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Pack Reviews: Meet Our Leaders  Dhf1

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Pack Reviews: Meet Our Leaders  Dhf1

Pack Reviews: Meet Our Leaders

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Post by Lost Admin on Fri 7 Feb - 19:16

Credit of the idea goes to Havens Grove.forumotion.com.

Pack Name: Caedesque *Latin for: slaughter; carnage

Alpha Female: Alphess Noctavia

Alpha Male: Alpha Daiken

Pack Description: Caedesque, established and ruled originally by Alphess Noctavia, was brought together in New York, the home where they came from before migrating further away from the commotion of their discovery. They now reside in the forestry of southern France, but the towns to what surround them lay a mystery for only the Alpha's mere knowledge. The term Caedesque in Latin means itself 'slaughter', a name in which Noctavia had found a liking too when the thought of changing the pack name from 'Eternal Darkness' to that around the time of their leave from America. The climate is fair, but tends to rain more due to where they live. During the winter, snow is scarce, leaving more of an abundance of food to fruit the lands with life, however, throughout the harsher, hotter times, the summer season has been known to start some meadow-fires. The members of this pack are at a majority demanding, and sometimes strict to the rules they obey beneath their maiden ruler's word. From the beginning, they were known to be the pure definition of what beast meant to the humans, but not all followed in their footsteps. Instead they took the stereotype in stride and brushed it off their broad, strong shoulders. They are afraid of almost nothing, and will faintly care when killing another on command.

Alphess Noctavia: A striking pair of emerald hues for the woman of little knowing, but holds such beauty to counter react the attention of many when seen. She is of evil, a powerful, and demonic soul one could ever come to know, as it is followed by a dark path of shadows to whom were once owned by the lives she took. The maiden is defined by beauty, but do not let her looks fool you, for she is but of only as sinister as a venus fly trap. One wrong turn, and she'll snatch your soul and snicker silently as she dips back into the shadows to what encased her insides. Though only a flicker a light can be registered inside her, as it was accompanied with the strength only love could bandage over time. She had developed a love, a passion even for the murders and things she committed, however with the presence of a younger wolf, her heart toppled into his hands. It was the only reason she really smiles besides seeing another die before her. But she is a majority emotionless and quite mysterious. Long lochs of obsidian waves hug the higher, pristine features of her face, draping all the way down passed her shoulders to nearly reach the end of her spine. They tend to fall in front of her eyes, hiding the glow of a thousand green demons inside her serpent-like orbs.

As the woman may near, her features become more seducing to the human eye. She is reasonably tall in the more vulnerable state of her mortal appearing suit, though she does not take underestimating very kindly. If one is to believe she is just another pretty face, or perhaps something weak, the woman will only smirk and tempt the individual to try. If done, the possibilities of the individual winning are slim, for she is flexible and stronger through her many years of life that rest neatly on her perfectly carved, toned shoulders. Her body figure is lean, and if she is to be bare, her rib-cage would be easily seen through her milky pale flesh. It is not because she does not eat, for she feeds daily of the blood of the innocent or the every day mortal foot like the rest of their kind, but it is due to the fact that a wereling is naturally given the appearance of beauty and a perfect body that makes her the way she is. With such gifts, the demon-lady was granted with many things, as well as her young that she produced. There lie no stretch marks or any identifying scars across her stomach from the carrying of the two twins, however across her shoulders are claw marks due from an old adversary she used to have long ago. Upon both wrists are two crests that are defined by her birth pack and her pack, Caedesque she has today. It was a tradition to have the family crest placed over the left wrist when after they preformed their first shift and the bringing of the beast to their soul. Now, she takes the tradition on her own behalf and drew up the design for Caedesque to have placed over her right wrist to symbolize that it would always be hers forever. Another important tattoo that is inked in with the rest of her body is upon her right hip, one she may never forgot as it was to remind her of the day her beloved mate and her first met. It is the design of a wolf's skull, locked around it's eye-sockets are the talons of a beautiful black raven and between the wolf's razor sharp bone teeth lay a bloodied black rose. As for the rest of her body, it is simply covered in many tattoos to what she may of earned or liked during that time period. She had collected many, but naming them would just be a bore, now would it not?

Onwards we move to the second state of her body, for it is no longer human, but warped to meet the face of a monster's. As a wolf, she resembles similarly to her other form, but in this one, she is covered in the matching color of her mortal hair. Her pelt is thick, much like her hair, let alone just as beautiful and silky. The wolf's height is one of the tallest on Lost here. Followed by the Alpha, she too reaches to be a maximum of eleven feet when pushed into her more stronger body. The woman's eyes when phased are the same as well, an islamic green shade of color within them as they are most usually found searching the premisses or beyond the attention of her pack when needed. They seem to glow brighter the more her fascination glows, an advantage to some if they know what she is feeling most of the time. These benefits are of little use to her, as they cannot be helped, but nor does she ever care, really. Her legs are indeed long to carry her at long distances, something that has ran through the Dark family bloodline for centuries and centuries long. As a great Alphess should, she was blessed greatly with the blood of true Alphas before her, but her family is a lost cause to the woman's mind now. She is silent of her past, and does not trust many unless they are proven different. Other than that, if she is to like you, be lucky that you are alive. But the question is, 'what list are you on of hers'?

Alphess Interview: "What exactly is the point of this interview, I could be doing better things. Anyways, hello, I'm Noctavia, the Alphess of Caedesque and welcome to the pack. If you may or may not know, there are many stories about myself being this ruthless monster that'll rip your throat out. Sound familiar? Peachy, makes my day shine just a bit brighter hearing that actually, so beware of me and keep your head up. A wereling who looked to the floor is worth just as much as that cheap haircut. I expect all my warriors to be strong, and fear nothing but partial to some of their pasts. We are defined by them, and they build us into the creatures we stand today. Those that choose to disobey my word will be handled by me, and know that doesn't mean we're going out for a cup of tea and a pleasant evening, unless you prefer to call a couple of claws in your back with an angered Alphess in your face a wonderful time. Hm.. Where to begin, well, let's start here. I treat my pack with utmost fairness and trust that all my warriors and ranks slightly lesser than my mate and I to be respectful to one another and keep their distances form the human race of their inner beings as much as possible. The fate of our kind being discovered in tricky, and that is all of that I ask in them is to keep it under the radar, capeesh?.. You may see me as this cruel figure to what the rumors may have said or accused me of, but I take my pack seriously, and would do anything for them, even if I do not seem like it... They are the only family I have left, and I won't let that be taken away.. It's a long story of how it all began, but in my time of developing this pack, I've become a better person, I think, and I learned what love truly is again. Yeah, even this diminished soul you're hearing can feel love, and I found it, along with stronger relationships with my Beta male, Ryker, and my sister, Vitani, as well as a much of other individuals beneath my rule. You could say that I even love them - I love my pack, they are my life, and if the time may come, it would be worth saving to sacrifice my own before them.. Now get the Hell out of here. I've got things to do, and... Welcome to the pack, kid. See ya around..

Important People

    - Alpha Daiken: This man is Noctavia's beloved mate and second best friend that she had made when he hat met her. He had captured her heart, and together they bred a beautiful family of twins, Silas & Castiel. He is very important to her, and is the male Alpha, the highest besides the Alphess to rule over Caedesque.

    - Beta Ryker: The beta male of Caedesque, the first and most dearest friend of them all to the Alphess to walk upon her borders in NYC. He has trained and worked with many of the pack, as well as been mentored by Noctavia while the bringing of their friendship strengthened.

    - Doctor Vitani: Other than being the third oldest alive amongst the pack, she is also one of the wisest doctors within the rank and is also biologically related to the Alphess, being half-sisters. They have built a bond between each other, and has put her dedicated work into everything she does since joining Caedesque.

    - Warrior Adonis: He is one of the most trusted adviser's of Noctavia, in which is the oldest, much older the the leader as well as her sister. Within his bloodlines lies Noctavia's most hated enemy, Gabriel, and old Alpha who soon perished seventeen years ago. Adonis taught her how to project, and as left the ability with for only her to use or teach.


Pack Name: Venantium *Latin for: hunters

Alpha Female: Alphess Teimhnin

Alpha Male: Alpha Jace

Pack Description: Venantium was originally established by Alpha Jace as a protective haven for Alphess Teimhnin to recover from a vampire-poisioned coma. It was a fresh beginning to start a family and bring wirelines together with any connection they felt they were missing. Due to a murder that brought suspicious humans to the pack lands, the pack had taken residence in Alphess Teimhnin’s homelands. Deep within the heart of Ireland this pack now claims its territories, but as to why the world around them is barren lays as a dark secret to not be whispered upon the winds. Venantium works to hunt vampires and remove the menace from the world completely. The name itself translates to “hunters”, and it remains true. Rain is a frequent weather and moments of sunlight are held as precious gems. In the winter it can drop to deathly temperatures though the chance of death is slim. During the other seasons there is rain and the climate remains a simple warm that isn’t too warm at all. The rolling hills and wild landscapes bend around the houses and envelope Venantium in a natural protection from attackers, making it ideal for room to prosper. Wild horses frequent the land along with other wild animals. Connecting with the nature around them gives the members of Venantium a sense of peace to be whatever feels primal to them. Firm hands of the Alpha pair rule the land and its inhabiters under their strengthened rule. Venantium believes in strength in numbers and connection to bind them as a whole united front. They breed and train their warriors to be true to themselves and work a strength into them that is merely enhanced by the effects of their lupine forms. Members of Venantium remain unafraid and whole within their pack lands and push away whispered words with the grace an elegance of uncaring onlookers.

Alphess Teimhnin: A mass of crimson locks sprout themselves from the very roots of her hair, the quality of a lovely auburn instead of a carrot’s orange. They wave and weave around her face in elegant tendrils to stop just past her shoulders. The planes of her face carve themselves into rounded angles and soft features, placing happy creases in the corners of her mouth when she is to smile. Her skin is fair, very fair in the true ways of the heritage she claims in her blood. Eyes of a silver hue place themselves within their sockets. They carry a distinct clarity, almost as if they were a mirror, though warm and tender as the heart that beats in her chest. She looks upon her members with pride, giving them a positive image when they happen to see themselves in the silvery mirrors. The Alphess carries her self with a pride and passion in her pack while her confidence in herself and her beliefs could easily startle a crowd into silence. Her body is elegant and femininely curved, tapered down to a slim waist that flares out along her hips and chest. The light within herself shows through in the warmth and love she places upon everything she sees. Only twice in her life has she ever been flat or cold with the eerie emotions of utter fury. How easily her looks can change. A mothering look can be placed with one of horror or hatred, ominous or reflecting nothing at all. Within her mind she is strong and compassionate with a flare for the dramatic that is often comical. All life she met had been taken within her until a startling man swept her away to better places, igniting a fire within her heart that had otherwise left her dead before. Her voice is quiet yet rough with its husky tenor but holds a tone that could crack like a whip. The love for life sets her aglow with vitality though she would have been quite beyond years she could call her own. She had been a broken hut that had been left alone until a candle was placed within. That candle burned too brightly and burned her until the remains were nearly gutted and hollow only for her to learn and grow again. During that period her ravaged and broken remains became vines, strong and weaving into something simply impossible to break. She placed a cast around what was broken and signed it herself with words of encouragement and struck yet another match. Within herself she let her life grow and brought it upon those she could call her own.

Of course, no beauty can go without a beast. Many will place that fact in fairy tales being a man to love and bring out his true humanity. Looking past the stories and lies they find that the true beast is within themselves, though among her kind it is literal. Very much like her complexion, her wolf is paled with fur as pure as snow to where is it a blinding quality. Among the mass of herself her eyes remain the same though a bit colder, adding ice to her personal winter. Though her frame is not the largest she soaks in the space around her to appear larger. The beast holds itself with pride. Depending purely on emotion her aura could be like warm honey dripping upon one’s body or acid that eats away the flesh until what is true is to be bared. Her beast carries nothing to do with nonsense and throws the strength she could otherwise not show in their rule. Her spot of a tender heart is shown to her human casing, comfort in and strong in a friendship that has bonded over numerous years. In every aspect she is a true, real wolf that simply allows her flesh-covered cage think and speak for her. A lazing queen on a throne of riches that would not allow her to have a care in the world.

Alphess Interview:  “Uhm, well, I’m not one much for words but lets start with something simple. Hello, I’m Alphess Teimhnin and I am very happy to get to know you and tell you about myself as well. You probably don’t hear much about Venantium, and that is understandable because we are rather isolated from the world. Or maybe you have heard of this pack and know it for what it was, a safe haven for my comatose mind to heal and awaken. That is a story that many know well for I have heard many people tell it in many different forms. The one true result is this: We hunt vampires. As the only competitor to the bloodsuckers, we wish to eradicate their race completely from this earth. My pack shares their strength together to bring them down, though at first most were brought down themselves. I have yet to meet a loner at my borders without any scars, whether is be metaphorical or not. Hell, even my own daughter has her own hardships to bear. The point is that they come here to heal, to learn and prosper from their pasts until they are only a distant memory. There is know specific person to inspire our unity, we inspire it in each other in the strength we give and take. Here we are a family, and my only family left if I may add. No one, I think, really believes in them more than myself because I don’t think anyone could love this pack more than I do. I watch the new children grow and become the warriors that Jace and I could never be more proud of and I find I have no regrets. There is nothing better than working to push through something and simply knowing you have people to fall back on, to share strength with and find this is your forever home. Our numbers are small, painfully small, but we give everything our all to hopefully make this pack become something to talk about. I, at least, know that this pack is truly alive. I see it when I watch the fire roaring in its place and our members are covered in the markings of my past. They dance to nothing but the drums and the roar of the blaze to add their own music to the fray until they are howling with their hearts. This, I believe, is pure unity. We are of a united front, each and every one of us. I would say I rule my pack with the utmost fairness and I do, but I find that fairness flows throughout our numbers. As Alphess I am simply there for when something is to get out of hand, or when another soul is seeking acceptance to my borders. I encourage my members to do as they please, to behave as they wish as long as it does not reveal us to the humans and do not cause upset within the ranks. Should this arrive, I am the one to give the punishments and they be however I see fit. Though I know I am not an Alphess to fear until my members’ tails are between their legs, I sleep much better at night knowing that they respect me. If they fear me I have no clue as to why because I work so hard to let them know my door is always open for those who are searching. But as this interview comes to a close I hope to have at least given you and impression or idea of something. Whether it be great or horrible does not matter, I’d rather to have stuck in your mind than not at all. Well, I guess I’ll hop off my stool and let you carry about your merry day. Welcome to the pack, I cannot wait to see you around.”

Important People

Alpha Jace: The mate and beloved of Alphess Teimhnin, Jace is her hero and the man to happened to capture her heart. He is her heart and soul and is always there for her when she needs him. Together they became the parents of two lovely fraternal twins: Kaehl and Rayne. Jace is also the alpha, highest in rank beside the Alphess.

Beta Natasha: Natasha is the Alphess’ closest friend and advisor. She claims the rank of beta, deservingly, and is often the one to be at the Alphess’ side instantly. Natasha has worked with the pack members in the ways of vampire hunting and medicines to protect Venantium.
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