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With Every Breath I Take (Border)

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With Every Breath I Take (Border)

Post by Trys on Sun 10 May - 14:28


It was one of the only things she knew how to do anymore. On two legs, she jogged into the alleyway. Stuffing her hands into her hoodie pockets, she bent her legs to check and see if she could still jump in her skinny jeans. Making sure there was no one behind her, she took a deep breath. She climbed onto the dumpster and reached up to grip the top of the building. Pulling herself up and over, all the while checking for humans who might spot her, she crouched on the roof. She smiled and breathed a single laugh. She had to admit, even being a werewolf, looking at how far humans have come was a sight to see.

Then she took off. Jumping to her full height, she spun to the opposite direction of the city where she stood and flew across the top of the structure with ease. Finally reaching the edge, where the trees stood only a few feet away, she leapt. She closed her eyes as she sailed through the air, and felt the wolf blood course into her veins. Gritting her teeth against the pain as her body reshaped while still in mid-air, she landed on the earth with four paws. She swiveled her head around to check once more, she fled into the forest.


Now like a shadow that could disappear any minute, she flew through the trees. Unsure of where she was going, she kept her head low to keep the scent of the many different wolves in her nostrils as she went. Nearing where the scent was the strongest, she slowed to a trot, then to a walk, and finally to a complete stop. She pranced in place for a second in triumph of finding the border at last. Baring her fangs in a smile, she figured that now was a good a time as ever.

Tilting her head back, she let her haunches shrink so she was almost sitting - but not quite - and she pierced the air with her howl. It was pure, a note that would break a singers heart to hear, and solid. It never wavered, never shook, until she slowly let it fall short. Returning to her normal stance, she waited for someone to come find her.

(OOC: So sorry it took so long! It was a bit rushed)


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