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Leilani - Caedesque

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Leilani - Caedesque

Post by Warrior Leilani on Thu 27 Mar - 8:37

[left]- Name: Leilani Madeline Arevalo

- Gender:  Female

- Age: 16

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Requested Pack: Caedesque

- Requested Rank: Apprentice

- Appearance:  Human self- Her very flesh is drenched in the color of a light tan shade, a hint of natural rosy pink to the tips of her cheekbones as well as the same for her plump and glossy lips. She is one to not be underestimated despite her innocent features, with long wavy locks of dark almond hair to fall passed her thin shoulders to the tip of chest. As her name be told of the meaning 'heavenly child' in the Hawaiian origin, it is told easily by her blue  hues with the thin steak of green tint, the slightest saffron glow within them as they watch one's every careful move. She is defined beauty, but behind the pretty face is a hidden secrets of lost ones and strange mind of which could only wonder what goes on. As Leilani would describe, she's a gentle gal, but can be taken off guard with the smallest of wrong words. At most, she stands to be 5ft and 7inches precisely, the body of an angel to hold her firm personality and depressing past. In weight, the gal fills out as 128lbs of the purest soul to be found. She fears nothing to come in her way, only the sake of the past repeating its self and seeing who she had before, not wanting to loose anymore family..

Wolf- The beast stands at the tallest of eight feet even with a soft, fluffy coat of mixed and asher. The blends of her mother and biological father. The coat of her mother cover the ring of her eyes, which is a shimmer of silverish white. Her biological father gives out the color light brown almost like carmel, which covers the length of her narrow back and straight muzzle. She-wolf has strongly built in her hind-legs with a thick smell of the forest. Ruffling her furr, you smell the mixtures she carries around. Lavender and forest bark the lingers around her, which reminds herself of her dead mother. Her sole still loitering in Leilani's deep heart of her wolf, Echo, strange name but her voice echoes through Leilani's ears when she in a difficult situation. Her wolf is like a second mother to her, but very moody at times when it comes to humans. She doesn't like the gentle side of Leilani, she's more snappy but she still controls Leilani when she does take a handful in the wrong manner. Words whisper to Leilani, but doesn't meant she'll listen...

- Face Claim: Alessandra Ambrosio

- Human Photo:

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Wolf Photo

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- Joining Keys: ~Keys have been removed... Blah Blah Blah... - Ze Evil Alphess

- How Did You Find Us?: Well... It started by my sister on V1 and... Yeah, I followed ya'll here

- History: The mother had no idea when it was coming, trudging around with enormous bump on her stomach. She groaned in pain, calling up Doctor Vitani and got rushed to the room. Her body ache through the time being. She felt her body go unconscious, her mind shutting off. Her eyes were rolling around, trying to figure out her surrounds with Vitani working her time with the baby's head place in her fingers. She demanded Amora to give a big push, Amora didn't hesitate as she pelted out a large scream with her hardest push. She felt a body come out of her, as Amora fell back against the chair and rested her head. Her head was throbbing, looking up at the lights above her. She concentrated on them as they moved every three seconds. Feeling the heater kick back in gear when the draft swept in to cool off the room. Her body was drenched in sweat, when she looked over at Damian holding their child. He looked up to her and smiled brightly to Amora, "Its a girl." Amora eyes widened at the pink blanket, reaching her scrawny arms out for him to place the child on them. As she took grasp of the baby and taking her into a cradled position, resting her head on her shoulder. Amora saw the green in her eyes, with Amora's blue specks. Smiling, she spoke to Damian without looking up.. "Damian, I want to name her Leilani." Damian kind of frowned, because they both decided on Madeline, but shrugged. "But, we'll have her middle name as Madeline." He nodded in agreement and smiled, curling an arm over Amora's shoulder, squeezing in tightly. "New beginning, new family." Those words escaped his lips, making Amora face him and kiss him lightly on the cheek. "I'm just glad you were with me through this." Damian smiled to her then looked to the baby, taking her from Amora's grasp. He snuggled up against her in the chair across the room, looking back to his mate. "Get some rest, she'll be here with me, I promise." Amora nodded, admiring him and their child till she fell asleep.

The child was such a beautiful young and hyper as well. She had so much energy, running around the hotel room and jumping on the beds. Well one evening the Alphess entered the room while Leilani was on the bed looking through her mother's jewelry. Leilani wasn't paying attention to the Alphess as she found a small ankle bracelet. But it didn't matter, Leilani wasn't comprehending what Noctavia was saying but she did understand to follow her. They made their way down the hallway and into the doors of the box area. As it climbed up a few stories, she watched the tall women slide gracefully out of the elevator, not even noticing the child had stayed put in the elevator. Finally when Noctavia came back to find her, she motioned Lei out and into her suite where she was greeted by to other boys, Silas and Castiel. She frowned as she wasn't look to the rambling boy, Silas. Noticing the entry of Alpha Daiken as his mate and him shared some words the children couldn't hear. The Alpha widen his eyes at his mate then look sad at Leilani. He moved over to her and guided her to a room she would be staying in, but Leilani didn't know why. Frowning at him, she gave stares at him and whispered, "Where is my mother and father, sir." The Alpha stares back with a hesitate look then bends down. "They aren't here child.." He whispered back to her. She opened her mouth to say something, but she didn't need a scientist to figure that equation out. They were dead and she can't bring them back. Nodding in response, she climbed on the small cornered couch and fell asleep with small tears escaping her eyes. That was the day Leilani didn't know how to answer anything.

Living with the Alpha and Alphess of the pack was more overwhelming than you think, especially when you have two adorable twins running around. But Leilani didn't too much think of the boys, when she decided to get her mind off things from her past. Sun was setting and Leilani was making her way down the concrete to clear her head. She was walking down the sidewalk of Central Park when she was passing the court on the east side. Her mind was viewing the scenery. Autumn leaves falling off, getting ready for the new season with a cool breeze shifting with the tree limbs. She smelled hazelnut coffee that a man was sipping three feet in front of her, his legs crossed in a tan drenched coat. He was reading the Sunday newspaper till it blew away with the breeze, like a tumbleweed it rolled on the concrete of the basketball court. Where a young male, just around Leilani's age, maybe older was dribbling a ball. He was wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants as he picked up his pace and shot the ball from the 3 pointer line. Clapping her hands, the boy tuned around and gave a sheepish smile. Rolling her eyes with a small smile curving at her lips, she walked over to him and let out a hand as an introduction. "I'm Leilani"... The boy smiled back and shook her hand. "Drake" Rolling the words off his tongue like it tasted like syrup. She so easily took the ball and began to slow dribble then through her legs like it came naturally to her. Taking the ball in both hands, she admired it while Drake spoke up. "Do you play ball?" Leilani shook her head in response, but he shrugged. "I can show you.." He said smoothly. Propping her head up to look at his green that were partially covered from his sandy dust hair the swifted to cover on of them. Shrugging she moved to position herself in front of the basket at approximately the free throw line. Her eyes steady, making the calculations from her stance to the net. Doing the math in her head, she didn't notice she was speaking out loud. The boy looked at with an impressed look. "Math wizz?" He said. She nodded in response, "It's my favorite subject, also Physical Education." He nodded back trying to hide his smirk, which was unsuccessful. As she watched him moved behind her, her put his hands on her's. Moving them up right above her head. "Alway keep one hand on the side to protect the ball" Moving her left to the left side to balance it on her right. Then he took her other hand to press at the bottom. Slowly he lifted to ball in the air, hard and fast enough it arched into the air and right into the net. Whispering in her ear, he said "Swoosh". Chuckling at him, she went to fetch the ball then held it out to him. Shaking his head at her, he pushed it back. "Keep it, but I want to write something on it." Moving to grab a sharpie out of his pocket he wrote some words on it. As she took the ball back, she waved good bye and then headed back to the hotel. As she reached the hotel, she looked down at the ball as she stood in elevator. Reading, 'If you think and work hard enough, you might accomplish it.' Then next to the little quote was his phone number and his name Drake. Smiling down at it, she moved out of the bozed area and down to the room where she got the news the packs were moving to Europe.

- Example Writing: Her sneakers hit the gravel as dried streaks of tears smeared her mascara, which is now lined up parallel down the length of her cheeks. The female sprinted from the mass of men chasing her every corner. A lump was forming in her throat from the thought of her dead brother laying on her lap, dying slowly. The thought made more tears well up in her eyes, she shook her head fiercely as she was never the first one to break. But the lost of her brother, which was a couple of years younger then her died in her hands from the men who are chasing her now. "Those men want you dead for a reason, Tatum. Face your fears, fight for your brother.. You shouldn't let them get away with this. We've been running for so long, why keep going.."Her wolf snarled lowly as she wanted to me unleashed and kill the men who's ten steps behind Tatum. "I'm not running away from my fears. Dylan died from my fault, I'm the only one left in the pack. I need to keep going. I can't risk my life to die with the rest. I'm going to take my father's lead and form my own pack, if necessary. I don't want to, because my brother was suppose to be up for that rule, but look where is lead him.. Death." She snaps but Returns quickly to calm. "I'm done, I'll do what I have to do and that is find a pack of some sorts and Amora is going to come with me. She is like family. My brother had a crush on her as well. Ever since she's moved in.." She can't stand the thought until she hears Amora's though on this. Refocused on her apartment up ahead, so she took a tight turn into the alley before.

The men skid to a stop and turned into the alley. "Time to die, Tatum Doroles Bores?" The bulky one that Tatum called 'The Chubby Hulk'. "Our Boss wants you alive, so your expiration date is later, lucky for you.." The skinny one said, but Tatum had to admit he wasn't half bad for a stick figure. Shaking her head as the female launched at a pole and grasped the ladder to climb up it. One by one, Tatum climbed the ladder. Her eyes glanced at the anger faces down at her, which made one pull out a Desert Eagle probably loaded. "You can't injury her.. Our Boss would kill us!" Shouted the handsome one. "We have to get her down?" Just as the 'Chubby Hulk' spoke, the gun's bullet pelted itself into Tatum lower thigh which made her yelp. "We're. So. Dead." Commented one the others. "That's right!" Tatum's voice was steel with a slight quiver. The blood staining her jeans, she crawled over the ledge of the building and rolled to the middle. Her trembling hand lingered over the gash, pressing down on it as she makes an effort to plant her feet. "Motherfucker" Tatum mumbled. She limped the way home, not caring about the men as she knew she had to take care of the wound before she heals with the bullet still in.

Dropping her bloody purse on the wooden flood. Her eyes barely open, she nears the bathroom until she spots her bedroom door cracked open. "What the-" Tatum knew Amora was probably out doing her drinking times, so she didn't expect her door to be open. Poking her door open with alarm look as her bedroom is still and everything is the same besides the note on her bed. She picked it up and decided to read it later. Not noticing whose name is it and tossed it on the kitchen counter. Limping her way to the bathroom and pulled out the tweezers, peroxide, and cotton. Sitting down on the floor which is covered in small doses of her blood from the gash. Taking the tweezers slowly and twisting them around her flesh until catching grasp of the bullet and pulls it out with more blood spitting onto the walls and flooring. The bullet sitting on the counter of her marble sink, she lifted the ankle to on the white toilet so she can properly clean her wound. Dabbing little bit of peroxide on it with cotton until she only sees a small scar. Her healing ability is way more quicker now, since she's over two-hundred years old. "Finally finished." She finally able to speak from the shiver that claimed her back. She replanted her feet and decided to clean up to the blood later after she gets some potassium on her body before she passes out. Limping back to the kitchen, which is where the note was still folded up. Glancing at the notices the name on its upright corner. Her spelled out 'Tatum'. Grasping it quickly, she unfolded it and read aloud.

Dear Dylan and Tatum,

I love you guys to pieces. Tatum I love you like a sister I never had, you taught me so much of being a true werewolf. You're my wing-women, drinking buddy, best friend, and sister. I wouldn't be able to live without you. I'll miss our late nights, watching movies and drinking with guys we've met on the streets. Remember that one time we got so drunk and your brother had to pick us up in his pickup truck. We had three martinis and we had massive a headache with multiply phone numbers from guys in our clutches. I'll miss you so much, with you smirk, smile, laugh, drunk smile, voice, eyes, and hair. I'll miss your brother as well, his shaggy well-cropped hair and is green eyes. Dylan, I knew you had feelings for me and I'm sorry to tell you that I'll be leaving for a while. It's time for me to move on and build my own life. We have some many memories together, like the time your sister went out for a snack and I stayed so I can watch a movie with you while we snuggled under a blanket and ate popcorn. You guys were the best second family, I've ever had. I'll always remember that secret blush you hide when we comment on your posture when trying the show off for girls. Buff out your chest and squeeze your no-ass cheeks. (I actually laughed out loud when I wrote that) I'm going to miss you so much and take care of my sister that I've never had. Keep her out of trouble, please. Tatum when I return we'll be the same family again, I promise. Please don't hate me for this. I love you and I love your glare that you're probably giving at this paper. But don't hate me for ever, please.

       Your Best Friend n' Sister Amora

Not even noticing tears were falling from her cheeks as she totally breaks down. Feeling like she's never going to get a break from all the tragic happenings. Grasping the counter before falling onto the floor with a 'thud'. Crawling into shadow corner as tears streaming down her cheeks onto her dry blooded jeans. Her jeans were soaked with blood and salty tasting tears. "Why me, why does this all have to happen on the same day? Is this trying to the teach me something? Was Amora doing this because she couldn't stand our alarm times from the men who were trying to kill us? Did Amora care? Did she just use me? Ugh, I can't think right now." Tatum thought out aloud to herself, so she decides the fall onto her side and clench her knees as she drifted off the a light snooze.

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Re: Leilani - Caedesque

Post by Alphess Noctavia on Sun 30 Mar - 14:54

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