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The Lost Ones V2 was created and coded by Alphess Noctavia, along with the help of Co-Owner, Alphess Teimhnin. All coding, images and original art is copyrighted to this side and its members, and is not permitted to be used outside of Lost. A big thanks goes out to Elite Axel, whom helped and allowed some of his work to be shared amongst this site. This site and us would not be here without them. Thanks guys.

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Post by Lost Admin on Fri 7 Feb - 19:17

1. Behave & respect others. This site contains Mature content, levels 18+. Uses of adult language, deep written nudity and violence is found on this site. If you cannot take this seriously, then we advise you tell us beforehand or simply leave this site if you are not interested. We strictly advise that people have fun with what we do and roleplay, as it is fulfilling the purpose of having this forum in the first place. When joining, you are to treat everyone with your best behavior and support those around you. The Staff Team, being the most highest people of here, are to be genuinely respected for all their hard work in making this site, just as well as every other member you will find here. Keep fighting out of OOC, unless it is to be on a plot/thread that was planned between two certain individuals.

2. This is a literate site, meaning you MUST write at least two paragraphs containing both ten sentences each. We encourage anyone and everyone to write more, and to BE LITERATE. Describe your surroundings, what your character looks like, what they think, see, smell, whatever it is. Be descriptive and write till you can't write no more if you want! If your posts are too short, a person of the Staff Team will notify you to change it, that is, unless an obstacle is enabling you to do so. We do not take short responses kindly here, if seen, you will be warned.

3. The Chatbox is here for the members of the site to speak amongst one another. Socializing is a great thing, but don't let it go over your head. We hold a certain area for the rules of the chatbox, found HERE. Remember to read carefully over them, they are to be obeyed just as importantly as all the rules you will read on here before joining.

4. The things on here are based around humanized plots, realistic things to occur and do. Do not make your character mary sueish. Mary Sueish means incredibly none-real, or almost impossible to be. A person cannot be perfect, for it is physically impossible for perfectionism to be real. God modding, powers, celestial, and magical characters are PROHIBITED! If you have a character that has any of these qualities, you will be warned. If you do not make adjustments, then your account will be deleted and you will have to start over. If you've read from this point, put, "I am lost and alone," in your joining application.

5. Our werewolves are not like normal lycans amongst the other RP's. When we shift, we are in what a normal wolf would look like. There are no special colors to our furs or deathly long teeth like a saber-toothed tiger, however, we are extremely tall. The tallest wolves of Lost are Alphess Noctavia and Alpha Jace, being eleven feet at the greatest. The tallest a member can be is ten feet, the smallest is seven feet tall at the least. The only breeds allowed for our wolves are: Timber, Tundra, European or Eurasian wolves, we do NOT accept maned or redwolves here. Modifications can be made to photos of your characters if it is needed. We only accept normal eye colors for humans here, as well as hair colors unless it says in their histories it has been died to a specific color. Eye colors include: Green, blue, brown, hazel, amber, gold, black, aqua or silver.

6. There will be ZERO tolerance for ghosting, unless allowed by the owner of the character. Ghosting means taking control of another person's character. If you are in a plot with characters A, B, and C. Characters A and B post, but you cannot move without C, then you will have to wait for them, or just role play amongst yourselves until they return. Keep it to yourself and be respectful for the sake of other characters. It is one of our strongest rules you'll have to obey here on Lost, as we've dealt with it very many times in the past and do not want to deal with it now.

7. You are allowed to have three characters at most on here, unless given the authority to have another. We do not have one separate account for everything here, you must keep them all apart on one account for each character. If you are caught roleplaying one of your characters, you will be warned to change your post or it will be deleted. If you are caught doing it more than once, your account will be banned from the site for a temporary time, we do not tolerate the act of disobedience against our rules.

8. Labeling threads has become a less issue around the first Lost fortunately, but it is still advise to all joining members to know how to title your threads. Use capitalized words, much like a book in fact. 'The willow weeps tomorrow,' will not be accepted. We know it's a stupid rule, but it looks nicer if you make it appear as if it really would with a title. 'The Willow Weeps Tomorrow,' looks better, don't ya think? Another thing is, if you have created a thread that you wish for someone to join out of random, remind yourself to put 'Open' in ( ) parenthesis so that members can see they are allowed access to role-play with you. ALL MATURE THREADS are to be labeled to identify it holds personally mature content, whether it be some form of intercourse, intimacy or bloody fighting so viewers no what to do in the case if they read. Labeling it with either a 'M' for mature or simply 'Mature' in parenthesis will be accepted. If however it is a private thread, meaning that you have the thread specified for a certain person, remember to put at the end of the title 'Private' in that form within parenthesis as well. Put in your application, "but I was never forgotten.." if you have read the rules and understand so far.

9. High ranks are only given to those that truly deserve it. We usually grant higher ranks to those that can write very well and detail a lot, as well as base it around quality of their replies, activity and where they stand recently among the pack rule. You are to NEVER ask for a higher rank in your joining profile. The only ranks given to joining members are Warrior or Doctor. There are only so many available ranks to uphold positions, so please, be patient and let us do our jobs instead of you asking for such a high rank so soon. It is greatly appreciated if you do not bother us with such an ignorant request, we can only do so much.

10. If you would like to get a mate, you must ask the Alpha/Alphess if it is alright. They will also allow/disallow you to mate and/or have children. They will determine the number appropriate. You cannot be mates with someone who does not wish to be mates with you. During MATING SEASON is the only time MATING may occur! If you are found mating before this time OR mating without consent of your Alpha/Alphess, you can be exiled and further actions may happen! Please do NOT break this rule!

11. If you are to take a time of absence, please notify the site when you are leaving and how long you will be gone, if not an estimation of how long it will be back until you return to your replies. It is not our responsibility whether or not to know where you are, so it would be wonderful if you could let those who are roleplaying you to know when you will be able to reply back to them. Absences can be placed in the 'Absences' thread, of course, which can be found under the lower sections of the main home page.

12. Permission to roleplay on this site is only granted by someone of the Staff Team. You must first begin with making the outline of your character, their history, and example post. You will post it in the 'Present Yourself' form, along with the rest of everyone's profiles of their characters. Use the skeleton/outline given, other applications that do not follow the same order will not be accepted and those who did it wrong will be warned to change it. If you have created an account for a character and have not submitted a completed application under three weeks time, it will be deleted along with your account. We don't wait on people here to dilly dally with things and fool around in the cbox. It's either you join, or you get booted. Period, now put, "I am finally home!"

13. Lastly, remember to enjoy! Respect, responsibility and good behavior is expected, as stated before, so please remember to be kind to everyone you meet here! If you see anyone breaking these rules or do not feel remotely comfortable with someone else's actions, please report this to someone of the Staff so it can be handled properly.

Thank you for choosing The Lost Ones v2!
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