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Bailey - Venantium

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Bailey - Venantium

Post by Omega Bailey on Sat 15 Mar - 15:23

- Name: Bailey Sophia [Matthews] Collins

- Gender: Female

- Age: 19 Years Old.

- Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious

- Requested Pack: Venantium

- Requested Rank: Omega

- Appearance: What is a tarnished soul when it is framed by a mask of beauty? Simply that. The paleness of her flesh glows beneath the moonlight in all the ways one could ever imagine, her body slim, and tiny, though her bite is ten times a worse as her bark, some may say. She is without a home, and appears lonesome through her golden orbs, for they show no light or remorse against the past she faced. Scars line the sides of her back, but she keeps them well hidden from eyes of others in the case of them coming up into a conversation. The woman doesn't let anyone touch her, and often avoids all types of physical contact with the real world. She is afraid, trembling by her own past and yet bipolar to her own emotions towards reality amongst all who walk upon their earth. Wispy long lochs of tree bark brown cascade and hide her face, a light veil to hold her uniquely colored eyes and high cheekbones from being easily spotted. Her eye brows are somewhat thick, and darker than her natural hair color, but she never seems to notice it anymore. She takes on most of her father's genetics, bringing down the line of brunette arrays of color stringed along her hair and along with a lean, rugged torso that displays into a cocky fashion towards most, even. She is judged as poor, and weak for the clothes she wears, for she can only afford so much at a time. But when the moon falls over, her undeveloped skills bring out the worst in her.

Being unable to control herself with the little help of a pack before running away, she tears herself to pieces throughout fighting her beast back down, though as it encases her, a lengthy, slim figured fae stands as beautiful as her real suit. Her paws are small and dainty, along with everything else of muscle bunched beneath her thick, warm coat. Her tail sways carefully behind her, long as it brushes it's tip against the ground just barely enough to sweep up some dirt. As the color of her fur is strange, it is blended around to be a strawberry blonde and white mix. Her eyes, being golden, reflect across their tones in a yellow blur when running from danger. She is easily noticed and sometimes called the Phoenix, a nickname she had earned when running through the streets in the spite of finding hope for shelter until her next meal passed through. Her limbs are usually covered in dirt, and her shoes are worn thin from stressing them more than they should be used. As a wolf, she stands no bigger than nine feet, a normal sized fae, but scrawny and somewhat defenseless against fighting by all means. The only thing she can do on her own is steal food, that is, if she were lucky, and even then she'd starve herself for long nights and days.

- Face Claim: Taylor Marie Hill

- Human Photo:

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- Wolf Photo:

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- Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed! ~The Lost Admin

- How Did You Find Us?: It's Noctavia.

- History: A mistake was all it took. A mother, whom once found love, had found herself without a husband to call hers as he had been taken away for his own little knowing. She blames herself for being exiled from the pack before, in yet, in the time near her leaving, the man and woman made love, and he remained as a simple warrior amongst the pack before she fled to safety. It was then that a month later she noticed she was carrying young, but fate had already taken a turn for the worst. Collette had not mentioned of her exile to anyone, not one, it was a deal she had made purposely with the Alphess that wished her gone for what she had done so long ago. She had gotten herself in a rather sticky situation, and ended up spending most of her time in the ditch with the man she called her lover. When their time had come to a close, the man had left to work, and the woman asked if she could leave before he returned home. The Alphess agreed to it and promised to keep it as a secret between them. And so she did, keeping it above all her promises and no longer speaking one peep of the subject to even the most trusted of her kind. Collette escaped crying, carrying herself onwards into the night and further away from New York as quick as her feet could bring her. There was a thought of being with her lover forever, to persuade him out of the pack to be with her, but she didn't want him to deal with her like this, she needed an outlet of freedom. So she let him go, and disappeared from the city life all together to end up living in small villages that came upon her travels.

A month later, signs of young developing in her figure were becoming more visible, and Collette thought for the slimmest second that perhaps if she returned to the city to find her lover, that she could tell him it was his, and he'd come to live with her as Exiles of the once was pack. She hadn't seen him in ages it felt like, and the hope that rose in her heart overwhelmed her to at least see if he would. Times were tough for her however, as the government was very much in debt and she was hard on paying a ride back to the large city while carrying a child. With that, she worked hard each day, holding her stomach through the pain and suffering as all her blood, sweat and tears was put into the effort of making enough money to finally return. Once Collette had done it, a smile made her way to her face, finally purchasing the ticket to the plane ride and hopping back on for a long way across the states to where it all began. She looked out the window with awe, relieved to be back home and remembering how so much had changed in her days of life living in it for over a hundred of years. Stepping out into the city, she carried herself nicely and blended with the ground, all the while hushing her wolf as she made it back to the pack's borders. Something was off, she sensed. Garrett was no longer here. But where had he gone, she thought? After her stay in NYC lasted for a couple days, she made connections with old folks she once knew to get a hold of her beloved, only to realize that a new pack had erupted from the debris of Braveheart dying and reforming into one she knew was lead by a redhead. Tears formed in the dips of her eyes as the news hit her like a ton of bricks - her lover had been murdered in trying to stop them. For days, she blamed herself and stressed about it and thoughts of suicide to be with her lover crossed so many times within the confinements of her mind. She bled, and would scream at the pain the fetus caused her as it was pushing down in her insides to be freed. A week tops, her water had finally broke for stressing her body too far, and the baby was surely on its way through a painful route for the mother. Unfortunately before she could make it to the hospital, Collette had lost tons of blood while in labor, and for a wereling, so much blood was fatal for their lives. She was not able to heal enough so quickly, and the loss of control was eating her inside out as the infant was removed into the hands of humans. The last image she saw of her baby was matched with the looks of her lover. The baby girl had hazel hair, to what she loved most about the man, and she held the same golden eyes as she. The world faded quickly around her, and the pulsing of her heart made into a flat line across the machines hooked to her arms.

The child was held firmly by a nurse known as Rachel Collins, a woman of little money, but a warm heart to care for. Doctors and other nurses crowded around the female in curiosity for the child, her golden eyes peering to them as if they were the strangest things on earth. Mrs. Collins had always wanted a baby girl of her own, but wasn't able to, for her ovaries had failed her through sterility. The hospital didn't know what to do with the infant besides put it into foster care, but Dr. Collins wouldn't let them, and volunteered out of her way of becoming a nurse to care for the child as if it were her own. Sad to say, the humans knew nothing of the mothers records or any idea where she came from, so the fact that she held a different kind of blood than a normal mortal never came up, that is, until the funeral called to say that this woman was not dead at all it seemed. Her skin was fresh, almost as if it never lost its color, which made the humans afraid in a way to which one couldn't explain. They ran diagnostics over Collette's body, testing theories and large experiments, all the while across the city, the baby was raised into a beautiful little girl. They had named her Bailey, a name handed off and on through the family for its simpleness and likeness. Her hair ran to long lengths while growing up, and she became rather stubborn to let her parents cut it off, so it kept growing until her mother begged her to cut some of it off. As much as she hated it being chopped off, Bailey forced herself to get used to it, for last time she experienced enough trouble with the man cutting it, that she almost placed a death wish on him to never touch her. The parents never understood why their adopted daughter was sensitive to being cuddled and touched, but never bothered to ask her about it alone. She had always been like this, very distant, but her parents were too busy to notice as they were trying to make a living while feeding a girl that was beginning to grow more and more each day.

When the shift finally arrived, Bailey under-went a loss of strange control. The power that surged within her tiny body spread throughout her limbs and into her mind, attacking her insides till the shift into an invisible creature, a scream to hide her agony to which was soon covered by monstrosity. The little girl was no more and there stand a beast, dressed in a pure blonde golden pelt with a match of golden eyes. Her mother shrieked and her father came downstairs to see the commotion, but it was too late. Their lives were taken, and Bailey couldn't see to the real world that night.

- Example Writing: An example of my writing....
Reckless & Relentless - Alpha Daiken & Alphess Noctavia

"We're here." As the lasting roar of the yellow and black taxi’s tires rolled to a meaningless stop against the side of a road, on the other side of the back window, the Alphess could not only see her reflection staring soullessly into her eyes, but also a long ago memorable place she would never forget visiting. Daiken, her Delta sat comfortably at her other side as she peered out the window, solemnly reminding herself that this was the neutralized grounds of the packs that lived amongst the New York state. Fog eased its way upon the glass just near of where her mouth and nose hovered as she breathed in a warm, cigarette scented puff of air. The taxi reeked of what she wished not to know, so the simplicity of the fact that they had finally arrived to their destination made her somewhat pleased, and less irritated with the man that drove them. His accent was rather strong, but still comprehensible to her, though she couldn’t promise too much for Daiken. Understanding the man, Noctavia nodded once with a blank gaze, handing him to whatever money was needed and slipping on her purse closely at her side. She gripped her fingers slightly around its handle, as she knew that in a place like this, there was no telling as to what would happen, nor the strangers that could be lurking. There were werelings, easily told through her sense of smell, so she kept up a heavy guard and lifted her chin high to prove her greater dominance over them all. She was filled with many years on her shoulders and strength behind it most importantly. They knew here in this sense, so in the case if they ever tried to do anything, they would not last very long to live the rest of their days of happiness. If she were correct, some where of range around the time Gabriel and her had met long ago, so it would not surprise her if they knew her name as well. They had banned her from here before, but she was now able to return as it has been past its deadline.

Taking it into stride, she stepped out of the vehicle and waited for Daiken to follow up at her side, watching and patiently taking to key as to how protective he was as towards his devotion upon his rank. She was glad to see that so far the Delta had made efforts of making her night worth while asides from spending it locked away with stacks of paperwork. As she looked to him, a short smile curled at her lips before meeting him half-way to securely wrap her arm around his, placing a neat, gentle yet firm hand over his forearm as the other stayed over his bicep. She felt safe with how near he was, and the chills that ran down her spine from the cold had finally deceased knowing that his heat mixed with hers was applied. With two fingers, she waved off a lazy salute to the taxi driver to which caused him to nod back and revere away back down the road in the direction of the nearest airport, she guessed. She watched as one plane had recently taken off into the sky, gliding upon the wind pattern’s strength to dolphin dive up into the air upon to its rightful land to where it might descend again. She hadn’t flown in a while, though there really wasn’t a reason for her too, nonetheless, there could always come a time where the pack and her could take a vacation. ...Traveling sounds satisfying now-a-days... we all should just leave while we still can before the humans get stupider... Noctavia rolled her eyes at the voices’ words, shaking her head slightly before taking Daiken, arm in arm up passed the driveway of the bar and to its entrance. Men of all sizes, and a rare bit of women stood in broad groups outside the bar building’s corners, watching with a skillful eye as the Alphess neared closer. One large man smirked, but she didn’t bother looking to identify the man to see if she knew him from before. There was no time to spend socializing with ungrateful sleazes. She had more important things to do, and that was to use her time to waste away with the Delta she found herself quite fond over the past few weeks. Some eyes peered over onto her as she walked on through the double wooden doors of the entrance, lightly molding into a sinister grin as her eyes looked around the room. The looks on their faces were priceless.

Working her way over to the bar, she glanced slightly off towards the side of her vision to the corner of where Gabriel, his friend and her first sat. Only the poker table was no longer there, but to be replaced with a stage for entertainment instead. A lonesome set of musical instruments sat in that there corner, just wasting away its moments without being played as it sat collecting dust with each hour of its life. Such a painful way of looking at it, she thought, such a piece of art was not acceptable to just leave around, but she said nothing about it, nor did she ever want to, as they wouldn't care. If anything, they'd just laugh and cause her to be irritated, and they all know what happened last time when that happened, "The place has sure as Hell changed... Look any familiar?" Using her words of mind to reach into Daiken's, Noctavia took a comfortable seat up next to the end of the long bar. Within the wood held marks, scars to which held a story behind them, and even some she noticed of what she had managed to make on her own in the times she would come here before. Her fingertips traced over the scuffs slowly, then lifting her head as she looked to the bartender with a knowing gaze as she spoke to his mind for what she wished to drink. When he had plopped the glass of a whiskey and coke down at her hand, she glared back at him, but made no efforts in putting up a fight as already some people were beginning to leave. She rolled her eyes, however it was their choice to believe who was the evil one here, not her. She didn't care.

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Re: Bailey - Venantium

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