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Devin Malone - Up For Adoption Dhf1

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Devin Malone - Up For Adoption Dhf1

Devin Malone - Up For Adoption

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Post by Guest on Tue 18 Mar - 17:15

- Name: Devin Antonio Malone

   - Gender: Male

   - Age: 320

   - Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

   - Pack Requested: Venantium or Caedesque whichever is fine with me! Either or makes some drama!

   - Pack Position: Warrior

   - Appearance: Standing at 5'11", he is an average height for a male. Not too tall, not too short. He is muscular and fit, but not too muscular. He looks more lean and cut, making his muscles stand out in appropriate clothing. Some say he needs to eat more than he already does, but he thinks he is just fine on his own. His hair is in between a dark chocolate brown and deep black. But his eyes are easy to tell their color. Blue eyes rest in his face, bright and colorful, filled with the life and love of any wereling. His wolf form is mostly brown, dark in color with highlights along his coat. His eyes are still blue, the same hue as when in his human form. He has dark features, encouraging his eyes to shine brighter around his face. His coat is considered thick throughout the year, no matter the weather. When he stands on all fours, he reaches the height of 9'6".

   - Face Claim: Johnny Depp

   - Human Photo:

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   - Wolf Photo:

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   - History: Devin was born to a noble family. His father was named Stephan Deran Malone. The wolf lived with his pack, a Beta to the Cryptic Sonata pack. The pack was known for killing the helpless humans, and werelings alike. A couple of times they found themselves slaying vampires. The female Beta, Crystal Bliss Myria, was also in royal blood. The two of them found an instant connection once they wound up fighting a pack of vampires by themselves. Stephan was known for his charm, his words which made their way to the ears of every beautiful woman in all the right ways. It was a trick which was handed down from spawn to spawn and so forth. The two of them feel in love, saving one another from impending doom. They fell in love and in the coming months, were joined as mates. When Crystal became pregnant, she took a break from the killing and focused on her babies. When it was time to birth her twins, she was ready. But her body could not handle it, and she passed away during the process. Stephan was forced to raise the kids on his own, being extremely hard on the both of them throughout their whole lives. They were forced to do intense training, forced into simulation rooms at the young age of 5.

Training left them both, Devin and Hank riddled with scars for them to never forget what they went through. Devin excelled in hand to hand, while Hank did much better in quarter staffs. The two boys grew up strong, though Hank grew much larger. The two of them did not bond, however. Sure they loved one another, but they were far too different. Hank was more aggressive than Devin, and went through women like they were water. Devin respected women, for the most part. But he took relationships serious. Devin believed his werewolf training was all he needed in life, where as Hank went to college and explored all kinds of new things there. When Devin reached adulthood, he left his pack and moved to be on his own. For a couple hundred years he lived alone, getting to know other loners. [This part of the history can be filled with extra bots of his life if you like.]

On the night that he met Natasha, he had no intentions of meeting any werelings, let alone sleeping with one. After hours of talking, drinking and dancing, the pair went into the alley and had sex. Natasha became pregnant from it, but Devin and Natasha never exchanged phone numbers. Devin does not know about Juliet.

[Now here is where it gets interesting... Natasha is Bi-Sexual, he being one of her only memorable times with a man... She is leaning more towards women now. Here's the dramatic part. He should come and find her, perhaps he hears something about her name specifically or however you want to find her... Anyway, you find her and you want her back. When you discover Juliet (their daughter), you can go one of two ways.. You can either want to be in her life, or ignore her existence. Juliet will love to be around her father, and if you deny her, she will chase you around, wanting answers and all that jazz. So in this, you can choose either pack, it does not matter. I just want a lot of drama from this guy! And he is hunky!]

To Apply For Devin:

  1. Please make sure you do not already reach the maximum amount of characters on the site. You can have 2 to start out with, and with Admin permission, a third.
  2. Please give me a sample of how he would act in a public setting. It must be 2-3 paragraphs long.
  3. Add as much detail as you can, the bigger, the better.
  4. If multiple people apply, please be patient, as I will have to choose who I think would portray him the best.
  5. Do NOT alter him at all. He is how I made him to correspond with Juliet and Natasha.
  6. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below!


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