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The Lost Ones V2 was created and coded by Alphess Noctavia, along with the help of Co-Owner, Alphess Teimhnin. All coding, images and original art is copyrighted to this side and its members, and is not permitted to be used outside of Lost. A big thanks goes out to Elite Axel, whom helped and allowed some of his work to be shared amongst this site. This site and us would not be here without them. Thanks guys.

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Post by Lost Admin on Fri 7 Feb - 19:19

  • 1. Everyone is to respect one another in the ChatBox also known as the 'cbox' for short. It doesn't matter what rank your character upholds, it goes the same for all. All members are to treat the Admins with greater respect as they are the ones that run this place and are the wise members of guidance when it comes to appearing guests. This site would not be running actively without them, so please, pay your respects and be on your neatest behavior around them. They will not be put up with ill immaturity and ignorant snide jokes. It's either listen clearly and be responsibly for your actions, or get out before someone gets hurt.

  • 2. We hold zero tolerance for bullying around here. If this is seen and reported to one of the Admins/Alphas, there will be a private, informative conversation over PM. It is one thing to say that your characters are actually IC, meaning in character where they are acting out according to their RPGing personalities, but if this is flat out getting to a climaxing point, things will be put to a halt.

  • 3. Yes, this is a Mature site, but in a more appropriate sense, we give notice to all joiners that it is not allowed to come any where near the Chat-Box. In the beginning we allowed it at times to when it would occur, but things began to get out of hand and disturb the public viewers, we had it removed entirely to ensure that we do not scare any guests who peep into read the archives. We want a safe environment here, not one where we have guests getting into another business, nor the owners whom played around to be judged and questioned so quickly to their actions. Please, keep it in the threads, that's all that's ever asked.

    *This rule has been thought over, and now that Lost has been labeled as officially contained of all mature members. The admins had decided to let the rule of having maturer content in ChatBox, but is to not be taken advantage of. If this rule is being used over than was it was initially given back as, it will be band once more.*

  • 4. In Chat we allow all forms of cursing and things to be spoken of. If however it gets to a deeper, more personal note or even disturbing point, we ask that you stop once someone has taken the pride in saying they are uncomfortable about it. But yes, cursing is allowed. Though, we also ask that the topics that DO get talked about that may be for a certain maturity, that everyone keep it at that only. Sure it could be funny having a dirty mind sometimes, but hey, sometimes it gets old, ya know?

  • 5. Last but not least, advertising. This is a strong rule we enforce against others in Chat. No advertising is allowed, as we have a thread personally for all other sites to be advertised and that only. We suggest you keep it private between the person you try to persuade, and we do not want it to be taken advantage of. If this is seen, the person will be banned from the site or their account will be reported.
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