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Apollo Kylas - Venantium

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Apollo Kylas - Venantium Empty Apollo Kylas - Venantium

Post by Apollo on Fri 15 May - 0:29

- Name: Apollo Kylas

- Gender: Male

- Age: 40

- Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

- Requested Pack:  Venantium

- Requested Rank: Warrior

- Appearance: Apollo, in his human form, is 6'1"; whereas, in his wolf form, he is 9 feet tall. He is a very handsome man with deep blue eyes and deep, almost mahogany brown eyes.  He has a charming half smile that makes him approachable and yet mysterious.  He usually wears a red flannel shirt with blue jeans, with an almost country style tan. He has medium length, brownish-blackish hair that curls around his quite chiseled face. Upon his thin features, is usually a five o'clock shadow that gives him a rugged and almost feral look.  His body is quite the same; chiseled and well worked.  His sports a six pack underneath his clothing. He is found with black tennis shoes most of the time, but sometimes is found were black boots instead.  His other clothing choices consist of a red shirt with a black leather jacket and a nice pair of gray jeans with black boots. He is sometimes found wearing sunglasses.  Sometimes, he walks around shirtless, depending on how hot the day is.

Apollo, in all his entirety, is a very handsome man. Underneath his clothing, he sports a very large back tattoo that is of a black wolf with a crescent moon on it's forehead. On his arms are celtic runes that are of a wolf creed his mother had taught him long ago. Around his neck are moon pendents on a leather thread.  He also as leather bracelets that he wears often. His arm tattoos are very easy to see for he always wears his sleeves rolled or pushed up.

In his wolf form, Apollo is a nightly black, a black that shimmers in the moon or sunlight. He is 9 feet tall and his eyes switch from deep brown to a glowing amber.  He is very much built and his long legs aid in speed and agility. He has a more aggressive look to him, as his fur seems more harsh than soft. He is also a handsome wolf for his eyes dance with mystery and excitement.

- Face Claim: Aidan Turner

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- Joining Keys: Joining Keys Accepted ~ Delta Darcy

- How Did You Find Us?: 50 Top Wolf Roleplay Sites

- History: 1975: It should have been a normal day. Any normal, school day where kids were made fun, goody-two-shoes already starting on their homework, and all the jocks-like Apollo-seeping in the fauns and compliments of the cheerleaders. Well, it started off as normal, until someone really pissed off Apollo. At only 16, the boy was just starting to figure out who he was, and what he was good at. He never meant to start anything that could truely save his life. One boy decided to mess with Apollo to the point where the young man began to fight; nearly killing the human.  After a few good smashes to the face and head, the teachers finally pulled the boy off the other. When the fight was over and the parents called in, the human boy described the fight to be almost animal-like. Apollo was foaming at the mouth and snarling. His eyes had changed to a different color that was natural to humans.  The boy was terrified, as was Apollo. He really looked like that?  Apollo's parents, each giving each other worried looks, apologized to the other parents and promised to pay for any medical bills that followed.  Mortified, the Kylas family left the school and indulged in a silent supper.

That night, Apollo's parents discussed in their bedroom as to what had happened with their son. Leaning on the wall just out side of their room, Apollo stared at the floor. His nerves were on high and he felt sick as to what he was hearing.  He heard each of their words as clearly as if there wasn't a whole wall in between them.  He could hear his heart beating, is breath as sharp as ever. He could even hear every creak the house made, and could hear small scuttling in the wood work which he could only pin as a mouse...or his insanity.  He felt strange as well, nauseous almost. He wanted to throw up, but he knew nothing was to come out. He was too scared to move from that spot in the hallway.  Trying to calm himself down, he focused on his parents' words. They spoke of wolves and of family that lived far away.  Titling his head, he narrowed his eyes at the news. He didn't know he had family elsewhere. They never spoke of this before.  He was also very confused on the use of the word "wolf" so many times.  His name and wolf came in the sentence way to often for his comfort. He wasn't a wolf! He was a human, just like all the other people in this world.

But that wasn't the case as he came to find out only moments after. His parents quietly said his name; something he shouldn't have heard, but did because he could hear everything suddenly. Entering the room, both his parents stood on either side of the bed. He looked at them, seeing the fear in their eyes.  What was going on? Taking a deep breath, his father approached him first. Speaking of a creature that should only exist in fairy tales, his father told him of his family across seas that lived remotely. He spoke of their heritage, and of the werewolf background that he possessed. They had thought, no, hoped, that it would have surpassed him.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case. Apollo received the blessing of the Wolf and, being that he had turned 16, had come of age to gain his wolf ability.  Sadly, it came out in the worst of times. His mother was pregnant and his father had just got promoted. It was surely an annoyance to their growing family. With tears in her eyes, her mother confessed that they were sending him away, to live with the other side of his family. To learn of this werewolf heritage and how to become what he is meant to become.  This infuriated Apollo.

Without having any other say, Apollo was shipped off to a small, non-descriptive, and unnamed village in Ireland.  Foreign to him, this world was something new. The landscape around such a village was breath taking, as a dark, lush forest became his new home. His family was nice and took him in without question, but it still didn't feel like home to him. He longed for his american home; where he new how things worked and had friends he could talk to. Here he was just taught how to keep his mouth shut, and to not interrupt the elders as they spoke. It was almost annoying to have listen to old wolf tales from them. It was how he learned of their family though.  The Kylas family was known for their strength and virtue. They lived in seclusion from the world because humans didn't understand that beauty that was the wolf. They were afraid that if they were to be in wolf form during the hunting season, that they would be hunted to extinction, and the Kylas Wolves would no longer exist. The family had no real purpose; only to without hold peace in the forest.  They sought safety and tranquility among the forest and rives in Ireland.  Apollo was taught many things about this world he was thrown into, and after many years with his family, he learned how to be a Werewolf.

When he was around thirty years of age (only looking to be in his early twenties), something called to Apollo. He loved his family and the village that he had sworn to protect, but looking out into the forest only made him long for something more.  He wanted adventure, love, danger...something new. He wanted a greater purpose.  That was when he decided to leave the village for just a day. To see if he could find anything worth his time.  And he did.  In the depths of the forest, he had smelled fresh blood.  Enticing him, he made his way to a small clearing with a dead deer in the middle of it. It seemed rather odd to the young werewolf that someone would leave a good meal alone.  The closer he got to the deer, the more colder the air had gotten. Slowing his pace, Apollo grew more alert. Something was not right about this area.  Listening closely to the forest around him, he heard small footsteps.  Whipping around, he was able to deflect something right as they lunged for him. Swearing, he was suddenly surrounded by pale looking people with blood dripping from their teeth--their rather long and sharp teeth. Focused and at the ready, he was attacked and quickly deflected them. He was outnumbered four to one, but that didn't falter him, He was taught to be agile and strong.  Light on his feet, he was able to hold them off for a while. Unsure as to who, or what, they were, he tried to keep his distance.  

Suddenly, more seemed upon him. Unsure what to do, he risked turning into his wolf form; something he was told never to do in front of strangers--but these freaks didn't seem like strangers to these woods. In his wolf form, he was faster and stronger. He was able to hold the attacks back even better, but fatigue was growing steadily upon him as the people were relentless.  After what felt like ages, Apollo was finally growing tired and was faltering in his moves.  One attacked, and nearly grabbed his neck. Confused at the strange attack, Apollo lifted his head and let out a loud, eerie howl. Only moments later did his family arrive. Each in their wolf forms, they were able to fend off the attackers, having them flee back into the woods. Turning human, he gave his family a grateful and apologetic smile. Soon after, his family informed him that these attackers were Vampires, and they hunted anything that moved in these woods. It was why the family stayed near their village while hunting. They had put up wards to protect their village from those blood suckers.  Apollo apologized again for putting their family in danger, and for being so stupid as to the what they were.

Apollo stayed in close to the village for a few months after that, but the thought of those vampires still loomed in his mind.  He wouldn't admit it out loud, but he enjoyed that fight. He loved the thrill of it and wanted more. He wanted to hunt more and to feel that danger that he had felt. Yes, he was scared of it; but it was a fear he wanted to feel. He didn't want to feel this safeness anymore. He needed more. So, with some careful consideration, he said goodbye to his family, fully aware that he could never return, and made his way into the woods. He wasn't sure as to where he was going, but as long as he could fight some vampires along the way, he was okay with it.  After many months, and what turned into many years, he grew in his skill with killing vampires. He enjoyed every moment of it.  But that was when his loneliness for a family kicked in. He had started to miss the closeness of other wolves.  So, he set out on another journey to find another family.  It was then that he found Venantium; and that is where his story truly begins.

- Example Writing:  This is the opening of my third book in a series that I have self-published:

Fire crackled in the background and the sound of footsteps echoed throughout the blackness. Screams would erupt in the stillness, and slowly fade away as if they never existed. Pain suddenly engulfed the man who laid still on the ground. His head throbbing, and his body rejecting movement. The screams continued to erupt and fade all around him, and slowly, he deciphered a name; Kyu.  Groaning, he felt his hand twitch at the name. The name came again.
“Kyu!” It was a man's voice. “Kyu! Get up!”
Letting out another protesting groan, Kyu slowly started to blink awake. Above him, the sky was a fiery red. Fire crackled louder around him the screams became more frequent.  Gasping, Kyu bolted upright, his entire body aching and popping. As he sat up, the scene changed before him and he came face to face with Dx. The fire vanishing and the sky returning to a cloudy gray. Small rain drops started to fall around them. Kyu's breathing was shallow and his body throbbed sharply. Dx stared into the Vampire's eyes who seemed to be lost and confused. In his mind, Kyu heard Dx's voice softly assure him he was okay.  
Your body was severely damaged, but luckily for you I came just in time.
Kyu blinked a few times and shook his head before responding, “Where is everyone else?”
Safe. But you're not really concerned with that are you?
Kyu looked at the Oracle and smirked, “I don't need you telling me what I am concerned with.”
No, but you'd like it. I understand your curiosity, Vampire. You need answers.
Narrowing his eyes, Kyu stared at Dx. It was then that the memory of the events previous to these came back to him. The sky fortress, Aura, the Dragon, and jumping. He jumped out after everyone else left. He sacrificed himself to save the others. At least, he thought he did. Suddenly, the image of fire and the sound of screaming came back to him. He clenched his head and curled over where he sat. Dx grabbed the man's shoulders and made him look into his eyes.
Go west. There you will find an old crusade enslavement camp. There you will find what you are looking for.
With that, Dx stood and quickly left the Vampire who fell to his side, still clutching his head.

“Apollo! Where are you!?” Raelyn cupped her hands over her mouth to amplify her voice. The group had been searching for the wolf for almost two hours now, only to find small bits of rabbit fur and blood scattered in random areas.  After recovering from what felt like a lifetime ago, the group was able to find food and make a campfire to rest from the events previously. Aura had managed to capture them and found ways to torture each and every one of them. If it wasn't for Raelyn and her fighting with Aura in Dragon form, they probably wouldn't have gotten out of there alive. While escaping, they had to leave Kyu behind; no word or evidence that he's alive. Dx had managed to heal Damian, Arista, and Apollo from Aura's final attempt at killing them; decay magic. Apollo had sensed the magic Dx used to heal them was similar to Aura's and demanded to be told the truth. Dx, out of anger, revealed that he in fact, was Aura. The others, unaware of this, watched Apollo clench his fist and walk away. Two hours later, they still were clueless as to what had happened and both Dx and Apollo were no where to be found.
“Why is it, that whenever something happens, WE end up having to find the Werewolf?” Damian groaned as he looked around the woods again. The forest was damp from recent rainfall, and smelled of soil and foliage. The wind blew through the canopy slowly, sending the sound of leaves fluttering gently through the woods. Small birds chirped from above them and the sun was starting to break through the clouds and warm the cold earth.  The group of Paranormal stood in a small clearing. They had left their camp a couple of hours ago in an attempt to find Apollo.
Colt stood and cracked his back while groaning in agreement with the Demon, “Damian's right, what is up with him running off like this? Does he always do that?” He asked, looking at Raelyn.
She sighed and shook her head, “He isn't one for talking about his issues, but he usually doesn't take this long.”  
“We should make another camp and find food again.” Violet suggested.
“We just ate! Are you telling me that you're hungry again?” Arista asked, her eyes locking onto the Siren.
“No! If we make food this far into the woods, maybe Apollo will smell it and come looking for it?” She looked at Raelyn for assurance.
A sudden rustle from the trees made them all look up. A dim glowing light filled the small clearing as someone gently landed on the ground. Folding her wings in, the dim light disappeared and Kassidy stood before them.
“It seems like a good idea, Violet, but seeing that there are remains of a meal scattered around the forest, he has already eaten and may not come back.” She pointed out.
“Oh, don't worry about that. He's ALWAYS hungry.” Raelyn said with a smirk.
As the group agreed to make camp and start a meal, the forest slowly grew darker around them.
Violet and Colt worked to gather more wood for the fire and Arista and Raelyn headed into the forest to start hunting. Kassidy and Damian stayed near the camp sight to keep watch for Apollo and possible enemies. Kassidy's eyes shifted towards the forest as the darkness became more evident. Damian stood up and looked around as well.
“What is that?” He asked, his voice concealing a growl.
Kassidy watched the darkness almost roll in. Her wings stretching slightly to give off more light, “I have no idea.” She whispered.
A silent chill shivered through the trees as they stood there. The silence covered the forest like a cold blanket; no birds, no bugs, nothing. The wind died and the a slight heat rose from the ground. Narrowing his eyes, Damian could see small red specks appear from the darkness. All around them, blinking red orbs appeared, slowly growing bigger and bigger. Backing up, the two of them backed into each other, each scanning the surroundings. As the orbs grew closer and closer, Kassidy tilted her head, “Do you hear that?”
“Hear what?”
As the two hushed, the clear sound of scuttling came to them. Small clicks and snaps as the orbs grew closer.  Damian stepped forward a little only to gasp as he put two and two together, “Oh shit.  We gotta go!”
“Wait!” Another voice came from the woods. Bursting through the thick blanket of darkness, Colt and Violet appeared. Their breathing was jagged and their clothes were soaking wet.
“What happened to you two?” Damien inquired.
The scuttling sound that was growing closer, suddenly stopped. Kassidy looked at Colt and Violet and then back towards the dark forest, “What is going on?”
“Spiders.” Colt stated, looking at the Demon and Angel.  “Big spiders.”

◊           ◊          ◊

“What are these things!” Arista yelled as she once again deflected an overgrown spider.
“Well, by the looks of it, they are ginormous spiders!” Raelyn squeaked as she dodged a large fang from an attacking spider.
“I got that!  What made them so big!” The werecat jumped up, and, quickly forming a thick dagger out of petrified wood, came down on an arachnid. The spider let out a screech and fell to the ground twitching as more swarmed over it towards the women.
All around them, giant, mutated spiders surrounded the Paranormal, forcing them back to back as they tried to hold their own. Lash after lash, the spiders attacked. Arista would put spikes through their bodies before they could reach her. Raelyn let a few taste her anger from her animal forms. One by one the spiders fell, only to be replaced by more.
“We're really outnumbered, Arista.” Raelyn breathed heavily as she let another one fall before her, it's face nearly clawed off.
“Yeah, I know.” The werecat answered with the same tiredness in her voice.
“Hey!” Another voice rang out. The spiders all paused their onslaught before suddenly igniting with flame.
Apollo jumped on top of a burning spider, grabbed its front legs and flipped off, bringing the spider over his head and down onto another one. He then shot another wave of fire towards the ones closer to Arista and Raelyn before he ripped another apart.
Blinking, Arista shook her head, “Who invited the flaming idiot to the party?”
“We need that idiot!” Raelyn said with a smile on her face as she watched the werewolf tear apart and burn what was left of the spiders.
Within minutes the forest smelled of burning spider guts and sweat. With a cocky smile on his face, Apollo headed over to the girls.
Arista narrowed her eyes at him, “I had it covered. I didn't need all blonde and mighty to save me.” She looked him up and down.
“Sure you did.” He said with the same cockiness in his voice as his face held.
“What? Wait a minute—”
“There was about a thousand more heading your way from the east. If I hadn't seen it, you would be hanging from a web within minutes.” Apollo pointed up to the trees to make his point more clear.
Letting out a disgusted scoff, Arista turned away and started to headed south where she had last seen Colt and Violet.
Raelyn gave Apollo and a smile as they both followed the werecat.
As if on cue, Colt, Violet, Damian, and Kassidy all appeared out of the forest.  Their breathing was jagged and their clothes ripped. Arista gasped and looked at all of them.
“Who put you guys in a blender?” Apollo asked, tilting his head.
“Shut it, wolf. We have a problem.” Damian snapped.
“Is it the same as ours?” Raelyn asked as she pointed behind her at the pile of burning spider bodies.
Looking behind them, Kassidy let out a low groan, “Yes and no.”
“We have something bigger.” Colt started to explain. Right before his next word, a loud snap echoed behind them. Three, rather large trees, fell to the ground with groans and squeaks of protesting wood.
Gathering in group, they all turned towards the loud noises. The air once again went still and out of the forest a black mist began to pool around them. Eight red eyes began to light up one by one. Out of this darkness came clicking so loud, it sent chills through the Paranormal's very being.  
Very big problem.     '

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Apollo Kylas - Venantium Empty Re: Apollo Kylas - Venantium

Post by Delta Darcy on Fri 15 May - 18:11

Hello and welcome to the site, here are a fees things that are wrong in your application.

- You do not have all the joining keys, there are two more, so look in the rules a little harder.
- Please make sure you change your username to your character name as we do not accept usernames with numbers or random letters.
Please fix these, thank you.

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Apollo Kylas - Venantium Empty Re: Apollo Kylas - Venantium

Post by Alphess Noctavia on Fri 15 May - 20:01

We also do not except 'gifs' as photos. You must have a realistic, non moving photo of your Face Claim.
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Post by Apollo on Sat 16 May - 9:47

Okay, I fixed the requested things.

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Apollo Kylas - Venantium Empty Re: Apollo Kylas - Venantium

Post by Apollo on Sun 17 May - 10:31

Hm. Okay. I thought I read them right, but I will go back tomorrow and fix them due to having to work all day today. Thank you for your patience.

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Post by Lost Admin on Tue 19 May - 13:38

Great!~ Welcome to The Lost Ones v2!

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