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Alpha Daiken

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Alpha Daiken

Post by Alpha Daiken on Fri 4 Apr - 22:19

- Name: Daiken Kazeshini (Sharp DeathWind - Japanese)

- Gender: Male

- Age: 168

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Pack Position: Alpha

- Appearance: A pure blood werewolf 10.5ft tall and 262kg, various fights and journals marked in his muscles. Shiny and long black fur with deadly sharp fangs and claws that never doubt to end a life. A tribal tattoo from his right arm down to his chest, ending in his waist. A long claw scar across his left eye, another five claws scar marks his chest, and several others dispersed telling a warning has been made. Light aqua eyes when he is relaxed but turning darker when someone manage to end his patience and when his wolf Slayer takes full control. Always with two dog tags in his neck.

Very patient with his time but not with others, he prefers to go and don't discuss. Confident on his abilities and endurance, never loses time to train and fight. Hard to trust in others and never puts his fate on promises that always ended in lies. Strong will and always giving all he has in battles, often putting himself on the line to death. Quiet and observant but often too honest and cynical. He always says what his heart feels at the time, not caring who the company is. Respectful to who he feels deserves it and very protective to those he could care. Very sadistic and merciless to his enemies and any other that threats his believes. Vengeful but mature, he is one to be careful with.

- Face Claim: Ian Somerhalder

- Human Photo:

- Wolf Photo:

- History: His life before being an Eternal Darkness member is a mere mystery, no one has known him the necessary or gained his trust to hear it, being Alphess Noctavia the only one that ever did. You could only know that it was not a pleased one just by looking at his eyes when you ask about it, but since he appeared in a tattoo parlor hidden in Times Square and met the dark alphess that changed his life, he became more relaxed and happier.

After taking the decision to join Eternal Darkness, especially because of the woman behind the pack’s foundation, Daiken had the courage to reveal his feelings towards her when he was just a Delta. After some months, he asked her to be his mate and she gave him her life and heart, to then receive Daiken’s forever. The former loner became the Alpha of the pack and promised to protect all of it’s members and his dear Alphess with his life. A month after, he was gifted once more with the life of two creatures developing inside the love of his life.

One night, his brother finally appeared after several years of making his life miserable to put an end to their issues, and with that, Daiken’s life. They fought for hours until Tanken used one of his venoms to avoid his muscles’ response. Guardian Travis luckily appeared in the right second to save Daiken’s life and end Tanken’s. No one ever knew about this fight, not even Noctavia. Travis promised to keep it a secret along with Doctor Vitani which aided their injuries after their return. After his brother’s death, Daiken changed and became more cold and cynical. Even when he knew there was no other way to stop his brother’s actions, he cared for him and his death affected him more than what he will ever admit. What happened between them and the reason behind the hostility that reached more than a century, is something known just by his mate.

Months after, the day the pair was expecting with so much happiness and fear at the same time, finally came. The twins’ birthday reached their doors and two boys made the alphas’ life brighter than any other day, just to then be followed with the exhausting life of being parents. They chose the names of Silas and Castiel, to then guard and teach them everything they had to knew, leaving the information about their past to be forgotten and ignored. When things got rough for the werelings in New York and humans started to discover the dark truth behind their immortality, the alpha pair reached an agreement to move, changing the pack’s name to Caedesque, meaning ‘slaughter’ in Latin. A new life reached the pack, some members left, and with time new ones appeared to write a new chapter in their lives together.

Alpha Daiken

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