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Rayne- Venantium

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Rayne- Venantium

Post by Warrior Rayne on Sat 15 Mar - 10:34

[left]- Name: Rayne Nataline Valentine

- Gender: Female

- Age: 16 years old

- Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

- Requested Pack: Venantium

- Requested Rank: Warrior Apprentice

- Appearance: Smooth, beautifully tanned skin is pulled taught over a petite bone structure all her own. Curves flirt with her toned body, dipping and rounding in all the right places. Her legs are slender and long, giving to dainty feet and even daintier toes. THe length helps her slightly willowy height of five feet and eight inches. In all she ways one-hundred and fifty pounds, no more and no less. A mix of deep gold hair tumbles in the slightest of waves from her head, framing her face to accentuate her slightly curved face to come down to the rounded point of her chin. Her lips are a rose pink and pouty, but their quickness to smile is evident in the small creases in the corners. Her jawline is strong and leads to her smaller ears, petite along with the rest of her frame.  The fae’s nose slopes at an elegant angle to finally rest between her eyes. Then there are her eyes, a mix of both her mother and father’s. Such  hues are an icy green, the color of antifreeze or the palest of emeralds for a fierce contrast from her warm-colored body. Her eyebrows are slightly angled and always prepared to raise in question. Rayne’s wolven form, however, is quite different. The beauteous gold of her locks remained and took its dominance on her lower half. Along her back and parts of her side, dark black and brown fur mixes in with the blonde. This pattern trails down her her tail, ending in an inky onyx around the tip. Her ears are rounded triangles upon her head and share the same pattern as her pelt, the blonde feathering the insides. A sudden black drips to her lupin face like ink, running to a slightly sharp point between her eyes and circling her eyes to stop at her snout. A mix of brown and blond surrounds the rest of her eyes like moons, the mixture trailing down her snout to a deep onyx nose. Her eyes remain the same as her human form, making beast and immortal one. All in all, her frame is an average eight feet tall and is made with a slight but agile bulk. Her paws are large and eat up the ground with bounds of her average-length legs. She takes the breath of many and does not return it, but leaves soundlessly like a thief in the night.

- Face Claim: Alexis Ren

- Human Photo:
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- Wolf Photo:
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- Joining Keys: -Joining keys have been removed ~The Lost Admin

- How Did You Find Us?: I am the Co-Owner of this site.

- History: So quietly she slept, her tiny hand curled into a fist but her eyes closed peacefully as her head rested against her mother’s chest. Only mere hours before she had taken her first breath in the world. It wasn’t expected for the alphas to go into labor so late at night, collapsed against the wall in pain as the lives that graced her womb struggled to be free. Pulses of agony rocked her body as she cried out for her mate. Within an instant he was by her side, carrying his Alphess to their doctor as the Beta caught up and joined the hurries. It was the small space of a hospital bed that she gave birth to her first, a son to his father’s pride. Though she was exhausted from just one birth, her stomach remained swollen and pressing against her frame. The contractions began again minutes later as she listened to her son wail, pushing as she was told as clenching her hands to dig into the metal frame of the bed. It was all over quickly; a silence hung in the air as they waited in expectance. Worry creased the female’s brow as she listened only to be relaxed by the sudden wail of her daughter. The Alphess’s eyes traveled to the clock and paled in a horror that she hid quickly. Each babe was handed to her and she took them gladly, her eyes lingering on the child in the pink blanket as both twins fed. A hand caught hers, strong and rough with the scent of her mate. A thin sheen of sweat covered her body and exhaustion hung on her features and yet she smiled lovingly, her eyes connected with her love’s in a proud gaze. Placing a kiss on the boy’s forehead, she whispered “Kaehl,” before doing the same to the girl and speaking the name “Rayne.”As if she knew her name, the babe stirred but did not open her eyes. Teimhnin watched her daughter sleep for a long while, wondering if the lineage would pass as she knew it should. The Alphess could only pray it did not harm her baby, that her daughter would not meet a fate she knew all too well. Pushing all the warnings beside, the Alphess closed her eyes and began a sleep of her own.

The twins grew quickly, playing and causing trouble within the pack as often as they could. On hunts they rode their parents’ backs, protesting from being left at home with a pack mate as often as they could. As a child Rayne clung to her father, watching him play outside with Kaehl as she remained indoors with her mother. She enjoyed played with her dolls and put on plays for her parents where she was often the princess. Attending human school was a breeze; Rayne easily became the star of her class. Lead in the school play, a cheerleader, and top in her class to much of her parents’ pride. She became a child champion in the equestrian sports, showing her horses flawlessly and winning first prize with her passionate smile each time. Among the masses everyone knew her name, coming back time and time again each year to claim her throne. As she grew into herself, the boys began to notice just as much a she did. Trailing after her footsteps became a sport only to be stopped when Kaehl gave them a look that could kill. Rayne was a giggling tease, happily letting her brother beat them silly at every turn. Her life was something the other girl’s craved, she blended in so well she almost appeared normal. As her sophomore year of school rolled forwards, so did the day of her first shift. Rayne smiled and awaited it in confidence knowing full well she wouldn’t go through it alone. It wasn’t until a week before that her mother gave her the book, ancient in its feel and text. Believing it wasn’t mandatory she didn’t care to even open the cover. The days grew nearer and nearer yet so did her mother, white as a ghost and quick to turn away whenever she glanced at the Alphess. Despite her mother’s odd behavior she skipped excitedly onto the lawn to await her shift with Kaehl, their hands clasped together as they let the feelings of the night take over their senses.

Such agony in a shift was not what she expected, her hand falling from her brother’s as she bowed backwards uncontrollably. She screamed and fell to her hands and knees, the body she knew so well being replaced with a foreign one. Somewhere within the shift she felt a pull at her mind, a locking connection that she would have been delighted to feel had it not felt so wrong. Within herself she beat against the walls of earth-hued fur, choking as she met the face of the beast her life would be shared with. “Flesh, blood… To eat, ohhh to eat”, it moaned with a hunger of a rabid creature. Suddenly her eyes were not her own and her mind was a cage for her imprisonment yet she was forced to watch. Things blurred past and the terror she felt was like a vice, choking her in dread at what her beast planned to do. Even worse was that she found herself excited by the idea, intrigued to know what the taste of flesh and bone would be like if it were not her own. Suddenly she came to a pause, scenting dear as if their blood called to her. Inside herself Rayne waited in expectance to chase, to hunt like she had seen her parents do so many times. Yet as she inhaled the scent again, she felt as if she was kicked in the stomach with revulsion. The thought of eating those creatures made her want to release her previous meal upon the ground. Shaking herself off she smelled again, practically tasting the scent that seduced her nostrils in a manic dance to reach her prey. Her mouth watered and her wolf moaned in anticipation, hungry for what it smelled. A haze of red went around her vision and she found she could not shake it off, being blocked from what prey she wished to see. Instead she heard the screams and flashes of blood, and arm, a hand, a throat torn to shreds upon the ground. Rayne threw herself into the fray of crimson with a desire she would later wish to say wasn’t her own but could not deny. Ever so softly she felt a caress, a gently sweep over her hair and a child’s laugh as she faded and the earth became black.

A dismembered limb was the first thing she saw upon waking, clutched in a hand blackened by blood. The realization that the hand was indeed hers hit like a shock, the hunger following soon after as her beast crooned praise and begged her to tear into the delicious flesh. The shock and horror gave her the will to ignore the voice, sitting up to realize she was in the body she had claimed for fourteen years as hers. Streaks of dried blood covered her from head to toe, tangled in her hair and giving an iron-like taste to her mouth. Rayne could only crawl and follow the trail of limbs, occasionally slipping into a puddle though she didn’t dare to see what it was. An arm, a leg, and something she associated with the word ‘ribcage’ all lead her to the body. Her mother had explained it was perfectly normal to eat a human upon her first shift, but not once had her own kind been mentioned. The corpse’s eyes looked up in a gaze, the rest a mess of organs and shredded flesh beyond distinguishable. Rayne attempted to settle that she had done this, trying to speak that she was sorry though inside she knew she was not. Somehow this felt right. Somehow she found her mouth curling up in its corners as she reveled in the strength she had developed. Her beast rumbled approvingly, stroking her mind like a gentle flame of praise. The newfound wereling stood, the smile still on her face, and turned back towards home. The closer she crept the father her wolf faded and the more she realized her terror at what she had done. Her arms came around her stomach, darting towards the foliage around her house to empty its contents onto the ground. A soft, tender hand shocked her enough for her to jump and turn to meet the eyes of her mother. Rayne’s mouth opened to explain but all that came was a sob, collapsing against the Alphess in a fit of tears and pain. Her mother let her cry and helped her into the house, rinsing her off and settling her into bed without a word. Rayne let sleep take her from the world then, surrounded by the gentle embrace of escape.

As it turned out, the book she had not read explained her diet of wirelines. Cannibalism was a family trait and she was the unfortunate one of two to inherit it. The explanation hardly gave her any comfort from the reality of what was. The wolf became her companion, speaking with her as she was unable to be reached outside of her own mind. The light that once inhabited her eyes either died or ran screaming of what she was now. The much anticipated ruling of her sophomore class never happened. She removed herself from every bit of normalcy she had craved before, going to school when she felt like watching her brother claim his rightful place and his human girlfriend taking hers. Rayne denied herself the meals she craved, but the withdrawals came with destructive consequences. She became prone to unbridled fits of rage, screaming and tearing her room to shreds as if it denied her what she needed. Her mother denied her leave from the house when she recognized the gleam in her daughter’s eye, the feral light that replaced something that had once been bright. She found a horrible jealousy at her brother’s freedom, the beast within her giggling and whispering thoughts of his demise into her ear for the longest time. Rayne’s bond with her brother was strong enough for her to completely refuse to make him her next meal, but she was so so hungry. The day he brought Amanda to the house was the day her hunger was in its prime, an agonizing coil in her stomach only to be relieved by what she craved most. Within hours Amanda was dead and Rayne’s stomach was rejecting the human meal, driving her to shift and hunt her second wereling meal in her life. She returned to her family again covered in blood that wasn’t hers, her belly warm and full with the satisfaction of her meal. This time their intervention was to fall on ears that wouldn’t listen, her acceptance of what she was settling with herself as she silently conversed with a creature she now associated as her friend.

After the murder of Amanda, Rayne’s mother pushed for the pack to move to Ireland where her old family had lived. It was convenient for Rayne’s biweekly hunting and room to run for continued emotional rage. Her parents came in contact with Caedesque, their allying pack, and arranged for both Rayne and Kaehl to attend the Academy of werelings just like themselves. The emotions coursing through their daughter’s system were to heightened and violent that they almost refused to let her attend. Rayne’s saving grace was Alphess Noctavia, her teacher in control and restringing from her mood swings that came with being a cannibal. It was during her move when she met Roman, a gelding as wild and unbridled as her mood swings. Her flame for horses returned, brought to the times where she had competed only to find it soothing to her mind. Immediately her parents bought Roman and placed him in the stables where every other horse remained, giving Rayne easy access to work with and train him to distract her from reality.

- Example Writing:

|This is from the site Age of The Wolves where I play Beta Nyx|

Death sat upon the shoulder like a friend, a new friend for every new life. During that time, all those years, the caressing hands whisper and call with gentle whispers. Mindlessly every single creature follows those friends like children following breadcrumbs. As the story goes they follow to the witch’s house, except they never come out. Who is to say what their dear friends had done with them, all that is known would be that they’re gone. She could imagine her own friend sitting upon her shoulders as she walked, their blades sticking up with the bulk of her strengthened physic. Underneath her paws came the crunch of bones, deliciously giving their snaps to her ears. They were not bones but leaves even if her imagination was to say opposite. Her heart thudded in her chest calmly, dull as it was only a step to survival. Pulling herself away from the lovely crunching, she broke into the clearing. It was quiet as usual when she was around, as if they all scattered simply by her presence alone. Quite foolish though she was not sure else what to assume for not once had her eyes rested upon one of her packmates. Huh, packmates... That might be what they were or what they are, she would never know until she had a proper impression. The pack was to be strong, she knew as such, but all she had met were weak and utterly ridiculous creatures. Sometimes she did not blame them, sometimes she would blame Mother Earth for failing them oh so miserably. Like a neglectful parent, she must’ve turned her back and let them find either beauty or love. Both were so fickle they were but simply an irritation. The beta stalked to the kill pile and took something feathered between her jaws, though as long as it was edible she did not care. She knew soon the pack would be coming to settle down or creep away into their dens for some slumbering comfort. Usually she would be the one to not come out, to remain away and asleep from the creatures who hadn’t dared come to find her. Nyx bit into her meal and settled on the ground as her mind teased itself, wondering if she really felt neglected. A slight laugh left her and, though it was true, banished the thought within moments. She shrank back in distaste to realize her meal was not even the least bit warm but took into account that she was not the one to kill the creature. Or maybe she was, it was hard to tell and the beta only wished for peace by her definition.

It became dark and still the fae did not creep back into her den like a fearing animal. The sunk sank more yet cast its light across her eyes, igniting the ice in her left like a sparkling crystal. Yet the dark within her right refused to shine, taking the light and defiantly glinting it back to its source. Slowly her meal became nothing but bone and still she waited for the creatures would come along soon enough. The game of what she would see persisted, their colors and sizes were all taken into account. If they had not died then surely she would see creatures she had met before, and if they had then that was too bad for them. They let the friend pull them away and murder them until they were nothing but pathetic pelts upon a wall. She could not care any less than not caring at all, and she did not believe anyone ever really could. A mirage of relaxation replaced the calm wariness though that too was an ungodly lie. Every muscle within her body tightened one by one until it felt as if they all might snap. Still she watched the sun and wondered if, in fact, anyone really saw such a thing as beauty. Quietly her eyes would watch the forest and break through its quickly darkening barriers, searching for a paw or a tail or any indication something was alive. There was not hope but expectance for she knew they would come and when they did, their beta would be waiting. Tensed and lusting for what traveled through their veins she waited to meet them with smirking eyes and bored ears.
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Re: Rayne- Venantium

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