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New Life, New Beginnings (Open) Dhf1

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New Life, New Beginnings (Open) Dhf1

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New Life, New Beginnings (Open) Dhf1

New Life, New Beginnings (Open)

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New Life, New Beginnings (Open) Empty New Life, New Beginnings (Open)

Post by Guest on Sat 5 Apr - 17:51

A warm breeze blew the hint of spring in its flow as it passes through the fur of a female Lycan. Ambrosine feet padded softly on the green grass of the forest. Her dark blue hues taking the surrounding. Lifting her nose a scent of an animal, some what of a fox. The fae moved into a crouch and charged. Her eyes spotted the fox and she ran with all her might until she grabbed it.
Shifting back to her human form, Ambrosine rubs the blood off her mouth and smiled,"that was a nice snack." her brown hair laid across her shoulders as she yawned. The Lycan had needed a place to rest after her long journey from her last stop. Soon she began to trek down through the forest again.

A few hours later, Ambrosine eyes was starting to get heavier and tired. The sky was now a pale sunset, and the moon was beginning to rise. Finding a tree, she began to climb it until she was to a safe branch. Slowly she felt relaxed and she started to sing softly,"I see a castle on a cloud, la la la la la la la..." But soon the female drifted off to sleep. The wind flowed calmly and gently through the air. Her sleepy face lit up by the moonlight above, her arm draped across her belly. Not a noise escaped her mouth, the only noise was an owl hooting it's nightly call. The star slowly appear to complete the night sky and was a beacon to those who were alone.


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New Life, New Beginnings (Open) Empty Re: New Life, New Beginnings (Open)

Post by Alphess Noctavia on Sat 5 Apr - 20:47

2. This is a literate site, meaning you MUST write at least two paragraphs containing both ten sentences each. We encourage anyone and everyone to write more, and to BE LITERATE. Describe your surroundings, what your character looks like, what they think, see, smell, whatever it is. Be descriptive and write till you can't write no more if you want! If your posts are too short, a person of the Staff Team will notify you to change it, that is, unless an obstacle is enabling you to do so. We do not take short responses kindly here, if seen, you will be warned.

Please follow rules as given.
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