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Post by Guest on Wed 19 Mar - 12:48

- Name: Jace Ivan Valentine

- Gender: Male

- Age: 218 years old

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Pack Position: Alpha

- Appearance: Standing at 6 feet and 3 inches, Jace is a sizable man. His father was tall, just as he is. His hair is thick golden-brown and wavy. It never does what he wants without product in it, so Jace is forced to gel and mousse his hair daily. He loves his hair and tries to keep it as perfect as he can. He has bright green eyes, with darker circles around the edges. His face is very notable. He has a strong jaw line and his body is chiseled from his constant working on his muscles. After his mate gave birth to their twins, Jace got a tattoo of their names on his chest, so they will always be with his heart for all to see.

In his Werewolf form, hair changes to an ashen color, spreading over his body like a wildfire. The large brute stands at 11 feet tall, one of the largest werewolves around. His eyes glow green, brighter than his human form. His canines are long and dangerous, stained with blood. His claws are long and sharpened for maximum ripping abilities.

- Face Claim: Kris Kranz

- Human Photo:

Alpha Jace Kriskranzforshortlistma

- Wolf Photo:

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- History: For centuries the werewolves had walked amongst the mortals, living and breathing just as they did, only with certain perks. They moved about the humans, some breeding with them, while others were completely against it. They valued the true blood only, not accepting members that had been bitten or exchanged saliva to become "one of them". An Alpha of the bloodline Valentine, was one of the first to implement this treatment. His name was Catius Legoci Valentine. Catius was a rather large werewolf, one of the first "pure blood". When he met the love of his life, Nerifa, he knew they would make strong young. And so they did. For thousands of years they pumped out strong young werelings. They grew stronger with each passing day, shooting up in height like a corn stalk. Millenniums passed and the world modernized, forcing the werewolves to blend harder than before. Their children's names changed to a modern tone.

For the most part, they lived peacefully. Only a few "hunters" came after them, but they were able to get rid of them quickly. As years passed, more and more hunters came for their encampments, their homes. Nerifa cried for them to leave, to move somewhere safer, fearing the safety of her young. But Catius would not do so. He was stubborn to the bone. He was filled with pride, no matter the situation, he would not flee from any mortals.

On the last full moon of the year, the Alpha and Alphess joined in their mating practices. They conceived on this night and soon their young began to grow inside Nerifa's womb. Pride overflowed her features, glowing emanated from her youthful skin. Months passed and her time for giving birth was almost near. As they prepared her chamber for the arrival of the young wolves, Catius waited outside her chamber, not allowed to be within her room. Their connection was so strong, any stress he felt she would feel tenfold. As he waited patiently, the room behind him was quiet. Too quiet. Finally a helper opened the door, allowing the Alpha in. "We have good news and bad news, Alpha." The Alpha looked to the helper, confused by his words. "Nerifa, is she alright?" The brute nodded his head with a smile. "Yes she is perfectly healthy and so is the wereling." Releasing a sigh of relief, he was about to move about the room, but then it clicked. "Wereling?" he asked. The helper looked to the Alpha and nodded his head, "yes Alpha. It appears only one offspring was born in this litter. Might I add he is rather large." The Alpha smiled. At least the one and only wolf of this litter was a male. Someone he could pass his legacy onto.

Just as he thought and planned for the boy, it happened. Jace, as they named him, worked along with the werewolves, learning the ropes, training to kill hunters, and most of all, protecting the pack. From time to time, they had issues with vampires, but it was rare. Jace was a quick learner, very much like his father. In just a few short years, he was completely grown. Learning at a young age the proper ways to transform to his primal self, it made it very easy. Sure it was incredibly painful the first hundred times it happened, little werelings and their tempers after all. But with time, the pain faded and training began. He was quick and rather large for his age as well.

In his primal form, he stood at a large eleven feet tall. His human form was six feet and three inches tall. His human form had dirty blond hair, which he changed styles from time to time. His eyes were of a hazel tint. With feelings and clothes, they changed. The darker colors he wore, it would turn to a dark chocolate color. If he wore light colors it was mixed with greens and light browns. When he became angry, it would become dull to a light grey. In his wolf form, his fur was peppered, mixed hairs of white and black clashed along his body. Long legs, perfect for running, while still maintaining the build of a warrior. He was strong, and his eyes, they burned with the desire to lead. Determination and survival was bred into his lineage, never allowing him to falter or give up. He was the master hunter, a force to be reckoned with, and above all, pure blood of a lineage that spanned for generations.

| Since Finding Lost |

Upon first joining Braveheart, he was met by the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had red fire hair and wore a sexy black dress. She was toned and muscular, sexy in the very definition. They met in a restaurant where she led him back to her pack. She was the Beta, wise and intelligent. In the short while he was in the pack, he made a couple friends, but none compared to Teimhnin. He loved her dearly and would do anything for her. He watched another male flirt with her, one he discovered to be named Daiken. He did not like this male, but instead hid his jealousy in anger. He had also found out the Alpha, Gabriel had a thing for Teimhnin, but he would do anything to keep her for himself. On one night, Jace went to a jewelry store and bought her an engagement ring after they had been together for a couple of months. It was pure love between the two and he even bought her a house, one that was far from the lines of Braveheart. But soon after Jace had proposed to his lover, and she accepted, she was stolen from him. Alexander, her best friend, had come for him, seeking his aid in recovering the woman. Jace raced after her, trying to keep her safe. When he discovered her, she was with a male named Garrett, a lone werewolf, and a vampire. The vampire bit her, trying to take her life. But Jace would not allow it. He killed the vampire and Garrett, while Alexander took on the other werewolf. He scooped up Teimhnin and brought her to their home. The only wolf he allowed to enter the home was Natasha, as she was well trained in the knowledge of vampires. Together they healed her wounds and she rested in a coma for months. The whole time Jace barely ate anything, never leaving her side. He knew she could pass at any moment if her body rejected the healing medicine of Natasha.

When she awoke, Jace was overjoyed and cried in front of her. for a couple months Teimhnin recovered from being in a coma and building back her strength. When she was finally ready to give herself to him once again, they conceived twins. Jace did not find out about the young wolves until he discovered his mate with another female, the Alphess of the neighboring pack. The two were both pregnant and speaking of their children and a possible alliance. Jace was uncomfortable, but chose to stay for the safety of his mate. Soon after, Teimhnin gave birth to two stunning children, Kaehl and Rayne. Both younglings forced the male to fall in love with them instantly.


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