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Alphess Noctavia

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Alphess Noctavia

Post by Alphess Noctavia on Sun 16 Mar - 18:13

- Name: Noctavia Alexandria 'Dark' Kazeshini

- Gender: Female

- Age: Unknown.

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Pack Position: Alphess

- Appearance:
A striking pair of emerald hues for the woman of little knowing, but holds such beauty to counter react the attention of many when seen. She is of evil, a powerful, and demonic soul one could ever come to know, as it is followed by a dark path of shadows to whom were once owned by the lives she took. The maiden is defined by beauty, but do not let her looks fool you, for she is but of only as sinister as a venus fly trap. One wrong turn, and she'll snatch your soul and snicker silently as she dips back into the shadows to what encased her insides. Though only a flicker a light can be registered inside her, as it was accompanied with the strength only love could bandage over time. She had developed a love, a passion even for the murders and things she committed, however with the presence of a younger wolf, her heart toppled into his hands. It was the only reason she really smiles besides seeing another die before her. But she is a majority emotionless and quite mysterious. Long lochs of obsidian waves hug the higher, pristine features of her face, draping all the way down passed her shoulders to nearly reach the end of her spine. They tend to fall in front of her eyes, hiding the glow of a thousand green demons inside her serpent-like orbs.

As the woman may near, her features become more seducing to the human eye. She is reasonably tall in the more vulnerable state of her mortal appearing suit, though she does not take underestimating very kindly. If one is to believe she is just another pretty face, or perhaps something weak, the woman will only smirk and tempt the individual to try. If done, the possibilities of the individual winning are slim, for she is flexible and stronger through her many years of life that rest neatly on her perfectly carved, toned shoulders. Her body figure is lean, and if she is to be bare, her rib-cage would be easily seen through her milky pale flesh. It is not because she does not eat, for she feeds daily of the blood of the innocent or the every day mortal foot like the rest of their kind, but it is due to the fact that a wereling is naturally given the appearance of beauty and a perfect body that makes her the way she is. With such gifts, the demon-lady was granted with many things, as well as her young that she produced. There lie no stretch marks or any identifying scars across her stomach from the carrying of the two twins, however across her shoulders are claw marks due from an old adversary she used to have long ago. Upon both wrists are two crests that are defined by her birth pack and her pack, Caedesque she has today. It was a tradition to have the family crest placed over the left wrist when after they preformed their first shift and the bringing of the beast to their soul. Now, she takes the tradition on her own behalf and drew up the design for Caedesque to have placed over her right wrist to symbolize that it would always be hers forever. Another important tattoo that is inked in with the rest of her body is upon her right hip, one she may never forgot as it was to remind her of the day her beloved mate and her first met. It is the design of a wolf's skull, locked around it's eye-sockets are the talons of a beautiful black raven and between the wolf's razor sharp bone teeth lay a bloodied black rose. As for the rest of her body, it is simply covered in many tattoos to what she may of earned or liked during that time period. She had collected many, but naming them would just be a bore, now would it not?

Onwards we move to the second state of her body, for it is no longer human, but warped to meet the face of a monster's. As a wolf, she resembles similarly to her other form, but in this one, she is covered in the matching color of her mortal hair. Her pelt is thick, much like her hair, let alone just as beautiful and silky. The wolf's height is one of the tallest on Lost here. Followed by the Alpha, she too reaches to be a maximum of eleven feet when pushed into her more stronger body. The woman's eyes when phased are the same as well, an islamic green shade of color within them as they are most usually found searching the premisses or beyond the attention of her pack when needed. They seem to glow brighter the more her fascination glows, an advantage to some if they know what she is feeling most of the time. These benefits are of little use to her, as they cannot be helped, but nor does she ever care, really. Her legs are indeed long to carry her at long distances, something that has ran through the Dark family bloodline for centuries and centuries long. As a great Alphess should, she was blessed greatly with the blood of true Alphas before her, but her family is a lost cause to the woman's mind now. She is silent of her past, and does not trust many unless they are proven different. Other than that, if she is to like you, be lucky that you are alive. But the question is, 'what list are you on of hers'?

- Face Claim: Olivia Wilde

- Human Photo:


Click to see the design of the tattoos on each wrist~
Caedesque Pack Crest | Right Wrist
Dark Pack Crest | Left Wrist

- Wolf Photo:


- History:
Beneath the rubble and deprived secrets that cover the young soul of a pure lay a new. Power - to that may only one describe surged within the body whom may be worth a thousand demons and a potential leader to face the years ahead of them. She is beautiful, what with the gift of two emerald eyes and a stunning face to mask a dark heart. All of that who live within her bloodline surround the den and awe at the sight of her arrival to the new world, a father and mother hold her close and coo soft sounds to make the infant to open her eyes and look to whoever made the noise. The child was innocent, or so they had thought to believe, graced with the ancestry's long line of blessed genetics and pure-blood to help guide her in the right direction into one day ruling the lands as her parents did, and their parents before them and so on. The prophecy was initiated thousands, beyond thousands of years before the young one's arrival, and perhaps could lead them to greatness, as the wise ones before them had. They all granted the child with hope, and a strong passion to fight against what is right in their small world, as well as their power to rise up and make her into something indestructible. Though however it was not what she wanted, for the girl even at a young stage in development was easily brought to the attention of what she was and envied all who would walk in their disguises amongst the full moon's control. They had kept her safe during those times, as were the rest of the offspring produced in the homes of those who were most strongest against the moon. As the monsters of the weak were unleashed and dashed off into the dark horizons, the soul of evil would escape over the lands and the morning would be filled with the blood they spilled over their mixed pelts as they would return to their haven. She had studied their reactions and learned from only the best of her line that still survived, causing the young infant to experience more than the rest as she was destined to be one of them soon enough and rule once wedded to another. With that being said, for the longest of times before she turned the age of one, the pack became feeble with the name to what she would be considered as. There had been many, of both greatness and perhaps one could be called to a name of which meant noble. No. The girl was far from noble as her behavior took the reigns of her life and made her to what some could see, and that was a ticking time bomb. A bit of their Elders had seen the green fire within the infant's eyes the first time they opened, and were silent of the one's presence when the parents would carry her throughout the territories. She was predicted to be far worse than noble, or sympathetic to others when the beast would bubble inside her. The child was named Noctavia, the combination of 'Octavia', meaning time, and 'Natovia', a name more later used to describe a 'burned soul' to the Hebrew. This was to be the name of their future Alphess, the one that would lead them through dangerous battles between the good and evil as well as the individual to give them to command to kill whoever she sought to find a threat to them. But the Elders refused to say a word the Alphas, for they knew their minds would not be compelled to believe them enough, and they would be banished, or in more serious cases - death.

Time then moved on, and the pack was ordered to make them a home, for they have been living upon themselves in the lone wild for far too long, and needed a place to rest before the harsh times moved inwards. They had once at one time had a home for all of them, but a wildfire had wiped them out and now only thing that lay left is the little debris found slightly beneath the surface of dirt in the lonesome prairies. As the brutes worked their hands to build and the women stayed to the side to care for their young, Noctavia stood at the top of a single hill under a tree at the age of a young adolescent. She would watch for hours and rarely days as the progression of their future home be built before her, observing their ways as well as the shapes of the moons each passing night before the full moon of that month would hit and she would have to take shelter. Autumn was beheaded soon to her knowing and before she knew it, her shift would begin. The to-be wereling would sit on a swing her father had strapped to the tree with the help of some rope and a single board. It was cheaply made, but strong enough for the small girl to hold as she would sit there in the pure silence. She daydreamed of what it would be like - the ticking of time clicking back and forth in her head as she knew that soon she would be able to feel that pain, that power flow through her to bring her into the body of an animal; a beast of the night

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