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Post by Warrior Silas on Sun 1 Mar - 12:43

Beads of clear liquid trickled and scattered the see-through panels alining the train's walls, the flashing lights signalizing a new stop in each few minutes or so as it would through the several windows. At each stop, pedestrians would pool in and out, filling it and emptying it every so often, though it seemed that only one remained the interest to stay and watch as all these people flood in and out of the many train cars. The stench was inevitably horrid with one whiff, however, his demeanor was still and unflinching, his gaze being that of two colors, made it even more impossible, for they did not change despite the surroundings. Passing strangers would mistake him for a mutant if they were to see his own two hues, but thankfully, his beanie and extra strands of hair, as well as his chin pointing downwards, kept those around him oblivious to the man's interesting trait. His hands met together slowly, grasping each one's fingers and pulling them to crack the ligaments bunching within, as well as his knuckles, and ridding the soreness found in his wrists. Still, no emotion came to him, but women and men around him seemed almost disgusted by the sounds made through his hands. The mutant ignored him in replacement for another set of new scents wafting in through the doors as they then opened at the next station. For once, the man looked up from the floor and squinted his bi-colored hues slightly in question. Without hesitating further, and not looking at the map to see where he had stopped, he got up and swiftly moved out the entrance before the two doors could close together. The smell of rust and dried spray paint had indifferently come to mind as he sniffed the air, casually at best, so that he would not be detected wrongly of. Werelings were forced to keep their heads low due to their discovery in the States, whether or not the controversy had died, it was not up to him to openly show his power, no matter the appeal it would take on the others around him, mortal or immortal. He isolated himself further from the crowd and darted out of the London Underground as best he could without being noticed, or stopped so that he would have to pay for his train pass. To hell with them, he would say if he wasn't too focused on the area at hand. He was sure that he had made the right stop, but if he hadn't, he'd only run to it. ...We're here... The wolf enthused, causing him to once smile before it slowly evaporated with his thoughts of hunger.

The alpha's son was in no shape to begin terrorizing the city, but he was honest about one thing - he could have fun without being noticed, that much was what he knew from facts and experiences in the past. High school was just beginning to be a drab on his life, and homework, well, he never did it, but it was always another thing to have for an excuse to get out to things at home. Silas recklessly let himself go for the past few months during the winter, no longer was his first mating season that much of a big deal to handle, but it was more so the mates in general whom which he worried slightly for - especially his own parents. He shook his head, having known it would come soon if his father wasn't going to be around and his mother would remain aloft and short of loneliness, but that was not his fault. They knew what they were getting each other into, and he sided with his mother highly because of it. Now that it was coming to a final close, Silas had become more relentless and rebellious as of late, and respectfully took it with pride, as most werelings would, he thought. When he finally got up the cement stairs of the underground, he first saw that it was pitch black outside, though from what he recalled, it was sunset when he got on the tube. Looking to his watch, he cursed under his breath, which was then followed by a knowing smirk - werelings were more powerful at night, the only disadvantage was the hunger which would follow soon towards midnight. Keeping his head low, he slightly eyed the perimeter and scurried over to the closest darkest area he could find before shifting into a large mass of ashen fur and two beautifully amber and aqua eyes. When he was sure that the ghost was clear, he dashed through the alleyways until he was at the edge of the dark city. He was at the end of the line for the subway station, which was where all the abandoned carts and trains were left to rot and be used for art, or possibly homes if he were correct. The lot was empty, but the stars were there to accompany him. Sniffing the ground, he shook out his fur and eyed inside the many carts to see if anyone where around. Nothing - nothing but the stars which hung so gracefully in the sky could stop him from whatever he wanted. But what did he want, actually? As he rolled his wolven shoulders forwards and closed his eyes, his form shifted back to its human skin and casual attire.

Silas ran his fingers through his hair and took a seat on the edge of a train cart's entrance, swinging his legs in front of him to keep him occupied. Pulling out his phone, he looked at it for a short moment in deciding as to what he should do now. And then something happened, his wolf became uneasy and rattled a new idea. ...Rayne... The wolf whispered. he remembered he had one friend, who attended his school, that he enjoyed. Biting his bottom lip, he sent her a text wondering if she were busy and wanted to meet him for a chat. As he put his phone back, he looked up at the skies and puffed out his chest a little bit. Eyes of a burning amber and the other a soft aquamarine, the werewolf let out a large howl through his human mouth, his teeth sharpening in the little moonlight as the primal desire to be one with the wolves ran cold through his bloodstream. When the howl was through, he slowly lowered and closed his mouth, looking over the rips in his jeans as a way of keeping himself busy before she would respond back to him.

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Post by Warrior Rayne on Tue 14 Apr - 22:18

Much like pendulums, the slender legs curved and swayed around the beast as it moved on gracefully throughout the terrain. His sides had been heaving earlier when she’d urged him into a gallop that left them both a bit breathless. Rayne’s hands were buried in Roman’s mane as he snorted and pranced along the open, grassy space. Her arms ached from holding on so tightly; she’d never let him fully loose until at least a half an hour ago. It turns out that Roman charged like a warrior into an angry, heated battle. The golden ribbons of her hair whipped behind her in the thrill of strides, but now it was a ratty mess down her back. She was amazed at how she managed to balance upon such a beast’s back and at such a speed, her body trembling in the shock from their run. As Roman pranced on eagerly, Rayne reached out and patted his sweaty neck. “Eeaasyy. Good boy,” she said. Beneath her, she felt a heavy sigh of relief followed by a happy swivel of his ears back and forth. The bare heel of her foot urged him in the direction of the lake until he allowed himself to be guided. A few steps more and there were soft splashes as hoof met water. Once he was knee-deep, she stopped him to let him paw and smell his aquatic surroundings. Rayne quietly laid back and rested her head on his beefy rear and stared up at the sky. The stars glistened above her and reflected across the pale, mint green of her eyes. Sparks of blue and white dappled her irises and made her pupils ever the more bottomless. Rayne felt Roman begin to drift from the lake and find some grass to graze on as she rested. Her heart thudded softly in her chest as she relaxed without a reason to think in the world. Still her mind swayed in and out of thought as Rayne imagined worlds beyond worlds along with worlds in between. She merely glimpsed an ounce of thought of the connection between her and the world. The soft blows of her horse proceeded into gentle nickers as his head moved around to look at her. The warrior smiled and glided her fingers down the equine’s nose, letting him give a quick lick to her fingers before her returned to his eating.

The loud ding of her phone in her pocket caused Roman to tense and nearly dart himself from under her, but Rayne stopped him with a grab of his mane. She most definitely did not feel like falling at that moment. Once the horse was calm, Rayne pulled out her phone and raised a brow quizzically as she checked over her texts. She knew who it was; she only had one friend anyways. The smallest of smiles brought itself to Rayne’s lips as she urged Roman into a soft trot in the direction of home. Her body bounced along with his movement until they reached home and her horse stopped. Rayne leaned and slipped herself from his silky body until her feet touched the ground. She sent a quick text to ask the exact location and waited to receive and answer as she led Roman into his stall for the night. Rayne heard that familiar sound and smiled to herself when she saw the choice of location. She’d never been there, but it sounded interesting enough. The woman tossed her horse his hay and gave him a soft pat for the night until she turned and left the building altogether. Well, the place he explained would be quite an adventure to find. She began with shifting into her lupine form and running from the rural landscapes. Rayne bounded across the ground as her muscles tightened and released, sending her forwards and towards the city. She skidded to a halt just when the suburbs became skyscrapers and shifted to her human form in an abandoned alley. A moment later and she was running again, her two legs carrying her considerably far. Rayne only made a couple stops; one to grab a map and one to pee. She looked at the map whilst in the bathroom and tried to target exactly where her friend was located. She found a stop that wasn’t really charted along with a railroad that wasn’t either, figuring that was exactly where he was. When she were to think about it, it was a place that totally sounded like Silas to her. It was late, but the subway never seemed to stop moving even as she shoved through the mid-city chaos boarded it at such a time. The people were few and far between, making her more than happy to sit down for a while. Rayne was unsure of the train Silas took, but she knew for a fact that this subway zoomed directly past the designated spot for her leaving. The woman sat at the stop in waiting, watching the darkness consume everything except for the short instances of light as stops were passed. Everything became visibly older as her spot was neared. It seemed very eerie and deathly calm, which only amped up her excitement once more. A glance around and she realized that no one else remained in her car, so she approached the doors and shoved them open with her wereling ease. She could smell the grime and decay of the place as the air whipped past her while she jumped to the platform.

She landed quietly and looked around to gain her bearings. The place was definitely ominous, definitely old, and definitely Silas.  The rot and death just spoke abandonment, overpowering her senses once or twice so she had to regroup and try to smell anything near Silas’ scent again. It was amazing he even had the signal to text her all the way back here, but once quick peek at her phone showed that she had bars too. She found an old stairway and quickly jogged up the steps until she arrived at the top. To, this world seemed like a graveyard of what once was. Hell, she even expected a body or two that tragedy had taken with it after destroying this part of the world. Her hand rested on a hunk of metal while she tried to figure out exactly what it had been. Maybe a door, perhaps. She really didn’t know. It was a work of art despite the art within it. She could’ve seen herself practically living here had she even had the slightest clue it was here at all. It was lovely and tragic and broken all at once. The moonlight only enhanced all these facts as she began to smell him out. Rayne could happily admit that she was glad he hadn’t lead her to an occupied coffee shop or something in the middle of the city for two very reasonable reasons. 1. She absolutely hated the hustle and bustle of the city humans and 2. A coffee shop was just a really tacky place for them to meet. Rayne finally caught his scent in a change of wind direction, so she followed it until she found the man himself. Rayne entered the train car and stopped just in front of him, her rumpled outfit and messy hair not bothering her a bit as she stared down at him. Taking her phone out of her pocket, she wiggled it in the air and smiled recklessly. “You texted?”
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