister. The pack has become strong, and she requested simply that she be one of the leading doctors amongst the pack beneath her sister's rule, in exchange for her acceptance. Noctavia and Vitani and learned each other's pasts within not even a week, sharing each other's stories and laughs till night fell over the city. Sisters were reunited, and they both had rebelled against the same birth pack to become brighter, stronger individuals. They had build a bond between one another, making Vitani one of the most important people to the Alphess. Meanwhile, the maiden had come across the love of her life. Her eyes were met with a wonderful man within the likes of a brightly colored club, creating an almost attracting accent to the side of his features and glow to his emeralds. She had heard tempting rumors about the young Guardian and all of that to what he could provide her for a night of fun. After dealing with an arrogant loner, to whom she later realized was the Alpha's long lost evil brother, the Guardian male and her shared a night of intimacy and cared protectively enough for each other to walk home together. In the time she was in New York with the pack, the two made larger impressions that blossomed a new feeling in her. As Noctavia and Vitani shared this sisterly bond, the Alphess new everything of what the two did, instantly giving the blessing of Travis and Vitani's becoming of mates. She had never been more in love with the male, and gave her body and heart up for his hands to cradle. He shared his love and care for her, just as much as she did in return. And the two became the best of mates when being so close together. Vitani had promised herself to never hurt him, or prejudge him for his age compared to hers. Age was just a number, and she knew this by studying her sister's earned love with the Alpha male. They would be happy together. She loved him. Another thing that happened in her time of being a doctor, sister and mated woman was the becoming of being an aunt and delivering her sister's young to be two precious young boys. She could not be happier when she saw her sister's eyes gleam into theirs as well as hers. Caedesque earned each other's trust that day of the twins arrival, she believed, for the air became tight with love and closeness, that she truly believed she knew where she belonged. Here. Her sister, her mate and friends with two lovely nephews was all that she needed to feel loved. This was their family now, which was what she had only wanted. She could never ask for anything else.

- Example Writing: An example of my writing from another site...
"Hey there, Delilah, what's it like in New York City?  I'm a thousand miles away, but girl tonight you look so pretty.. yes you do... Times Square can't shine as bright as you... I swear its true.." Her voice sang in a harmonious melody within the silence the alley filled around her. Though her eyes were closed as she walked, mouth carved into a wide happy smile as she seemed to hold no worry left in the world. She was an immortal - brought into the world from accident, however happier than anyone around her. Even if someone were to win the lottery, Vitani would outshine their glory with the golden spirit she withheld inside. The air that blew out from inside her puffed into a visible icy gust of wind, piling into its clear cloud to float into the atmosphere elsewhere. As she had her earbuds in, the noisy city was drowned and all that was able to hear was the music that played. "Hey there, Delilah, don't you worry about the distance. I'm right there if you get lonely, give this song another listen... Close your eyes..."

She figured that getting out of the office was for the best, as she had been camping out there for some time getting things settled and refurnished to her liking. Now that she was at a stopping point, she had all the time she wanted to spend the days as she wanted. With her spare moments on the phone, she placed a request to gain another set of tattoos to add to her bare skin. Hopefully after this, she would have not two, but four to her little collection. Dressed in a comfortable outfit, including; a knitted blue sweater, black shorts, dark nylons underneath tucked over by a pair of booted black combat heels, and a matching creamy scarf and beanie to put it all together. She was fortunate to finally get her hair to straighten, which made her even more happy to not put up much of a struggle. All that was left was her make up; nothing but a light layer of pink gloss to make her lips shine. Everything else was as natural as ever.

"Listen to my voice it's my disguise, I'm by your side.."

Her voice softly lowered to silence as she finally reached the parlor, not even looking up to make sure it was the right one, she knew by the faintest smell of her sister's scent that this was the one. Walking inside, a jingle rang above her head, only to then be welcomed with the man up front. As he hugged her, her eyed slightly widened by the feel as she did not know who he was, that is, until he explained that he knew her sister from the past, and he had been warned of her presence. This relieved her, so she nodded and asked for her order as requested. When he left to go get the drawings, Vitani helped herself to a seat nearby, already taking off her sweater to reveal nothing more than a bombshell dark red bra to hold at her chest. The place seemed fairly quiet, enough to know that no one would be peeping in through the windows as there was only one, and that was to look out into the dark alley. Laying in the comfy, leather tattoo chair, her eyes closed and her arms folded over her stomach, waiting patiently for him to return.

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Re: Vitani - Caedesque

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