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Post by Guardian Laundi on Wed 30 Jul - 16:16

- Name: Laundi Nex  [Lawn-D] [Nex is her middle name, her last name is unknown, though she refers to it as her last name.]

- Gender: Female

- Age: 141

- Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

- Pack Position: Guardian

- Appearance: She has a dark amber color eye, often mistaken for brown in a dim lit area. Her hair is a dark brown color, like that of wet tree bark. Her body is covered in tattoos, with two full arm sleeves tattoos, chest tattoo, leg, back and stomach tattoos she often gets assorted glances, though she is stunning all the same. She stands at 5'8 on a flat foot and weighs about 127 pounds. Her wolf form stands at 9'8 and is an assortment of browns, creams and blacks, all projected over her large body in collage of colors.

- Face Claim: Cleo Wattenström

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- History: On a dark, cold night horrid screams echoed through the forest, a mother, leaning against a rock and being aided by her husband was giving birth to their first child, who they later named Laundi. The ancient purebreds were to soon give birth a purebred child. The horrid screams were enough to break glass or seem to shatter any eardrums, as well a a growls and snarls from the mother. "Get the damned thing out of me, now!" She snarled at her husband and grabbed his throat before letting her head fall back and she screamed and pushed one last time, the baby was out onto the sheet and screaming and crying as it's mother was. As the married couple looked at the baby and the mother laid her head against her husband, catching her breath he plunged his hand into her chest, ripping out her heart and standing. He tossed the heart aside and took the purebred baby in the sheet, wrapping her up and carefully carrying away into the darkness. The child cried for a while before becoming silent and sleeping, the night was humid and hot, causing the baby to grow shiny as well as the father, his hair stuck to his forehead and he dripped with sweat and condensation. He took her far from the dead mother and he stopped in a small village, meeting up with two of his buddies and there he raised his daughter. She went to a school with normal kids, her father wanting her to get as much knowledge as she could. The school had few teachers, though they were knowledgable ones.

She grew up knowing her father killed her mother and yet she had no sympathy for her mother, this child was to be raised as heartless as her father. She went to school, being a feared girl among everyone as her first shift came near she grew more and more aggressive toward everyone of the school and often got detention or to where her father had to come remove her from the school. The day of her turning was a Saturday, her thirteenth birthday, she was sitting outside the small White House she lived in and the woods were nearby. Soon the father ran up the walk, lifted the child as she were weightless and hauled her deep I to the forest, she wasn't scared more annoyed though she hadn't idea her first shift were to be happening today. The father raced through the forest and finally came across the cement chamber with a moss covered door on top. He opened it and tossed Laundi down, a mortal for her to emotionlessly kill, and hopped in after her his two friends stood at the top and looked down if Laundi decided the escape before she was chained. Her father took her and she didn't fight as she knew it was time and she couldn't wait. The large chains in the corner were wrapped around her body, keeping her close to the wall before she fell to her hands and knees, groaning and her father leaped out from the chamber, closed the cement door and put several large locks on it and went back to the house until the next day. Sunday he opened the chamber and the girl was sleeping in the corner, some chains broke and others attached, the walls busted up and clawed. He unlatched the chains and took Laundi up. The days went on and he thought her everything she needed to know, her shifts slowly grew more and more controlled and she was soon able to shift as she pleased. When she turned fifteen, her father and his friends disappeared without a trace, leaving her behind.

For awhile she roamed freely through towns after town, state after state until she settled in some place in Mississippi and remained there for about two years before moving on, during that two year time span she killed frequently. Mortals and immortals, she killed those who thought they were invincible. With killing the seemingly unkillable she created many enemies and had to sleep with one eye open each night, sleep was hardly a task, hardly something she did. An hour asleep, four hours awake..and so on. She knew she wasn't invincible and had to take precautions, though her young age didn't stop her. She was a master trickster, a perfect seductress, lure anyone and everyone in and kill them off as if they were nothing. Though. She saw them as nothing. After each kill she created some accident scene or left the body. Love was something that had broken her a few times and she saw no purpose in it any longer, sadness was a weakness..or so that's what her father had taught her. After the two years were up she left again, settling in North Carolina for about five years, coming across several packs and joining not a one. She fought and ran..she knew her limits. But, the way her father trained her..to fight until your dying breath..she hadn't applied it as she wanted to find someone..or something. She wanted to find a pack..one with a twisted moral and darkness portrayed life..one with little to no emotion for the living. So, the years went on and she grew, becoming more and more lonely, going hundreds of years with little to no social interaction will take a toll on your sanity level. After the five years in North Carolina she continued to travel, staying no where for more than a year any longer and traveled across state after state; alone.
After many years of traveling she came across New York, New York; a busy, mortal...and immortal filled city with many secrets. With that the first day of being in the town she came across a pack...Caedesque. The perfect pack. Upon joining Laundi found everything absolutely perfect, the occasional killing, fight, outing..she made friends had a pack, there was one friend who stuck; sticks out from the rest; Evie Lovette Claremont. This female captured Laundi's heart and kept it under lock and key, a werewolf who had given up on the whole concept of love and being loved...was finally loving and being loved. She had found a best friend, a lover and had no intention of letting her slip away. With each passing day Laundi grew more and more attached to this breath taking female. Though nervousness was also a passing feelings, what if this fae didn't actually love her..what if she was using Laundi? All these horrible things ran through her mind but the day they became girlfriend and girlfriend, Laundi knew she wanted to spend the rest of her immortal life with Evie. Soon enough, Caedesque traveled away from America and Laundi kept watchful eye on Evie during the exhibition. As each day passed and days became months their love grew stronger and Evie asked Laundi to be her mate...of course she said yes.

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