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Post by Apprentice Nordic on Wed 23 Apr - 23:28

left]- Name: Nordic James Inlusio

- Gender: Male

- Age: 16

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Pack Position: Apprentice

- Appearance: Nordic's appearance seems to be nothing close to the mother and father who had claimed him. Nordic's skin tone holds a tan, olive color, giving him the appearance of an Italian teenager, and has very decent muscle tone through out his entire body. His lifted sandy hair, and flashing hazel eyes give him a very attractive, and stylish look. Nordic almost never has facial hair due to the fact that he tends to keep a clean shaven face. Also, his dental work is perfect. With his frost white teeth, which are placed perfectly. Even though he has all these godly features, he could care less about any of them, Nordic has begun to not care what people think of his appearance, or personality. Nordic's height measures at a bit over six feet, and his weight is at exactly 190 pounds, with 7% body fat. Nordic doesn't posses any tattoos, mostly because his so called family, didn't allow it. His human appearance may be impressive, and that seems to reflect a lot on his wolf's decent appearance. Nordic in his wolf form stands tall at nine and half feet, although it is tall, he is a bit slim compared to other male werelings. This allows Nordic to move a bit faster, running, and hunting wise, but his attack is weaker then most. Although his attack is weaker, that doesn't mean his weapons of the hunt are weak. Nordic's "nails," are more than anything dagger like claws, which tear through most materials with ease. His teeth are like steak knives, ready to cut, and destroy his prey. His hide could be considered somewhat unique, almost completely black, besides three white stripes that protrude down his back. Nordic's eye color also slightly changes, to an orange-yellow color.

- Face Claim: Mark Wahlberg

- Human Photo:

Apprentice Nordic Which-celebs-have-a-third-nipple-320951201-jun-4-2013-1-600x500

- Wolf Photo:

Apprentice Nordic Mcs4

- History: How many people can say they can't remember much of their past? Not very many, and Nordic could be one of these cases, but before the incident had occurred, Nordic lived a decent life. He was raised by his bitten mother, Sheila, and his pure blooded father, James, who had ran from his pack, Wartooth, to start his own family. The pack he was part of was very brutal, and he didn't want to raise his triplet sons, Kota, Mars, and Nordic, in such an environment. Nordic was the second child out of the three, and it didn't really matter because all three were treated the same way during their daily routines. Nordic's father would wake the children up every morning and take them to the only elementary school in the little town located in Colorado. Then the boys would arrive home and begin to endure insane training, mostly MMA techniques, and destructive workouts. Of course the children were about five to six years of age, so the training was nothing compared to an adult's. As they grew up the training became harder and harder, at this time the boys understood what they were, werelings. Their father would give them certain lectures about their anatomy, capabilities, and why they were training. He had said that they were being hunted by his old pack, the pack he was part of would've treated his children more like tools, or weapons, not werelings. For years they trained and prepared for Wartooth's arrival. James had broken Wartooth's law, the punishment was death.

Three more years had passed, the boys had seemed to almost master their hand to hand combat skills. They still went to school, but they were always bigger then the other students, so no one really messed with them. They didn't have friends, just each other. Summer break had come once again, three thirteen year old boys ready for endless months of training. Neither of them were capable of turning yet, but hearing their father howl outside filled their stomach's with butterflies. All of them were super ready for the first change, but that was most likely not to come for another couple of years. During this summer Nordic's family was attacked by a Wartooth scout, Nordic's mother was killed and so was the intruder furiously. This event changed James's mind set. The family was going to begin going on the offensive side of this personal vendetta. James knew where the pack's location was, but the Wartooth's knew where they were as well. The family moved quickly, burning down the small house carefully, starting a small wild fire in the backwoods where the Wartooth could be stalking. Then they ran with the small packs on their back to the wooded area which led towards railroad tracks. They waited for an hour or so waiting for the usual train to drive by, each one of the boys kept watch from all directions, while their father began thinking of procedure of attack.. As the train drove by, their father opened a cattle car carefully and hopped in, followed by Nordic and his two brothers. The train went non-stop for the night, leaving the family in another small town in Wyoming. They were all well rested, and ready. Not as ready as they needed to be though.

Once the train had stopped, the young men jumped out quickly and silently, running towards the large wheat field where they could hide from the railroad guards. Their father whipped out a flashlight and shined it on a map of the tiny town that they were located in. He circled a small portion of the map and explained the plan. The minute he finished, the family was ambushed. Four Wartooth members shot through the tall wheat plants, already in their wolf form, surrounding them. Nordic's father had changed the second he heard them, Nordic and his brothers were not capable of fighting the beasts as human form so they put up their guard and watched each others back. The first two pounced at the same time, one was intercepted by Nordic's father, the other tried to pounce on Nordic. One of Nordic's brother had grabbed the back collar of his shirt and swung him to the open side, away from the attacker. Thus the brotherly formation moved sideways as Nordic had landed on his feet. The three turned to look at the battle, unable to help. As James was being pounced on by three wolves, Kota had grown angry. He was beginning to shift for his first time. Kota screamed with excitement, as he might have been one of the youngest to turn. The fourth wolf which was still focused on the boys pounced once more. This time it was at the changing Kota, before Nordic could see the attack make contact, Nordic's father had been thrown at the flashlight on the ground. A loud crunching noise was heard and the light went out. It was black, all that could be heard was the struggle of the battle. Then BAM!!! Nordic was hit straight in the back of the head by something, and he dropped like a board. The noises faded away, and he became unconscious.

Nordic awoke in an old warehouse looking building in a type of a rusty, jail cell. He looked to his left, where his brother Mars was being kept in a similar cage. He then looked to his right where his father was seated in an old steel chair, chained up carefully, if he were to change his shoulder blades would be ripped out furiously. So he sat there, his swollen bloody face was staring in the direction of a fire, which reeked of burning flesh. Nordic realized that he was tied up as well as his brother, he looked around once more in search of Kota, but he was not to be seen. Nordic assumed that the fire was his fallen brother's body parts, and organs. Nordic began to scream with anger as a well dressed man had entered the warehouse. The man chuckled and walked to the cage and opened it. The mystery man clutched Nordic's short hair and swung him out of the cage, dragging him towards his tied up father. Nordic was thrown down in front of his beaten father. Nordic stared into his dad's swollen eyes, then he twisted his head to his unconscious brother tied up in the cage. Nordic began to rebel, twisting and flexing trying to break free, which resulted in the chains digging into his skin, blood dripped brutally. Then the mystery man walked over with a large needle, he gave Nordic's father a sinister grin and jammed the needle into the back of Nordic's head.

Nordic awoke once more, but this time, he didn't remember anything. Nordic knew his name, and basic knowledge of American history, Math, Science etc. But his entire family had been wiped from his brain. But instead of awaking in the same warehouse he was in a comfortable bed, covered in clean bandages, surrounded by baby blue walls, with video game posters all over it. A middle aged woman was looking down at him from the bed side. She was pale and had blonde hair, blue eyes. She claimed to be Nordic's mother, and he had believed her, she told him stories of his fake childhood, and showed him some home videos from when he was supposedly a baby. Well the single mother had raised him until he was fifteen, then she died in a car crash. There weren't any papers for Nordic's existence, so they sent him to child services. Before Nordic could be adopted, or sent to a foster home, he had ran away. He was located in Saint Louis, he was capable of blending in perfectly, but his life felt so wrong. He was never caught by the police, nor child services. They simply couldn't find him, but at the same time they didn't care, for he didn't exist in their paperwork or systems. Nordic was confronted by delirious homeless, and even some wannabe thugs, but that didn't matter, Nordic would react almost off of instinct, breaking bones, even murdering with his bare hands. By the time Nordic had become pretty close to the age of sixteen, he had become street smart, becoming much of a trouble maker. Graffiti was one of his passions, but what made him money was boosting cars, and robbing convenient stores and gas stations. Nordic always seems to outrun the police. Nordic as smart as he was could realize when a force such as the police, is getting close to him. It came to a point where the FBI, and other major agencies were getting involved, and Nordic fled. He drove a stolen Sedan to the Saint Louis airport, where he had sneaked into a jet easily by acting like he was part of a family that he stuck closely to. The flight was heading to a city in France, where Nordic had arrived safely. He had found a nice cozy car, and had hot wired it, also removing the license plate. Nordic had a good experience with driving in America, but Europe was all backwards. Nordic had eventually gotten in a ferocious crash, and had ran quickly into the wooded area by the road before authorities showed up. While he was in the peculiar forest he had found an odd animal. There was a spotted leopard roaming around curiously, but this animal was close to eight feet tall, and very large. Before Nordic could turn and run the other way before noticed, a man had dropped in front of him. He talked to Nordic with a friendly tone.

"Why are you here Mutt!? The man said. Nordic put his finger to his mouth giving him a shushing noise.
"Get outta here before the pride makes you a new toy wolf! Your just a kid, I'm being sincere, get outta here!!" Said the man again. Nordic was confused, and other men and women were beginning to emerge on top of trees and from thick brush. Past the trees was a medium sized mansion like building, where people were staring towards Nordic's direction.
"Jesus, who the fuck are you guys..." Nordic responded with a worried tone. A woman behind him snickered. The man replied once more.
"AH! I see child, you are pack-less... Mmm, maybe to become one of the Caedesque? Hmph, maybe a Venantium. Either way, you don't belong here dog." At this point Nordic was very confused, and before any of them could say anything else, he ran back towards the road. He could hear laughs behind him, but no one seemed to follow. As he jogged through the rest of the woods, thoughts of the previous events were rushing through his head. He had no where to go, and the ideas of these "packs," intrigued him. So he decided to figure out what was going on. Nordic had finally arrived in the small town he was heading for in the first place, and walked into a 24 hr Cafe. There was a large, old, desktop on a table that no one was in the process of using. He looked up the two words he had heard earlier that day, and found their meanings in Latin. Venantium was the one that caught his eye the most. Something about his past made him want to go searching for this group mentioned by the werelings before. A couple of weeks of searching in the same woods he had before, he couldn't find the mansion like building. On that exact same night he had experienced his first turning. A couple days before his birthday had come up. Nordic turned sixteen on a new moon, he didn't change. As he searched, it grew dark, a waxing crescent moon had risen. Nordic felt a burning, itchy sensation as he felt himself turning. Nordic had screamed out with a scared emotion, he was confused with what was happening, but at the same time it felt natural. The second he arrived in his wolf state, he felt as if he was indestructible being, taller, bigger, and possessing enhanced senses. He felt as if he was in control, but at the same time he wasn't. His thoughts were going through his head, but his feet seemed to move on their own. He was heading towards a strong stench that was deeper in the forest. Nordic had began sprinting towards the smell, then he had arrived. The large mansion was filled with odor. A large male lion had busted through the front doors, most likely smelling the trespasser. The pride leader stood tall at ten feet, other werelings, some changed, others not, had surrounded the premises. Nordic was not in control of his actions, he attacked unwillingly. Nordic had murdered the pride leader after a good battle, and fled quickly while being followed by the other werelings. That's when he heard the normy's howls. Nordic sprinted towards the sound, becoming more control.

-Since finding Venantium-
Nordic has barely settled into his new home. Other then chores and exploring, he hasn't done much. Not a lot of things happened, which allowed Nordic to be his lazy, laid back self. He hadn't started going to the academy yet, nor has he learned anything new about what was going on during this stage of his life. He didn't know much about his wolf, nor what he should be doing to gain a better relationship with it. Other then that, he stayed out of trouble for a good amount of time, and he explored the packs territories looking to cause mischief, but never seemed to accomplish such a goal.
Apprentice Nordic
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