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Darcy - Venantium Empty Darcy - Venantium

Post by Delta Darcy on Fri 4 Jul - 14:57

- Name: Darcy Jasmine Jones

- Gender:  Female

- Age: 16

- Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

- Requested Pack: Venantium

- Requested Rank: Delta (due to promotion)

- Appearance:

Well in society people may call her a stunning girl or a beauty. Her long locks of hair cascades down her back in a shiny, and silky texture. The color of it is mostly black, but has small bits of brown near the roots of her hair. It many stays straight but at times she may curl it. Her skin tone is smooth pale/olive color that seems to fit in nicely with her black hair. Also she has dark green color for her orbs, which can almost seem hypnotic at times. She stands at five foot six, with a small slender frame to add with the mix. For tattoos she has a few on her legs, one on her right arm and one on her back. Darcy's main style is all black she may have a few white items but that's mainly it. Also Darcy's wolf form is quite elegant as well. The fur on her consist of the colors of black with hints of brown. Her eyes are still the light colors as her human form. She weights about 90 pounds and stands at 9ft tall, plus her body frame is still slender but has some muscle in there. Darcy is quite speedy and agile whenever she is in this form. Her tattoos are not visible but instead she has a small scar the is not really visible.

- Face Claim: Megan Fox

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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-Joining Keys: - Keys have been removed by the Staff Admin of Lost.

- How Did You Find Us?: A Blood Life

- History: It's a cold January, and smoke from a cabin puffed through out the woods. A female named Jasmine was about to give birth at any second as there wasn't many hospitals around. First came a boy that they named Claude, then a few seconds later came a girl named Darcy. At first this two wasn't supposed to be meant to be. But early in the years her mother was a member of a different pack, than her father Crane. As one day her mother was exploring until she met crane. After their meeting they sneaked out to see each other. But one day there packs found out and exiled them. The little girl had black hair like her father, but the eyes of her mother.

Now as a child, Darcy didn't have many friends around, except for Claude. Most of her time she would play around in the forest or explore. Her mother would stay with them as their father would try and go looking for work, to earn money. As she grew older her parents started to teach her about when it's her time to shift, but most of the time she didn't listen to them.

Soon Darcy was a little older and it was also time for her first shift. She was excited and scared at the same time. So later that night her and her brother was left out side as their parents shut the door on them. The moon risen, as it light beamed down from the trees to their porch. At first she felt nothing but then, a sharp pain exploded from her body.  Darcy's teeth formed to sharp canines and her ears became pointy. Her her hands and feet was exchange for paws and her skin formed fur. The she-wolf lifted her cranium and let out a howl before taking off her with her brother Claude behind her.

One day Darcy and Claude had returned from a walk, as they soon discovered the door to their home was open. Walking in, nothing seem untouched. But quickly Darcy spotted blood along the walls, following the trail they enter their parents bedroom to find them murdered, from multiply stab wounds, and bite marks. The she-wolf turned her head as she heard voices. Soon emerged was three figures. Claude jumped in front of her, shifting as two of them shifted as well to deal off with her brother. The third grabbed her by her arms and dragged her away, later on she didn't hear or seem her brother, as the three figures approached her. They've beaten and raped her until she fell unconscious. Few hours later she woken up, and sat up running an changing clothed and ran away to never returned.

- Example Writing:
Time, time , time it seems to go on forever as Darcy sat on a rock look down at the bottom. It's been years since see ran away. The summer air was warmer, warmer than usually to be exacted, her olive skin was tanned as her eyes looked upward to the sky. Darcy was bored and there wasn't much she could do at all now. Sometimes she wishes that her brother was her to keep her company, or that her parents was there sitting with her.

The she-wolf got up and dusted off her shorts before walking off. An idea soon formed into her head and she gave a smirk. Quickly she shifted and began to walk along in the forest. The idea was to go hunting, or maybe even exploring. Her paws padded through the soft grass with silently movements as her ears perked up. As her eyes saw something up ahead.

As Darcy moved closer she the figure came more clear. It was a male, and according to his smell he was a wereling. The she-wolf walked forward, maybe the male and her could become friends. Slowly she walked up but accidentally stepped on a branch, causing the male to turn his head and snarl. Before she could move back she could feel the cut on her shoulder, but only the liquid that travel out. Now she was furious, Darcy soon returned the snarl as they started to circle one another.

The male was first to attack as he nipped at her ear, but Darcy scratched at his shoulder. Skins she they are loose, the fae lowered and went for his neck and placed her paws on his back and head, holding on. She maybe small but she does has muscle. Slowly Darcy started to turn the male's head, it turned, and turned, and turned until a snap was heard and the male fell limp. Letting to Darcy shifted back to her human form, to wipe the blood from her mouth, after that she began walking to return to her previous spot.

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Darcy - Venantium Empty Re: Darcy - Venantium

Post by Lost Admin on Sat 5 Jul - 20:09

Welcome to The Lost Ones v2

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You may now go to the borders when you are most ready.
Thank you for choosing us!
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