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Post by Bodhi on Thu 28 Aug - 23:06

- Name: Bodhi Starson

- Gender: Male

- Age: 84

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Requested Pack: Venantium

- Requested Rank: Warrior

- Appearance: Bodhi has been told he looks pretty disappointing for a wereling. Weighing 155 lbs, and owning a height of about 5'11, people see him and don't expect much. He's pretty slim, and not the tallest; however, his muscular features are very defined. Bodhi has the slightest of tans on his skin collected from the sun, and only but a few blemishes can be spotted along his skin. There are some small scars located here and there on his back and such, but the most noticeable scar being directly on his right calf. This scar consists of an obvious, large bite mark. This marking is pretty much the source of his monstrous wolf form, and the emotional being he is today. As of now, he remains to keep his skin clear from tattoos, but he may consider getting one in the future. He has mid sized brown hair, and almost zero facial hair. And the last thing that is most noticeable about Bodhi's appearance are his eyes. To humans it would just seem like he was diagnosed with Heterochromia iridum, basically meaning his eye's irises are two different colors. His right eye is an emerald green color, and his left an onyx color. He's pretty much used to everyone staring at him because of this trait, so now he just ignores the interested people. As a wolf, Bodhi still seems to be disappointing. His wolf is at a height of 8 feet(7 if possible), and is still obviously skinny. His short ears and light colored pelt give him this almost feminine vibe. To this day people still underestimate Bodhi, and he seems to always prove them wrong. His wolf's pelt consists of several grey flecks going across his back and down his muzzle. His underbelly is all white, and overall he blends in well while hunting in the fluffy snows of winter. His claws are dagger like, and his teeth can rip through some of the strongest objects as if it were as thin as paper. His emerald green eyes reflect most light, seeming as if they are glowing and peering strait into his prey's soul. Although as a wolf he is quite small and slim, he has been proven to be incredibly fast and swift. Most of his attacks do not have incredible power behind them, however he can release several attacks very quickly and deal the same amount of damage as a normal wereling while adding confusion, and this makes him quite unpredictable.

- Face Claim: Grant Gustin

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed by the Lost Admin.

- How Did You Find Us?: Ad on Lunari Addunt~

- History: Bodhi was born 84 years ago as a human child. His mother and father were both human, however, Bodhi's father left after the boy was born. That event lead to a hard life for him and his mother. He spent his childhood in the slums of Brazil with his mother, and didn't get a very good education. Although he isn't actually Hispanic, his parents had moved from America to there with a plan to help the people, that obviously didn't go as planned. The schools there were poor, and not many children actually cared about getting their education. Thus, Bodhi spent his time skipping school and hanging out with his friends. Usually jumping across the rooftops and causing trouble amongst his home landscape. Though, by the time he was ten he had started attending school, he still remained to have zero interest in the subject. Around this time his mother had allowed a new male to enter her life. His name was Julio, and little did Bodhi or his mother know this man was a pure blooded werewolf reigning from a pack who held great power in Brazil during these times. One night, Julio was over for dinner when  a large amount of noises consisting of growling, grunting, and claws slapping against the gravel began to emerge from outside the tin-sheet house. Julio got nervous immediately, and told Bodhi and his mother to hide quickly. Bodhi's mother being who she was began questioning what was happening when a loud scream could be heard outside, which was drowned out by loud growls and barking. Bodhi was pushed into the back room of the small house by his mother just when the door was broken down. A large Latino male stood in the doorway, smiling at Julio."You really think you could outrun us, Julio? You'd rather be in love with some weak human then with a female belonging to the same species? You disgust me-" The man was interrupted as Julio lunged towards him. Just before Julio touched him, the two shifted into their wolf forms and went at it. Bodhi peeked his head around the corner to watch as his mother had tried to scurry her way towards him, but to end up failing. The fight was now outside, and howls, barks and growls were very much audible. But there was one wolf hunting inside the small house. This wolf's back was pressed up against the ceiling, and didn't have much room to move, but it still managed to grab hold of Bodhi's mother. He wanted to look away, but he was petrified as the said wolf ripped his mom to shreds and feasted on her. The commotion outside seemed to have ceased, and the wolf had finished its meal and began staring directly into Bodhi's eyes. The boy remained wide eyed, and petrified. Tears were forming in the corners of his eyes, and it felt as if his heart was in his throat. He held his breathe and tried to turn back around and crawl towards the back wall. As he crawled the breath of the wolf could be felt on the back of his neck. Then, the sudden rush of pain in his right calf had hit him. He screamed as the wolf's fangs sunk into his skin, his muscles were tearing, and there was nothing he could do. The wolf then began to drag him from his leg towards the exit of the house. It seemed like hours when truly it was only seconds as the boy was dragged through his own mother's blood.

 As he was dragged out of the house, he had closed his eyes and awaited his death. When he felt the warm breeze of Brazil, howls could be heard all around him. Then he felt himself get nudged over on his back, he opened his eyes to see the wolf who had been fighting Julio, covered in blood. This wolf licked the blood of Bodhi's mother's off the boys cheek, and was just about to sink its teeth into his neck. Just as the wolf opened its muzzle to reveal these horrifying teeth, gun shots popped off in the distance, and the wolf dropped dead, right on top of Bodhi. From what Bodhi could tell, the rest of the wolves scattered, and several footsteps could be heard around him. The men were speaking English, and Bodhi couldn't understand them. The adrenaline had worn off, and the pain in his leg added with the emotional toll of losing his mother practically caused him to pass out. He awoke to a blinding light. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. He was in a small room, white brick walls, and a bright light on the ceiling. He was laying on a bed, and there was a table on the other side of the room. Bodhi sat up in his bed, and reached for his calf. It was bandaged, and the pain was practically gone. He was dressed in all white clothing, and it would seem he was bathed. He felt a little woozy, as he stood out of bed,and wobbled over to the table to see a tray of food consisting of a ham sandwich, mashed potatoes, and a glass of water. Next to the glass of water were two identical pills. He sat down and began shoving his face full of food. He was starving, and thirsty, thus he feasted and drank his water.He left the medication on the tray as he wobbled back over to his bed and collapsed in in it. He layed there for a minute, then a voice came from the ceiling,and again it was English, the boy could not understand. The voice then changed to a much softer and feminine. Basically the voice coming from the ceiling explained what the situation was to the boy. He was told he was in a hospital in America, and they were going to help him find a new family. This was not the truth. These people were pretty much the beginning of the CIA. The attack on Pearl Harbor had only happened weeks ago, thus the USA had just entered WWII. The Nazis were conducting several different experiments involving the mind and such to create people with phenomenal powers. The American government had known this, and in the beginning they decided they needed people to counterattack these experiments if Germany had ever succeeded. Some wereling packs were more secretive then others, more were a little bit more open about their existence such as the pack of which held great power in Brazil.

 So the US sent agents to track the pack movements and to see if the rumors were true. There are so many stories of people changing shapes, and turning into animals, but the government remained in denial. Then, they witnessed the pack shifting into their forms, and they watched as Bodhi's family became prey. Then they interfered with the hunt and saved Bodhi, plus they gained an experiment out of the situation. If the stories of someone getting bit by a werewolf were true, then Bodhi would change to, and they would then have a new soldier. So long story short, these people had a woman claim to be his Aunt. He had accepted the building as his home, there he was taught by his supposed Aunt general educational skills, such as Math, English, etc. The room he had first awoken in had no longer been his room. They put him in an apartment like room, which was always under heavy surveillance. It took Bodhi months to get over his mother's death, but by the time he was 11 he was over it. He had yet to change into a wolf after his bite, but he had continuous dreams of his wolf, and sometimes during the day he would speak to his wolf. The agents watching over him began thinking he had schizophrenia, that lead to even more regular visits with a psychologist. He hadn't really understood what was happening, but this wolf had become his only friend in the CIA complex. He had lived there without changing for another year, but when he turned 12(Tell me if its to early or late), he had his first shifting. There was a wrenching in his gut while he slept. He ran over to the bathroom out of instinct while screaming, bones popping and he could feel his skin grow in heat. He closed his eyes shut, and opened them again to be in his wolf form. Bodhi felt as if he had no control over his body. He would try and move, but end up staying still. Wait for it, Bodhi. echoed the voice in his head. Bodhi had heard the voice before, and he had grown to trust his only friend, so he did as the wolf commanded and waited. Moments later, four men rushed in armed with shock conducting weapons and pistols. Without control, he lunged out towards them. He was quick, he could feel his back brush up against the top of the door frame as he passed through the door way in less then a second. Maybe five or six seconds passed, and the men were on the ground bleeding. He could taste their blood in his mouth, and he honestly hated it. Bodhi immediately felt bad for hurting a human, he began screaming inside his own head and pretty much blacked out, to awake in the blood of the humans he had just massacred. It had probably only been about a minute or so, the blood was still warm, and one man was still breathing. Moments passed and it seemed like an entire army rushed in and practically arrested him. Once again, the boy blacked out, and awoken in the same room he was first put into when he had first arrived in the complex. White walls, white lights, white everything. He looked over at the stainless steal table to see it empty, there wasn't any food or water. He looked up to the ceiling and began yelling with his heavy Spanish accent,"Auntie! Why am I here!? What's going on!?" He yelled with a worried tone. A man's voice responded, he had never heard it before, and it intrigued him."Your Aunt is not here right now Bodhi. Its just me, you can call me Mr. Gryffon. I will be your new teacher for now on." ~ "Why!? Where's my Aunt. What's going on.!" Called out Bodhi again, but only silence replied. He sat down on his bed and awaited for a reply. About ten minutes passed, and the white door opened. A man wearing a suit entered and walked over to Bodhi. "Alright, lets go." Said the man as he gestured for Bodhi to get out of the room. Bodhi stood up and walked out of the room to enter a hallway. The man came up behind him, and pushed the boy towards the left. Bodhi followed the direction he was being pushed, and eventually ended up out front of a room with CAUTION tape closing off the door. The man nudged Bodhi towards the door, and Bodhi turned the handle and opened it to reveal his apartment like living space. Blood stained the wallpaper and carpet, there were tape outlines of four bodies on the floor. "Did you enjoy it?" Asked the man. Bodhi only stared at the scene and eventually shook his head. The man laughed, and rested his hand on Bodhi's shoulder. "Well, I'll help make sure it doesn't happen again." Replied the man as he pushed Bodhi to his left to follow the hallway. The boy was relocated to another identical apartment like room, but instead of just one bedroom, there was two. The man entered the second room, and explained what was happening. It was to dangerous for Bodhi to see his supposed Aunt, and Bodhi was to dangerous to be left alone, so Mr. Gryffon had to move in and watch over him. In this room, Bodhi was directed to a mirror. When he looked into it, his two usual onyx colored eyes were different, well at least one of them were. His right eye was emerald green, the obvious color of his wolf's. The boy was startled, it was almost as if he didn't fully recover from his transformation.(Let me know if this possible or not please.) This was his living situation for a couple of years. Instead of being educated through school subjects, he began getting educated with different languages, combat skills, and control of the wolf inside him, and basic covert op skills. During the full moon nights he was isolated in a brick room, there was when he really got to know his wolf. As they had conversations in Bodhi's head, the wolf had convinced Bodhi that he was being used. This was not his real family, and this was not a normal way of living as a wereling. Though, Bodhi still remained to stay with the CIA to get even more training for another year, he had collected enough information about the layout of the building to conduct an efficient plan. On his sixteenth birthday, in the middle of the day, he was going to break out. Yes, it may have been odd to break out in the middle of the day, but during the night security is so much more tight, it would be practically impossible to get away, however, during the day he is expected to be with his mentor, Gryffon, 24/7. But that was not the case. Usually after training, Bodhi gets break time where he can either go into the weight room and work out, or relax somewhere in the cafeteria like area. So during break time, he had found the ventilation system of which would lead to his break out. Days earlier he had stolen the building map from one of the clueless guards not paying attention. On this map there was the ventilation layout, along with the main exits and entrances.

 Bodhi found the vent in the weight room. He pulled a bench up under the vent so he could get enough height to pull the vent cover off. He peeled it off the ceiling, making quite the racket. He immediately climbed up into the system and sealed the hole he just entered through. He then removed the map from his pocket, and reviewed it as he found himself crawling through the maze of stainless steal. There were moments where he had to stop because of the men below him, and this slowed him down greatly. However, he still managed to get to the area he wanted to, but it was to late. Just as he hopped out of the vents, he began running towards the small emergency exit door located on the side of the building. Just as he pushed the button, the alarm was sounded. Gryffon had to have figured out Bodhi was gone. He had no time to waste, Bodhi blasted through the door. He was immediately met by a very cold breeze. He ended up running straight into mid-shin deep snow. He was wearing standard shorts and t-shirt, plus he was barefoot. He had no choice but to shift into his wolf so he wasn't immobilized by the snow and coldness. There was a snow storm blazing, this was good for Bodhi, and just as he finished shifting into his wolf, he began bolting into the snow. He could tell his wolf was beginning to enjoy the freedom as well was he himself. The snow storm allowed him to hide in easily. He found himself at a barbed wire fence. Once there, he simply chewed his way through and continued moving. He ran for hours, and the snow was finally starting to clear up. He found himself at the edge of a forest, he then slowed to a jog and ventured in. Is was becoming night fall, and he found a little town just connected to the woods he was located in. Due to his training, he remained hidden and awaited to see if anything suspicious would arrive in the town. After about thirty minutes, it seemed no suited men, or black SUVs arrived. Bodhi shifted back to human, and walked over to a nearby hiker outpost type structure. The elderly woman there freaked out at his presence. She was afraid he was going to catch a cold. She got him some hot coffee, which he never had before, and some weather appropriate clothes. She asked questions about him, and he answered with logical answers. While he was there he found a map of the area. He was in Alaska, and due to his training he had to practically memorize most of Earth's continents, like countries, and state's locations. He had only read of the US, and he felt as if he could go free and explore whatever and wherever he wanted. Thus, he traveled remotely through Canada, and into the USA. He had remained pretty invisible to the CIA and the government, hi training helped a lot. For food, he hunted in the night as his wolf self, and during the day he traveled as a boy. Once he arrived in the USA, he had traveled all around, but ended up in Chicago. In the cities he would usually get food through thievery. He was very hard to catch, and every time the government got close to him, he was already in a different state. However, once he was in Chicago, his senses had caught scent of another wereling. How did he know this? Who knows, the smell was just not normal, and he had an instinctive feeling tugging at his gut. So he pursued the smell, and found himself in the alley way staring at a little girl crouching down next to a garbage can. She looked up at him, as she wiped a tear away from her eye. Bodhi asked her what was wrong, but she did not answer, He asked again, and she didn't answer. His inner wolf told him to leave, and he listened. As he left, the girl followed, and was stuck to his side like glue.

 As night fell, the girl was still with him. He gave her the food he had saved for himself, and once he found an abandoned house that was suitable for him to stay in, he set up his sleeping bag and such just to let the girl take it from him. The building was dirty, there were plastic cups and cans all over the floor, and there was a lot of vandalism. He wasn't mad when she took the sleeping bag, instead he was happy. He lied down on the floor next to her and slept. He woke up to see the little girl staring at him. The sleeping bag was folded up, and packed in his bag, she held out a bag of chips still unopened and offered them to him. He accepted and ate. This girl then stuck to his side for awhile as he traveled. After about another year together, he was almost seventeen, and she was still unknown age, cause she still had yet to talk. He had gotten used to protecting her. They got through some tough times, and Bodhi had almost become a brother like figure to her. By this time, they were located in Texas. Bodhi was on his way back home to Brazil, but on the night just before he would get to Mexico, a loud diesel truck pulled up to the old house they were held up in. He peeked through the window, several men hopped out the bed of the truck, and everyone else exited as well. He smelled their presence hours before, but he knew he needed to rest. The two were on the brink of passing out due to exhaustion. The girl hid behind Bodhi as a SUV pulled up and also unloaded armed men. They were armored to the core, besides Gryffon, who exited the back of the SUV. The agent looked at the house with a disgusted face. The man then waved the armed men in. As they stormed the house, Bodhi did what he could to fend them off, but they had numbers. Plus, it was a new moon phase, he couldn't shift to protect himself or the girl. This lead to the girls death, and the capturing of Bodhi. When he was loaded into the truck, his senses were immediately shut down. A black,fabric bag was thrown over his head. The fabric was obviously drenched in a sort of liquid that gave off a very strong, pungent odor. He could barely breath, nor could he see. His hearing was drowned out by the roar of the truck. He pretty much gave up on escaping, he was chained up tight, and could barely move. Just when all hope was lost, a loud crunching and snapping of metal could heard. He went flying to the left of the vehicle. He slammed into a man, and his ears began to ring. He scrambled around, he couldn't hear, smell, nor see. It felt as if a year went by, when it was truly minutes. Once his hearing began to recover, he could hear the muffled popping of gunshots and yelling. The sudden pain shot through the side of his head and his mid-back. Moments passed, the noises ceased, and the next thing he knew, he was being dragged across the pavement and loaded into a different vehicle. Bodhi could feel his own blood drip down his back. It was warm, and this lead to his unconsciousness.

 Bodhi then awoke a couple of days later. He was laying down in a small bed, strapped down. The scent of the ocean filled his nose, along with what seemed to be a type of wereling. As he awoke,he began to move in the bed, and struggled to free himself from the straps. They eventually snapped due to Bodhi's efforts, even though he was exhausted and starved, and he sat up to unstrap his legs. Once he was completely free he took a better look around. It seemed as if he was located in a very large beach house. He could see people outside playing in the water and walking the beach. Seagulls chirped, and the waves slapped against the shore. A sudden voice came from the doorway to his left. He snapped around to see a large man. This man claimed to be an Alpha, and gave Bodhi two options. Leave these lands and never come back, or remain there and earn a position in the pack. The man claimed to be a werewolf like Bodhi, yet the man was disappointed in Bodhi. Bodhi's body shape, and the fact that he was captured had given the Alpha the underestimating thought. Bodhi had desired to stay with the pack after he spent a day with them. They were located in Florida on a remote beach. He ate and was treated well considering the fact he was a bitten. In the end he was tested on what position he would end up becoming. Again, once he shifted into his wolf, people were disappointed and began underestimating the male. In the end, the male had proven himself to be quite the asset. It would seem his scent of smelling was quite superior compared to the others, plus he was way faster then any of the others. In the end he had become a Warrior, but after a couple of years passed he had gained the trust of the others, and he grew within the rank's of the pack. He went from a Warrior, to a Guardian, to an Elite within that year, and had gained high respect from the other members. During his growth as a wereling his wolf had earned the name Spaz. Overall Bodhi's personality reflects into his wolf as a complete and total spas. He was clumsy, and seemed to mess up over the smallest tasks, yet when he was handed a large responsibility, it was done as quickly and perfect as possible. Most people learned not to give Bodhi something expensive and fragile, because it would usually last about a minute or so before shattering or breaking. Most of the time he remained happy there, but when he was offered Beta, one of the packs pure bloods became very upset. This lead to an uproar within the pack, and it was as if Bodhi had very little allies. After about a day or so of said uproar, the pure blood who started the entire thing had made a move. Bodhi was attacked in the middle of the night. In the end Bodhi had won and killed the wereling. He was then ganged up on by everybody, even the Alpha. The pack began tearing itself apart from the inside. Wolves began fighting over what was the right thing to do in the situation. The Alpha took action and banished Bodhi from the pack and its grounds. Thus, Bodhi left peacefully and had become the same nomad he was just years before. The CIA had seemed to have forgotten about him, he spent years traveling around, coming across many obstacles and overcoming them. He had gained great experience from his travels, but when he arrived in Europe everything changed. While he traveled through the continent he had caught the whiff of a werelings. It was definitely a pack of sorts. Thus he followed the scent, he was in need of family and a purpose again, though it seemed every time he was handed one it always ended up shattering with a bang. He felt the need to redeem himself, but at the same time he had the desire to rid of the werelings feeding on humans. Creatures like that are what led Bodhi to his pretty depressing life, and he feels as if he has to protect humans so they don't end up like him.

- Example Writing: "Humph. It seems your awake." Came the sudden voice to Bodhi's left. It startled him, he had no idea where his actual location was other then a beach house next to the ocean. He had began to prepare mentally for battle. Physically he was a mess. Hadn't eaten in days, and was still exhausted from the run in he had just had with the CIA which ended up ending the life of one of the only people he cared for. Bodhi then stared at the large man in the doorway with a blank expression. His arms were a bit irritated from rubbing against the fabric of which made up the straps that kept him in the small bed. "Hmmm, not much of a talker, eh? Any who, I'm Jay, the Alpha of the pack that has found and taken care of you. I'm gonna be honest, we didn't mean to save you. We wanted that girl that was with you, she was a Warrior's daughter, and she had fallen behind during our migration from Canada to here, in Florida." Jay opened his arms with a smile, "Now, I'm gonna give you a choice. You either stay here and become a pack member, or you leave the area and never return. You have til tonight. You can go downstairs and eat something, and talk to the other members if that's what you wish." The man then turned around and left the room after throwing his hand up to signal a goodbye of sorts. Bodhi sniffled, and looked around some more. He was still wearing the old scrubby clothes he had before, the room was completely empty besides the small bed directly in the middle. There was a large window facing the beach. There he could see other werelings swimming and playing around on the beach. Bodhi then searched the room if any of his belongings had been recovered. His efforts were worthless, despite the fact he found his practically destroyed running shoes under the bed. He slipped them on, and tied them then exited the room from the same doorway Jay had been in. Once he exited the empty room, he found himself staring at a large lobby like area. Artifacts were aligned along the wooden wall. There was a big chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. There was a large staircase made of marble that led down to the downstairs, and outside. Bodhi followed the stairs down slowly, he could feel his legs give in a bit as he went. Each step had become a struggle, but he ended up at the bottom of the stairs. Under the stairs was a large corridor aligned with doorways. Bodhi then explored down this corridor and looked right to left to find a doorway that would allow him to enter a dining room of sorts. There was a large wooden table with food stacked across it. Bodhi walked over slowly. He immediately dug in. He ate the raw meats without complaint. He feasted on the soft, and tasty meals for close to an hour. He hadn't even realized Jay was watching him. "Is it good?" asked the Alpha. Bodhi pretty much ignored him, and continued to feast. The silence lasted for about ten minutes before Bodhi heard the sudden large amount of footsteps coming his way. People were talking, and laughing among themselves, and ended up stopping dead in their tracks, staring at Bodhi. "Hey! Whatta you doin?!" Called out a teenage male who was still overwhelmingly large compared to Bodhi. Bodhi just stared at the large amount of people with a blank expression, while chewing the last bit of food that would stuff him up. "DUDE! That was like half our rations!" Yelled a voice from the back, which led to the entire group yelling at Bodhi. Bodhi's eyes got wide at the sudden outburst, and he could hear his wolf laughing inside his head, Hahaha! Look at these kids fuss about their food! The wolf's comment made Bodhi smirk, that just seemed to piss everyone off even more. "ENOUGH!" Yelled Jay who was still leaning against the wall near the doorway. The room became silent, "Now. This young man has had a rough time. I allowed his actions to occur. Now, if anyone has a problem please speak up now." The man spoke, and again it was silent for a moment, "So, those of you who would seemed to have lost their rations, you will be on the hunt tonight. If you can't kill anything, then you'll go hungry. Understood?" The werelings remained silent, they then walked into the dining room and began evening out their rations. Most brushed past Bodhi, others intentionally nudged him. He was given dirty looks as the teenagers passed, and when he looked to Jay, the Alpha simply waved his hand towards him to gesture Bodhi's approach.

 Bodhi walked over to Jay quickly. "So have you made your decision?" Bodhi stared into the man's eyes and nodded. "Yeah, I would like to join the pack. I have no where to go. Brazil is probably crawling with CIA anyways." Bodhi looked down, for a second, then back up to the Alpha. Jay nodded and then pointed at the male that had first called out towards Bodhi. "That boy is probably one of the strongest students we have. Considering the fact you're bitten, he could be an even match for you." As Jay said that he pointed from the male down to Bodhi's right calf to show he knew about the bite scar. Bodhi pursed his lips in thought, and then nodded. "When and where?" asked Bodhi. Jay smiled and walked towards the crowd of eating teenagers. The Alpha whistled, and the room was silent enough to hear a pen drop. "Spar, in the forest, tonight. We will begin in the west side, and see where it goes from there. Walker, you and new blood will be the fighters. Understood?" Jay said with a powerful tone. The male supposedly named Walker nodded with a smile. Once Jay walked away, cheering began, chanting Walker's name. Jay then nudged Bodhi's shoulder and made a gesture to follow. Bodhi followed the man out of the loud dining area, and led him outside. Jay pointed towards the edge of a tropical forest, "Meet there at 8'o'clock, and we'll see what you can do." Bodhi nodded, and Jay walked away. Bodhi then began to prepare himself, the fight was hours away, and he knew he needed to set the pack's perspective straight. Bodhi pretty much explored the wooded area of which his fight would start. He memorized every little thing he could, such as positions of branches, and vegetation that could be used as good coverage. He found an open area he wanted to bring the fight to. It was a clearing, there were large branches scattered across the sand. It turned out his little exploration lasted longer then he thought, because he could hear the cheers and chanting from the students gathering around the area about 50 yards away.

  Bout time I get released. God its almost like you hate me. His wolf said with a sarcastic tone. Bodhi chuckled at his friend as he stepped over a fallen tree. He arrived at the meeting area just in time. The entire pack had gathered around Jay was in the middle waiting Bodhi. Bodhi walked over to the Alpha, and Walker stepped out of the crowd laughing. Jay smiled and looked around at his pack. He then turned away from Bodhi, and walked out of the middle. As the Alpha was clear and out of the way, Walker attacked as a human with a single right cross. The male's lunge had made contact with the clueless Bodhi, and the male had gone flying back due to the force of the blow. He coughed and opened his eyes wide as the wind had been knocked out of him. He was beginning to feel the urge to shift. But was declined by his wolf, Oh, so early Bo? Wait for it dumb-dumb. Bodhi looked angry as he got up, his wolf was irritating him now, and the punch had hurt his chest. He grunted as he stood up, and dusted the sand off. Walker had turned his back towards Bodhi, and held his arms up cheering with the crowd. People were smirking and laughing at Bodhi, this got his blood boiling even more. Bodhi ran forward, and he knew he was quick even as a human. Just as Walker turned to counter it was to late. Bodhi had connected a tackle. At least it was kind of a tackle. Bodhi slammed his shoulder into the male's stomach, simultaneously wrapping his around Walker's knees. Thus, Bodhi pushed up with his shoulder to dig it in, and lifted with his upper body to slam the male into the sand hard. Walker coughed, and Bodhi jumped back and awaited the next move of his foe's. Walker got up, the crowd was now quiet compared to earlier, most of them had their jaws dropped because of the incredible speed Bodhi contained, and just released. Walker got up with an angry look, and lunged forward while shifting into his wolf form at the same time. Bodhi could see what was happening clearly. His foe may be big, and pack a punch, but he was pretty slow compared to Bodhi. He simply ducked and side stepped to the right. Walker went flying over him and into the crowd. Walker snapped around quickly, and the beast was about 8 feet tall, and all black. He was truly a monster. Cheering began, and soon faded away into laughter as Bodhi began to run towards the clearing about 50 yards to his west into the tropical forest. He had memorized a good amount of the area, and he was running fast enough to be able to evade the beast for a few moments. He continued to run, and he knew the fallen tree was coming up. Since he already knew it was coming, he jumped before he saw it. Bodhi was pretty much gliding as landed just passed the tree, as he landed he rolled forward and turned around ready to evade the monster's attack. Luckily, all he had to evade was the monsters fall as planned. Walker had not been able to evade the tree in time, thus the monster's front paws slammed into the branch, his ankles giving in, he slammed straight into the sand. The fall of the monster released a big puff of sand, it was a successful smoke screen type tool. Although Bodhi was also not able to see, he could smell and hear just fine. So he listened and took a deep breath inhaling small amounts of sand, making him sneeze. When he sneezed, he was off guard, and when he saw the wolf lunging at him he allowed his wolf to enter the world once again.

Just as Walker would have made contact, Bodhi was in his wolf form revealing emerald green eyes glowing through the sand. Putting immense weight and strength into his two right legs, he pushed off to the left quickly, thus Walker face planted into the sand as Bodhi slid through the sand to the monster's left. Bodhi reacted quickly from there, immediately jumping towards the monster sending his dagger like nails forward and towards Walker's left side. Bodhi being quick, he made contact. His nails sunk into the skin, and Bodhi immediately sent his fangs into the side of Walker's neck. He was sure not to hit a major artery or vein, but he had aimed to disable his enemy for the time being. He had succeeded. Walker let out a cry, and SLAM! Bodhi went flying into the sand away from the monster, Jay in his human form had simply sent Bodhi flying with what seemed the slightest smack to the side of the head. Though it wasn't that hard, Bodhi is pretty light weight, and small.  "Enough Bodhi, its done. For now you will be ranked as a Warrior, talk to me in a few minutes about your duties. Heh, I'm surprised. This was supposed to last longer then ten minutes kid. You may end up surprising all of us in the end. Any who, Brittany and Jessie, Walker needs your help." Jay then patted Bodhi's head, who's white pelt had been tainted with blood and sand. He shook vigorously, allowing the sand to come off, the Doctors then began running towards Walker and began tending to him. Ugh, that would've been so much better Bo. Your slacking today aren't you? Bodhi smiled on the inside as his wolf spoke, he then began to walk towards the house where he would find Jay and receive orders on what to do next.
((I was hoping to make this character unique from other bitten made werelings, such as making him faster then most werelings, which I don't know what the average speed is of your guys's werewolves. Also, I would like to make his sense of smell matching or surpassing that of a purebred werewolf, and the ranks I would gladly discuss with an admin.))


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