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Evie - Caedesque

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Evie - Caedesque

Post by Doctor Evie on Sat 15 Mar - 11:04

- Name: Evelyn Lovette Claremont

- Gender: Female

- Age: 20, real age unknown

- Sexual Orientation: Panesexual

- Requested Pack: Caedesque

- Requested Rank: Doctor

- Appearance: Hues of a startling electric azure shade themselves into irises that would otherwise be devoid of life. Such a beauty is she, with the pout to her rosy lips and sway to her slinky hips. Her skin holds the pigments of a lovely olive tone, stretched taught over a curvy structure that is anything but twig-like. Her slender shoulders slope into her long limbs and arms, her hands being soft despite their use on a canvas. Like her upper limbs, her legs hold a surprising length that makes her rather willowy. Graceful and regal keep her appearance as she carries herself with self confidence. Maturity was good to her and filled out her body nicely where it is most desired. Her hair isn’t blonde nor brown, but a place between that appears like burnt gold within the sunlight. Her features are bold yet soft with large eyes and a nose that tapers to an almost perfect little point.  She does not care for luxury or light, but lives to hold her mate close in the evenings and carry on what life has yet to create. Her mind is sharper than blade and misses nothing in a career that is so prone to error. There is no room for misdoing in her sophistication and regal attitude. Her gaze is often sultry and slow in moving over everyone she sees, study every proportion and attitude as if they were a foreign creature themselves. Her love of reptilian creatures often leaves her as cold and striking as the animals themselves. Evie’s mate is the one she holds closest to her heart and warmth with loving hands.

The beast within the doctor holds an coat of fur quite like the color of her hair. Her frame is small and somewhat petite with nimble bones in her legs for speed over strength. Like her human body, her legs are very long and graceful with widely spaced eyes the color of her human form. Along her fur she pales around the stomach and is covered with a mass of black markings along her back and sides. Every color mixes and comes to a point in the center of her chest with a light cream coloring the darker parts of her body. Her wolf and herself are not the closest friends yet the agree on the subject to be curt and to-the-point.

- Face Claim: Barbara Palvin

- Human Photo:
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- Wolf Photo:
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- Joining Keys: ~Joining Keys have been removed~ Lost Admin

- How Did You Find Us?: I am the Co-Owner of this site.

- History: Like a thief in the night, the basket was laid. A young woman who looked to be no more than twenty laid it there, rolling the scroll and placing it alongside of a bundle of blankets. Before anyone had known she was there, the woman was gone. All that was left were the echoes of knuckles against wood to alert the members of the abbey. The woman’s reasons were untold, but it did not matter when one left as quickly as they came. That is, of course, unless they left something behind. The woman had indeed left something behind, though it slept unknowingly in the basket. After a matter of minutes the heavy wooden doors were opening and a nun stepped out to nearly trample the basket and its precious cargo. The small, deep sigh alerted the nun before she could take a step. Suddenly, Sister Ketsia was looking at the plump face of an infant. The child couldn’t of had been more than a week old, bundled up in rose colored blankets and sleeping peacefully. The mother was nowhere to be found. but she hadn’t been since Sister Ketsia opened the door. After she had gotten over the initial shock of the small baby waiting at the abbey door, she took the basket in her arm and called for the others. All of the sisters were crowded around the small babe, cooing and going off to find a nursemaid that would know what to do though it was obvious the source of attention wasn’t even aware. Sister Julia, one of the younger nuns, came back with a doctor and a nurse maid to care for the little one. While the nursemaid prepared a formula, the doctor was checking over the over all health. There were no major injuries or wounds, but a single look into the filmed eyes of the baby revealed she was blind. The simple fact appealed to the Sisters’ sympathy, and none of them were opposed to caring for the child. There were other baby girls at the abbey, adopted or left perhaps though no one really knew. The Sisters didn’t mind, there simply more to help out and become respectable ladies once they were old enough. Once the babe had been fed and bathed, she was laid in the nursery with the other little ones. There the child could finally sleep, and dream whatever it is that babies dream.

Evelyn Lovette Claremont had found a home that very night, even if it didn’t seem so. The night of her birth was the first of a lifetime of nights that she would stay at the Abbey. Instead of Evelyn, they all simply called her ‘Evie’. They treated her the same as all the others, even with her lack of sight. The little girl grew the same as everyone else, it was simply that no one looked at her eyes. Often times the Sisters would forget she was blind, leaving her to figure things out by her lonesome. Perhaps it was better that way, for she adapted to her disability with more grace than a child with a guided hand. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t see, and the Sisters often told her that it was her attitude on the subject that mattered. Little toddler Evie didn’t understand what they meant, but she went about what she did normally. The townspeople had mixed emotions about Evie, but they felt the same about the other girls raised by the Sisters. No one knew where they came from unless they were told, but the abbey’s open heart was that of the selfless. Many believed that if any respectable woman could be raised, it would be the ones raised by the abbey. Others disagreed, but opinions didn’t stop the abbey from working. Their heart was the people, all souls welcomed.

Along with the other girls, Evie grew to be in the makings of a fine young woman. She worked, she listened, and sometimes she caused trouble. The girl wasn’t liked by everyone, but many watched over her in pure admiration. Maybe they were the ones that knew what she was, or maybe they had witnessed her handling with her disability without complaint. Either way, she wasn’t bothered in the slightest. Evie was content in her work and studies until until ten years came to be four more. It seemed like the moon had been forcing itself over her on that night. Earlier there had been a little celebration, congratulating her into her official fourteenth year of life. Many of the Abbey members had been silent, watching her as if they were waiting for something. It wasn’t until she took her leave for bed that she realized what they had wanted to see. As she lay down to sleep, her heart beat in her ears. Evie’s body felt as if it were slowly being lit up with fire, and she left her bed to go out for fresh air. It could get stuffy in her sleeping place, but she was concerned that she had never felt something such as this. Slowly she stumbled until reaching the well, hoping that a drink of water would settle her. Instead the young girl fell to the ground, a pain ripping through her chest like none before. Evie fell to her knees and could just barely manage a scream for help. It would go unheeded, for the Abbey lay at rest and the people knew what was to come. Helplessly, she clutched and tore at the ground until it felt as if her chest had been split in two. The feeling was pure, unaltered agony that no one would be able to take consciously. Shuddering and jerking, all her movements seemed to cease as she found herself escaping what she thought would be her death.

Evie woke up that morning on the soft, earthy ground of the orchard near the abbey. Everything was odd, like some superhuman dream. She could hear the sweeping sounds of a broom somewhere, though she was nowhere near where brooms could possibly be. Her sense of smell came next, the crisp scent of apples emanating through the orchard more strongly that they had ever before. It almost masked anything else, even with the smell of the stables not far off. It was so strange, even so to the point where she just barely realized something else. Evie blinked a few times in shocked amazement, swearing that this was some sick dream the world was playing on her. All at once a rubber band snapped, and the world was suddenly there. Colors, shapes, all of it mixing together in a beautiful mix brought to her eyes. Evie lifted her head and looked around, seeing the world for the first time by through her own eyes. She wanted to drink everything in through the clarity of her vision, rejoice in the miracle of whatever had happened to her. Pain she had felt the night before was no comparison to the joy she felt now. Ever so slowly, Evie reached out and felt the bark of a tree. Her senses, excluding her vision, had been heightened due to her disability. But now, now it was all of her senses together in a moment of perfect clarity. She smiled and ran to the pond, searching for the closest mirror possible to know a secret that had been unfairly ripped from her the second she was born. Reaching the pond, Evie couldn’t help but to look at her reflection within the watery mirror. Through the slow waves was her face. She had been told about it many times but it did not compare to what she saw now. They had told her that her eyes were blue, but no one had ever bothered to mention the slight gold band around her pupils. Deep, caramel colored hair fell in waves to her evenly tanned shoulders. Evie didn’t know how to express what she saw, but she was captivated by her reflection even as it began to alter. Suddenly it wasn’t a young woman she was looking at, but a wolf.

She was terrified, that was enough to say in the least. It wasn’t until she saw her canine reflection that she realized there was another presence within her. Evie screamed and became human again as she ran back to the abbey in fear to plead for help from the Sisters. They had been expecting this much, along with her tears as they asked her what she had killed. Evie told them she knew nothing, but they sent a woodsman out to search anyways. As this all went on, the Sister placed the scroll they had found in the basket fourteen years ago. She opened it and was immediately captivated from the words of her mother, explaining to her what she was and what she needed to know. Evie took the knowledge in slowly, dropping the scroll as she looked upon the Sisters in astonishment. It was then that the woodman came back with a dead stag, its body torn and dried with blood. The Sisters showed her the destruction she had done and told her that her studies would involve controlling the best within her. Evie couldn’t do anything but accept, and in the next few months she had adjusted to her newfound sight and identity. The humans believed that her sight was the Lord’s touch, while others thought it was a witch’s curse. The time after that was a bond she made with her wolf, it went as deep as her soul though she could never curb the desires her wolf had. In the years of her womanhood Evie acted on what her wolf wanted to do, often taking the other maids along with her to town celebrations and enjoying themselves however they wished. They did their chores and were as true to their upbringing as they could be, but their spirits had to become wild at some point. They danced around maypoles but didn’t dare touch a drop of alcohol. They tempted the men but never gave in to their carnal desires. The life was simple and playful, the Sisters going about their own business for they were no longer in charge of what their girls did as long as they were within reasons of the rules. The girls had their fun, but love would soon be knocking at their doors.

Evie met Ambrus, a mere human, soon after her twentieth birthday. He was a merchant, albeit a young one at that. They were instant friends and he often helped her with her chores for an excuse to speak to her. Evie would stay up during the night to wave to him as he rode to his cottage, a routine that never left them. Their friendship lasted four long years until the confessed their feelings for one another. Her mother’s scroll had told Evie that she would have a soulmate, she believed wholeheartedly that she had found hers. In her opinion, Ambrus was the most beautiful man Evie had ever seen. His eyes were the color of dark chocolate, his hair a dirty blonde that she couldn’t help but run her hands through. He wasn’t over bulked with muscle, but just enough to make her bit her lip at the sight of him. Ambrus was, in all concepts, the love of Evie’s life. They met whenever she went to town, hiding away to whisper sweet nothings into each others’ ears. Their hearts soared whenever they laid eyes on one another and basked in the love they shared. Evie’s love as well as his bloomed for six years, until Ambrus had the money and the courage to ask for her hand. Of course, she accepted and the Sisters gave their blessing knowing nothing would make Evie more happy. Ambrus sold what he had to sell, and eventually he was able to buy a small cottage just the big enough for them both and possibly another addition to their family. The wedding was a few months later, a celebration fit for the two who had brought it. Evie and Ambrus’s first night in their new home was a night of passion, one that lead to the presence of a child. Her pregnancy became apparent with the symptoms, and the couple was overjoyed Evie knew she would be carrying a tainted bloodline to her pure, but she did not care. Love was stronger than blood, that much she was sure of.

After a month of her pregnancy, Evie miscarried. The initial shock she went through was traumatizing, but Ambrus was there to lessen the pain. They tried again, but to no avail. Her inability to bear young didn’t phase the two, and they let the years pass full of love. The scroll had told her that she wouldn’t age, and she didn’t. As Ambrus grayed and became older, Evie remained as young as she had been when they were first wed. If she could have turned Ambrus to be one like her, she would’ve in a heartbeat. The best she could do was stay with her beloved as he aged, until eventually it was time to lay her dear one to rest. She wore white for his funeral, remembering how happy they had been as the tears leaked down her face. As far as she was concerned, her life had ended along with Ambrus’. She went on living however she pleased, shaped and molded along with society. Evie continued life to today and never spoke of her past.

|Finding Lost|
Evie’s life alone was short lived after joining the pack that is now known as Caedesque, making new friends. She found love in a beautiful far named Laundi and they were mated under the grace of the Alphess herself. Evie found a love in the art of finger painting and enjoying her life. The talk of children happened between her mate and herself, but they decided they’d rather bask in their love for as long as humanely possible. She continues her practice in medicine and grows increasingly closer to the success she is searching for.

- Example Writing:

|This is from the site Lunari Addunt where I play Queen Willow|

Walking down the simple city street she observed colors of the plainest pallor. The pavement itself remained but a dull gray, lines of even duller white vertically splitting it in half. Each building simply reflected the color beneath it, a dull and dreary scene as it was. Even the cars seem to soak in the lifelessness along with the people. It was no wonder she had not chosen these for her lands for it was just so boring. Silently shaking her head, Willow examined herself in the window of a random shop. Her petit frame was clothed in various shades or red, yellow, and orange. Blooms of each color were the print of her shirt, fluffed around her upper torso and carefully tucked into her shorts. The shorts themselves were a vibrant yellow. A bright sun in the world of gray. Lightly tanned sandals were strapped across her feet, protecting the tender flesh they held from the harsh sidewalk. Her hair, as always, was curled and swaying down her back with each step. As always, her arms were sleeved in tattoos of various meanings and symbols. The kohl around her eyes was dark, a stark contrast against here irises’ vibrant orange. To the world, she would be a broken goth wannabe who forgot rainbows weren’t in her wardrobe. It was something she took pride in, outsmarting people to assume what she was not. Even then a woman crowded her children away from her as if they could catch a deathly disease she did not have. And yet, it did not stop her from skipping down the street. She paused with a slight discomfort. Her tail pushed against her skin, wishing to be free to sway behind her as she made her way to her homelands. No longer skipping, she walked quickly and hurriedly until the city was completely out of sight. She saw the outlines of trees that symbolized her home and the skipping was back. Her ears and tail slipped from her skin and joined her happy mood, swaying or flicking along. Soon she was within a safety that wasn’t on maps, for her kind only. If anyone else were to ask it was a wildlife reserve and nothing more. They wouldn’t know of the small but beautiful town she found herself walking into. Honey-colored cottages all neat in rows, holding people she had yet to meet. Willow weaved through streets until she was in the village square, waiting quietly for others to arrive.

A fluttering in her chest was followed by the nervous butterflies within her stomach. She had been working and planning this since the early morning, hoping it was enough the entire time. Before her was a feast, all the food she could possibly make at once. Rows of various meats, pastries, pastas, whatever she could think of was there. Of course there were her fish sticks, but she had no idea what her people liked. If she had, it would have looked more like the average family cookout. She had kept track of joining members through Connor, found where they lived, and placed and invitation on their doorsteps when she was sure everyone was asleep. Now it was the afternoon and her feast was ready, along with the little stage she had set up for herself. Public speaking was not one of her strong suits, but she was delighted to meet them all just the same. Lifting the bag she had brought from the city, she placed the beverages she bought on the last table. Willow slapped her hands together to be rid of imaginary dust and smiled to herself as she paced the small strip of grass in nervous tension. Already the greenery was showing signs of abuse from her manic walking. Shaking all her jitters out, she sat on the edge of the stage and quietly waited. Her feet swung of their own playful accord and reminded her of children skipping and singing nursery rhymes. Human children, not mora children. She could not just give a big, bright smile like she did with the humans. It was time. Her words were prepared and she was as ready as she could ever be.
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Re: Evie - Caedesque

Post by Lost Admin on Wed 4 Mar - 1:16

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