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Locsi - Caedesque

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Locsi - Caedesque

Post by Warrior Locsi on Sat 15 Mar - 15:00

- Name: Locsi Chanel

- Gender: Female

- Age: 335

- Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

- Requested Pack: Caedesque

- Requested Rank: Warrior

- Appearance: Brown loose curls surround her beautiful, feminine face. Beautiful green eyes set upon her face and Snow White teeth. She normally wears a Crop top and skinny jeans with accessories and beanies or normal shirts and skinny jeans with the same  accessories, matching accordingly. Shoes depend on the day, Vans, J's or high heels. She takes hours getting ready to look as perfect as she can.  Her style is casual and feminine at the same time, she loves prancing around in he bra and underwear in her room, whether people ar around or not, or she doesn't wear anything at all. She doesn't like to think of herself as a slut, but most call her that. She can be rather "easy" at times depending on if the one trying to seduce her is cute or not. She loves both male and female and it depends on the day of what she is aching for. She has three ear piercings, double lobe piercing and a cartilage piercing on her left ear. She stands at 5'6 and 9'6 after she's shifted.

- Face Claim: Alyssa Miller

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- Joining Keys:-Keys have been removed. ~The Staff Admin

- How Did You Find Us?: Lost Ones v1

- History: Locsi has been on her own forever. She was orphaned as a young child and left to deal with her turning all on her own on her thirteenth birthday. She's been birthed from a purebred werewolf line and left to fend for herself. Growing stronger and more willing to live and fight. She's been wounded and scarred, her 'family' doesn't even know if she's alive yet and she'll make sure they never do. Locsi hates her family and always will. On the night of her first turning Locsi locked herself down in an of cellar with a concrete door and several large locks. She rocked back and forth, waiting, when she finally turned the door was no match for her rage. She ripped the locks off and busted through the door and into the night, searching for blood. The night was cold and sure enough a small makeshift campground was set up a few miles from where she turned and two people slept soundly in a tent. Locsi approached the tent before snaring and ripping the thin fabric and grabbing the two humans at the same time and squeezing, blood entered her mouth and she dropped them back onto the ground. They screamed me cried but Locsi ripped the woman's head off easily and ripped into the mans' chest. She finished her meal and ran off,  never to return to that town again, Locsi has been traveling for hundreds of years, growing stronger and wiser. She joined one pack but things didn't work out and she left months after. She has been out of school forever, purchasing her clothes with money she earns from jobs that lasted her about a month until she traveled again.

Her personality is a different one, she is certainly the kind that hides her true self behind beauty and kind words. She is twisted me compelling, she uses most others she meets and can never hold a relationship. Killing and blood, she craves them sometimes and will stop t nothing until she fulfills her desires, none the less her self control is an amazing attribute to her personality. She can control her desire to kill someone standing in front of her or control the Lust she has for some nice looking mortal on the streets. Though its hard and she may take her anger out of some inanimate object, she controls well enough.

Locsi has been searching for some pack to belong too, she doesn't despise being a rogue but she would rather belong to a pack. Her life as an orphan never really made sense and probably never will, while she was a child she went to school because one woman let Locsi into her house and payed for her college and raised Locsi as one of her own. When Locsi finally got her wolf side under control she stayed at the house more often and learned to draw and paint, as well as sing. She lived on a farm where her horse, Lion, stayed and they bonded for many years. After the woman who took Locsi in died, Locsi kept Lion and continued to live at that house until Lion died, then she left. She was devastated and grew furious and killed often, as the anger dimmed she moved into an apartment that started on fire a few months later and again she was on the move. Living in hotels for up to three weeks at a time, as long as she payed the hotels didn't care how long she stayed.

When Locsi moved hotels all that she brought with her was a bag full of clothes and paint brushes, a sketch pad and a pencil. She sold her art on street corners and that was how she made her living for many years, getting jobs at local fast food places here end there. Locsi was always getting into fights with other rogues, she always won. Most of the time the rogue was a bitten and didn't know what to do or control the self and attacked Locsi on their first turning, she killed them.  Killing was a hobby of hers for a long time, she had her own twisted darkness about her that left strangers wondering and making sure they didn't bump her on the street. Green eyes watching every move of her next victim up until she killed them quickly and painlessly. Now the word of Locsi has grown boring and she is in search of others like her, not other werewolves, she find those well enough, looking for the same kind of twisted darkness that turns heads the other way. The kind that in bed at night you have nightmares about. She searches for belonging.

Now since joining Caedesque she has found everything her heart longed for.

- Example Writing: It's Laundi...

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Re: Locsi - Caedesque

Post by Alphess Noctavia on Sat 15 Mar - 15:26

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