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Juliet - Venantium

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Juliet - Venantium

Post by Guest on Mon 17 Mar - 14:21

- Name: Juliet Rae Capulet

   - Gender: Female

   - Age: 15 1/2

   - Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

   - Requested Pack: Venantium

   - Requested Rank: Apprentice

   - Appearance: Much like her mother, Juliet has long flowing hair. It is a light brown with natural highlights of blonde streaks within it. She normally wears it longer than her shoulders, but has been known to cut it off every now and then. She is tall and slender, standing at 5'10" in her human form. She loves to wear heels, which make her taller than normal. In her wolf form, she keeps her bright glowing blue eyes, but dawns a thick coat. Mostly black and brown, she shares a couple splashes of cream and tan around her bushy fur. She is not very big, on all fours she stands at 7'11". She is very muscular, but still lean just as her other form.

First Tattoo - Left Side

   - Face Claim: Shailene Woodley

   - Human Photo:


   - Wolf Photo:


   - Joining Keys: Member posted the keys... You know the rest... - Alpha Jace

   - How Did You Find Us?: I am Axel..

   - History: Natasha had never planned on having children. She had planned to live a life, open and free. She did not want the responsibilities of a parent, she wished to have no curfew ever or party until the sun shined the next morning. Natasha, however, was not the best judge of character once she had been drinking. She discovered a male, handsome and strong, he was of her kind, intelligent and knew just what to say to her. In the early hours of morning, they stayed talking and drinking, flirting and touching each other lightly. Natasha knew better than to love him, or to even fall into such a thing. But he was a lovely person to keep her company. As the words "last call" rang through the bar, the two werewolves moved to the city streets. In the dark of the alley adjacent to the bar, they joined as one. He forced her back to the wall and gave her a whirlwind of pleasure to her core. Soft whimpers and cries escaped her lips as a child was conceived, but she had not discovered this until months later. In the early hours of morning, she found herself wrapped around the seat of the toilet, hugging the body as if it was going to save her soul. More time passed and she was soon holding the small baby within her arms. Natasha named her Juliet, for how beautiful she was, instantly in love with the tiny bundle.

Natasha and Juliet have always had an interesting and different relationship with one another. Natasha taught her the essentials, how to clean herself, how to cook for her own, and manners of course. But even as a young child, she had a wealth of freedom. Natasha never held any holds on her life, allowing her to do as she pleased. She went through school, looking to gain friends anywhere she could. Like her mother, she loved attention and meeting new people. She loved to live free as she could and do all her mother would allow, which was basically anything. When she entered High School, she was curious for her sexuality. She had boyfriends for the first few years, but after that she wanted to try something else. There was a girl that she was interested in. The only issue is they were best friends. She was curious and scared that she might run her best friend off. Stacy Richards was a light-hearted and lovely soul. She had raven colored hair and it rested right above her shoulders, short and sweet. The two of them shared a close bond to one another, wanting to do anything and everything they could together. Juliet adored Stacy so much, but finally tried to take their relationship another step when they were given alcohol at Natasha's home. The two girls drank with Natasha and in the night, the two explored one another like a treasure map. Juliet liked the feelings of the other against her, of their sinful delights. But they could never be. Stacy was a human and she a werewolf. On the eve of her 16th birthday, Juliet went with her mother to a tattoo parlor. In honor of her love for Stacy, she got a tattoo. It was a black feather and the tip turned into ravens, flying to the sky, with black words below.

On the night if her first shift, Natasha was there the whole time, aiding her and helping her to get through it all. She cried and screamed loud as the wolf shape finally came into view. With the first shift, came incredible strength and it was then that Natasha shared the truth of what she had been hunting in her days of "work". The mother and daughter gained a closer notch in their bond upon the realization of how amazing her mother truly was. A vampire hunter. Juliet wanted to help her, to learn her secrets and master them for herself, to follow the family in their line of work. For months, they trained together during the summer, but when school was coming soon, Natasha knew she would need to attend.

   - Example Writing: Taken From Lunari Addunt - Gossamer Bones - Demetri & Ophelia

Soaking in the waters of his elegant tub, the Dominus enjoyed the peacefulness of his home. It was a routine for him, cleansing his body of the decay smell and filth from interaction with humans earlier that day. Classical music played through the speakers, wafting in the air about him. His long legs stretched to the end of the tub, resting and relaxing in the warmth the hot water provided him. Servants wandered the halls, cleaning and preparing the house for any guests that might come to visit or even stay for a while. It was not uncommon for Demetri to hold parties or small gatherings in his abode. On this night he enjoyed the taste of the life juice he had acquired in the year 2004, aged almost 900 years now, it was divine. Holding the glass elegantly within his tender palm, he swirled to liquid about the rounded walls, mixing the aroma with the smell of candles which laid lit around his master bathroom. The lights flickered, casting shadows on the walls and illuminating his handsome features. As he finished drinking the blood of his previous triumph, he slowly stood from the water, wrapping his body in the loving embrace of a warm towel. Walking out of the bathroom, into his bedroom, he wrapped his dry body in a silk robe, made from the finest threads of Egypt. Pressing the button to the intercom, he spoke softly into the recorder, "someone come and clean the bathroom, I have finished with my bath." Lifting his finger from the button, he moved to his wardrobe, opening the doors slowly. As his blue gaze moved about them, his hands traced over the various shirts presented to him. They were arranged from color, to withe, and finally black. Most of them were long sleeved and made of the finest material around the world. It was very rare to find the Dominus in anything that was not expensive or what a common human would wear. He had elegant taste, expensive taste, and it was what he prided himself in.

Grabbing a button down shirt, a bright white color, he took it off the hanger and placed it on the bed. He moved to his slacks which hung from the hanger behind the shirts. Most of the pairs were black, with a few in a light khaki color. Demetri grabbed a pair of black slacks and rested them beside the shirt. As he dressed himself with undergarments and sock, he started with his shirt and pants, then finding a belt, and finally his shoes. As he looked over his outfit in the full mirror, he smiled his signature smile, one sure to swipe the ladies from their feet. He moved to the bathroom once more, watching as the servants had already begun cleaning it up as he asked. Taking a comb, he softly ran it through his hair, giving the natural wave a more kept look to it. Once he was finished, he lathered his toothbrush in toothpaste and rubbed the item across his teeth, making them shine bright and vibrant. Cologne was not a necessity, but he had acquired this very one from Indonesia, where a vampire had discovered one to lure human females, attacking their pheromones, and urging them towards him. It was not always that he dealt in the lives of women, but he did enjoy the attention. Spritzing it along his neck and once to his chest, he smiled once more to his reflection. As he stepped out, his servants lined the hall, watching him as he exited the flight of stairs to the bottom floor. One had stood beside the front door, opening it with a bow, allowing the Dominus to exit without a worry or a care. Demetri walked to his car, pulling his car keys from the pocket. The lights of his Mercedez Benz flashed as he unlocked it with the press of a button. Opening the driver side door, he lowered himself inside, fastening his seat belt and pulled out of his driveway.

Instead of listening to the radio, he listened for the thoughts of those around him, laughing as he heard of humans' feeble disputes. So simple those creatures were. They were worried of things like property laws, drama in a relationship, and many other things Demetri did not have time for. Slowly to a stop, his vehicle sat beneath the moonlight. As he exited the car, it flashed the lights as he locked the doors. The neighborhood was not a bad one, but such a beautiful object could cause the most honest of men to be less virtuous and try to steal it, in the very least, break into it. Demetri often walked with hands tucked in his deep settled pockets. He mimicked the moves of the humans, blending with them as a master spy. Here he did not worry about the weapons of man, the devices they could use to spot him out. He often found himself feasting on the weak and feeble here, but tonight was not a night to dine. He could feel himself in the presence of a female, one like he was. Dead and yet so alive. Demetri wandered from his place, making his way to her. Her skin was a glow in the pale moonlight, her eyes shone with intrigue and sophistication. Demetri took her form in, analyzing her curves and gifts she had acquired, either before her death or in her after life. This creature before him, was a unicorn in a field of lowly show ring ponies. He approached her with an extended hand, "one as beautiful and dainty as yourself should not be out in such a night. There are many dangers that walk this earth, searching for anything like you." The Dominus smiled at her softly, waiting for her hand in his.


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Re: Juliet - Venantium

Post by Guest on Mon 17 Mar - 14:28


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