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Axel - Caedesque

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Axel - Caedesque

Post by Guest on Fri 14 Mar - 9:49

- Name: Axel Thaddeus Evans

   - Gender: Male

   - Age: 518 - Approved by Alphess Noctavia -

   - Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

   - Requested Pack: Caedesque

   - Requested Rank: Elite

   - Appearance: Axel is a handsome fellow, tight muscles line his body, chiseled abs and rock hard biceps. He is the perfection of muscle. He stands at 6'2" with a very fit body. he has a light brown color in his hair, with highlights of blonde from the sun. Most of the time he likes to have a clean shave, but every now and hen you can see a little scruff around his chin and lips. His eyes are silver in color, which shimmer against the light or even a body of water. His wolf is of average size for a male. He stands at 9'7". His wolf is mixed with brown and black mostly. White appears around his features, such as his face and legs. His wolf has the silver eyes as well.

   - Face Claim: Channing Tatum

   - Human Photo:


   - Wolf Photo:


- Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed... blah blah blah.. ~Ze Evil Alphess

   - How Did You Find Us?: I'm the Global Mod

   - History: Two young werewolves met in the market place, falling head over heels in love with one another. But they had a problem. The girl was of noble blood and the boy was son of a blacksmith. The two met at the hours of twilight for many nights. It was not until they had been meeting for months that they made love beneath the star lights. Weeks later, she became pregnant and hiding it from her parents was not an option. They immediately forced her from the noble home, forcing her to live with the blacksmith family. Shortly after giving birth to the only son, which she named Axel, she grew ill. It was an incurable disease, even for the werewolf pack. If she was with her noble blood, she might have been saved, but the blacksmith and his family knew nothing of cures or anything. A few days after giving birth, she died. The boy was left with his family to take care of the baby.

As the boy grew older, he learned from his father, only a few tricks of the trade for blacksmiths. Nothing too serious. But as times grew hard for the family, they started taking extreme measures. Axel's father decided to sell him to the slave trade, for enough money to keep their shop open. On the day he was taken, he cried for his father, but he did not come. They got the boy at a young age, just a few days over eight years old. He was taken to a new part of Germany, one the other slave children called "Holle", which is translated to Hell in English. Here the young boys were forced to work among the mines, gathering coals and other useful things for their masters. Shoveling and knocking axes at the walls caused the clumps to fall to the floor. They were forced to wheel the loads to and fro. As the young boy grew close to his first shifting, he could feel something different about his body, but grew increasingly worried. Another boy, Alec was feeling the same things, but when he started to "change", the guards came, tased him until he dropped to the floor, cuffed him and wrapped a bag over his head. They carried him off and the boys never saw him again. In the dark of night, Axel laid in his cot, tossing and turning, trying to hide the monster beneath the sheet. But no matter what he did, the change was coming to him. He could not allow himself to go missing, there was so much more to life than he was living here, he knew it. Looking to the shackle wrapped around his ankle, he gripped it with his tiny hands. Soon a great strength rushed over his body and he pried them apart. Shocked by his new found strength, he looked around to the other boys. They slept soundly, not hearing a peep from him. Moving about the shadows, he discovered his way out, past the snoozing guards and the resting dogs.

Years passed, the boy found himself exploring over all of Europe. He could never stay in one place for long. he never wished to go back home, never wanting to see his father. When he was roughly 200 years old, he found a love for Paris, France. He lived there for many years, learning to speak the language, now with German and French under his belt, he blended in rather well. Moving around the different areas, he tried to find something he could be good at. All he ever did was steal and loot from places and people alike. He moved among the humans, never giving indication that he was strange or different than them. After trying place after place to get a job, he was given a tip about a small building in the uglier side of town that was paying good money to young attractive males. Little did they know, he was not so young. Axel decided it was time for him to give this place a try, perhaps there was a good paying job out there for him. So, he followed the directions of the nice elderly man, carrying the paper tight in his grasp as he walked along the streets. Rats and other small vermin ran along the edges, scurrying to find shelter away from the open where cats and dogs could find them. Finally arriving to the building, it looked rather ran down. A small sign out front hung from the roof, stating it was "open" in French.

Stepping inside, his eyes were full of wonder and curiosity. There was a large center stage which had lights pointed directly to it. Large poles started from the ceiling and were sealed to the floor. There were many tables and chairs, as well as a bar. he was immediately greeted by a man cleaning a beer mug with a rag. He looked rather friendly, speaking in a beautiful French accent. Axel and Adrian, as he later came to be known as, was a very caring man. He saw the need and want in Axel's eyes, the same look he once felt as well. He allowed the boy to be a part of his crew, but only if he had official documentation of being a French citizen. The polizei, or police, were cracking down on immigrants, deporting them away or even locking them up in prison. Axel nodded his head, giving Adrian a smile. Stepping out of the bar, he made his way to the black markets, looking for anyone who could help him create false identification. It was not long until he had all the required false documents. Axel rushed back to the bar and was soon told of the happenings which occurred in the late hours of night.

It was not long until the night life took over the young werewolf. He learned many things in this very building, living only a couple blocks from it. He did not date clients, he would sleep with some on the occasion they paid enough. He had always dreamed of moving to a place only told in rumors, one he had always wished to see, America. Axel realized his career as a stripper was only beginning and going to get better and better. After only a few short weeks, women started to come to the bar, just to see him perform. They loved him. He was handsome and his eyes, how they cooed over it. His body had been easily maintained, being a werewolf had its advantages for such things. His abs were always perfect and his muscles rock hard. The women tossed him money like it was nobody's business. Everything was going perfectly smooth, he had no ties to anyone except for Adrian, and nobody even thought he was a werewolf, not until one summer night.

On the day Axel met Noctavia dark he was performing center stage, his shirt had already come off, and his hands rolled slowly down his abs, grabbing his belt tight in his hands. Girls cheered and roared for him to strip, begging to catch the article of clothing for their own collection. When she opened the door, the first thing he noticed, besides her scent, was her long raven colored hair. It was gorgeous, straight and perfect. As she looked around the room, their eyes met, emerald stare infused with the males silver gaze. She was the first werewolf he had seen in a very long time, but he could tel she was one. Her scent filled the room in an intoxicating aroma. He watched as she made her way to a seat. He quickly unbuckled his belt and ripped it from the loops. With a few whirls over his head, he tossed it to the side. Women swooned over the material, fighting as if it were worth any form of currency. But his stare never left her. Slowly moving to the edge of the stage, he torn his pants from his body and jumped down. Making his way past the women, he bee lined for her. As he approached, he propped himself over her lap, pretending to grind on her only inches from her crotch. His eyes stared deeply into hers, knowing full well this was her season. Instincts rang like a loose bell within his mind. Unlike his normal behavior, he was drawn to her, sharing a couple kisses to her lips, and a couple down her neck. Quickly he removed himself from over her, turning so she could get the perfect view of his ass. He moved it up and down for her, looking to the other women, jealous for the raven-haired girl. As his performance came to an end, he whispered in her ear to find his quarters in the back.

This is where he was, waiting for her. This is where they engaged in activities he was so common to choose, but never with a girl like her, never a werewolf. Their interaction was so carnal and wild, their growls and screams were blocked by the noise behind the closed doors. It was that night all the rules changed for Axel. It was that night, he decided a new fate for him. Over the next course of months, Axel spent all his off time trying to win Noctavia's heart. He was attracted to her in the very first glimpse of seeing her, but was unsure of her feelings. He knew he should take this one slow, and so he did. For months he courted her, taking her everywhere he could afford. There were few places they did not go. But as time between them grew, so did her love for him and his for her. He asked her to be his mate and she quickly jumped into his arms, the two sharing a momentous moment they would remember until it all came crashing down. In their private time after mating, she would tell him secrets, dreams and wishes she held for herself, for them. It was known they both wished to adventure to the new world, to see America and what it had to offer. She always spoke of a place called New York, filled with magic and love, as she described it. It would be the perfect get away, a new place to live and raise their family. After almost a year of saving money, he finally had enough to buy trips to the Americas for them both and money to survive while he found a new job to support them. To celebrate, they went to a local pub, one they had been to many times before.

But on this particular night, Axel had a strange feeling. Many men stared at Noctavia, some giving her cat calls as they walked by. He was able to keep himself calm, most of the time, but when it did not stop, he was slowly losing his hold on the wolf. But it was not until one grabbed hold of her ass and made a weird grunting noise that Axel lost his control completely. He immediately shifted to his beastly form, standing taller than any of the humans around them. Grabbing the neck of the perpetrator in his jaws, he snapped it with ease, breaking the bones and throwing his body to the side. The humans screamed in horror, some picking up arms to fight them off, while others ran for cover or aid. Noctavia aided him in thwarting the masses of humans which came for them, only stopping when he heard the call of the sirens. He looked to Noctavia, begging her to shift back, to flee for her protection. She did as he told her, scared that worse things would happen to them. When the police had arrived, Axel had assumed his human form, blood covering his arms, hands, face, and chest. He was a monster. They came at him, guns drawn and at the ready to shoot on command. It took five men to finally subdue him with many shocks of electricity and shackling his hands behind his back. Axel looked around the pub, searching for her, finally finding her watching the whole display. He tried to call for her name, but was soon silenced as a bag was placed over his head and he was dragged out of the bar.

Looking over his documents, they decided that Axel was a fraud, an immigrant and locked him for what they thought to be for good. Axel would not quit, and soon he was transferred to a higher security prison. They beat him, whipped him, tortured him, trying to bring the beast out, but he would not. In secret, he wrote letters to Noctavia, but the guards were smart, they blocked all communication with him in and out. At night they would light his letters aflame, using them to build their fire. Axel grew cold and wicked, thinking his love had forgotten about him, but still loving only her. Months later he was transferred again, this time for killing three guards and forced into even worse conditions. As the humans became more wise to the ideas of werewolves around them, making their prisons more impressive and better to withstand such beasts. But they had never met a full grown werewolf, not one of his bloodline. After many months of figuring out his get away, Axel broke free of the prison. Years had passed by in his life. He knew not where Noctavia was, but he always remembered how she spoke of New York. He knew if he was going to live as a free wolf once more, he would have to make a break for America. But he would need funds or in the very least, a ride.

As time was growing short for Axel, he started patrolling the docks. Many of the merchants had been known to travel between Europe and the new world. They sold silks, and other priceless merchandise, all the while returning with corn and over valuable goods from the Americas. He figured he had a couple of options presented before him. The first option would be to sneak aboard a vessel and hope like hell they traveled to America, or he could try and find a merchant and ask them that he accompany them to the new world. Upon his adventure across the docks, he found a pleasant couple looking to take their hand made goods to the new world. Axel made quick to speak with them, discovering they were rather open and friendly. Kinsley and Gus, madly in love and willing to help any troubled soul. They agreed to help the boy, but only on the terms he would help keep the boat clean and help prepare meals. Axel accepted the terms and soon found himself bound for America. His plan did not go how he had truly wished, weather was not the best during this time of the year. A great storm had found them among the high seas, turning their destination to South America. It had taken weeks, even months, to make it this far and yet they were still not on course. Axel had yet another decision to make. Should he stay with the generous couple, or head through unknown terrain to reach North America? Thinking back to Noctavia, he could see her smile and her bright green eyes staring at him, encouraging him to go on.

After parting ways with Kinsley and Gus, he made his way inland. Beaches for miles could be seen along the shore, but it was not enough to keep him from traveling. As he spotted a treeline, he wiped the sweat from his brow and trudged on. Many thoughts rang through his head, but once he was under the cover of heavy forest, he shifted to his large wolf form. Sliver hues looked from side to side as he began a slow trot. His ears and eyes were alert, ready for any sign of danger. Coursing through the jungle, he found many adversaries, some stupid enough to fight him. He had killed a couple jaguars, large constricting snakes, and even some pestering monkeys. But even still, they did not stop his path. When he approached cities, he would take his human form once more, blending as a tourist as much as possible. Trying to get his way to the north, he started to pick up traces of the languages they used. Most of it had been directly tied to Spanish, which he had heard in his days wandering Spain, but never really cared to know it himself. Studying the language now, he got help from the natives as they aided him on his journey. Years had passed and he still stayed within the small villages, moving from town to town, building his understanding for Spanish and his experiences. He became a seasoned fighter in the art of swords, something he had never thought he would use. Now carrying a sword to his side, many did not mess around with him. His muscles had increased and his intelligence skyrocketed. He would be ready for anything which came towards him.

Crossing the gulf by a small boat, he made way to a land called Texas. It was hot, much like the area he had just left, a lot of the natives had spoken of journeying to that very place, in hopes of becoming something better in what they called, "Estados Unidos de America". War had waged over the land, between the natives and the white man. It seemed to have been squashed at this point, but there were often small battles in the little cities while the Indians hung on to what they called home for dear life. Axel found himself mixed between such tussles, always lending an aid to the natives before assuming the help of the Americans. He thought them to be rude and snobbish. Many of the natives were wolves, just like he, hiding in their numbers. They spoke of peace and forming a bond with the humans, but the mortals did not like the idea of anything different among them. This led to his first experience with guns, weapons which propelled small rounds towards them at high speeds. They stung as they struck his flesh, but quickly found the wounds healing and pushing the rounds out. In the time it took for a human to reload his rifle, Axel had already killed about six of his companions. The women and children never fought, which confused the wolf entirely. Did they not also wish to take land? Whatever the reason was, he did not kill their type. Finally deciding to leave Texas, he headed East, hoping he found find New York soon. More time passed and finally he found the "Big Apple" as it was commonly known. Now at 500 years of age, he was determined more than ever to find her. His beating heart still pumped the blood through his body for her alone.

~ Since Being With The Lost Ones ~

Since finding the Alphess had taken a new mate, Axel was quick to find something to settle his mind. The Alphess loved one named Daiken, which he could truly not stand. He hated him even, but for his love of the Alphess, he vowed he would stay to keep her safe from all harm. In the event that Diaken passed away, Axel would be there for her. He loved her more than anything. But being as he was an elder wolf, he hated the fact that he was only a low Warrior. After a private conversation with Noctavia, she disclosed to him who the Elite was. Axel moved to meet this male as soon as he could. Damian Arevalo was his name. The two males met in the park during the cold winter as snow fell to the ground. In that winter cold the two shared a single battle, with Axel as the victor and Damian handing over his rank to the superior wolf. With a new rank, the male made his way through the hotel and even started helping with border acceptances. Nothing of significance had happened, until one day the Doctor, younger sister to Noctavia came to discover him within the hot tub. Upon his realization of who she was, Axel allowed his wolf the pleasures it had been seeking. He took Vitani and forced himself upon her, fully well knowing that she was mated to the Guardian of their pack. But he did not care. The lust was thick in his mind, forcing him to do something he never thought he would do.

 - Example Writing: Example From: I Miss You, a thread between Axel and Noctavia

Almost abruptly he was allowed entrance to her private quarters. This gave him a smile, though he could not immediately see her. Her scent pulled his eyes towards a small creak between the door and the frame. His silver gaze looked through the small separated piece, eying the Alphess in her personal space. Her body was as beautiful as ever. Even with the small creature leeching off her form, she was a goddess among humans and wolves alike. He had been so lucky to be with her in the past, so fortunate to have known her for many years. His eyes quickly averted to the things among the room. Of course she had the finest furniture and things all around. Once she finally presented herself to him, he looked up to her. She looked just as beautiful fully clothes as she did naked. The shirt was far too loose, but sexy in it's own way. He remembered waking up to her, dressed in his own t-shirts. Her hair was a lovely mess, a reminder from their night of passion. But here she stood, mated to another man, carrying his evil seed. No matter what she felt for him, or he for her, he would keep her safe and the ones she loved. "Sorry, this place is like a maze, especially once you try and follow your scent. It is like following a crazy drunk human who's had too much to drink, your scent is all over the place," he chuckled.

"It's a rather long story, but I did promise you an explanation of my disappearance." Moving to sit on her couch, he leaned back, resting his shoulders against the cushions. "The night they took me away from you, that was the worst perhaps. I never wanted to leave your side. But that night they did horrible, unspeakable things to me. They feared me, were afraid I was going to snap and kill them as well. So they kept me pretty guarded for a while, but they got lazy. They dwindled their numbers around my cell. It was simple really. I could break the bars the whole time. And every night I would write to you, professing my love and promises of what our lives would be together once I got out. On a dark night, I could see the moon was full, filled with enchantment and wonder. The wolf wished to explore it, to feel the light shining on him once more. I could not stop him. I allowed him to take over. The first guard was easy. He was sleeping outside my cell. After breaking the lock, I moved to the doorway, removing the door from the hinges. The cell mates around me, started clamoring and making all kinds of noise. This did not wake the first guard, but it did alert others. I killed him in his sleep. The second and third guards came after me with guns and tasers. But their weapons did not work. I killed them with ease, allowing the wolf to feast on their live flesh. Soon a swarm of guards came and I submitted, not wishing to cause anymore trouble. My first attempt was not the best. It was then they discovered they needed higher security for me. I was forced to move to another prison, and still I wrote to you. I sent tons of thousands of letters to you and never got a reply back. I will admit, for a time my heart grew cold and wicked. I wished to destroy everything I could. I thought you hated me, or no longer loved me. When I finally broke out of the maximum security facility, I killed many humans. Guards, prisoners, anyone who got in my way." Taking a momentary pause, he looked to her, gauging how she was taking his story. Taking the cup from her gentle hands, he sipped from it and handed it back with a smile. "Mmm, delicious roast. But you always did have good taste," he joked as he looked about the room.

"I roamed for years, searching for anywhere that would come to America. I tried to sneak onto large tankers, fueling ships, transport ships. But nothing every truly worked out quite right. It was not until I was patrolling a dock just a few miles from the very place you once called home. It was there I met two humans, Gus and Kinsley. They were very kind to me, and of course I acted the same towards them. They offered me a ride to the states, as long as I helped with care of the boat, made meals and cleaned. We spent a very long time on the water, traveling across the ocean, living through the worst of storms. It changed our course, causing us to land in South America. They gave me the option to ride with them once they could repair the ship and head up north, but I refused the trip. If I was going to make it there quickly, I would have to go the journey alone. I sometimes regret my decision. I was then I allowed the wolf to spring from its eternal prison for long periods of time. We bonded in this fashion, now I shift as often as I can, if it is appropriate. He speaks his own mind and causes his own turmoils. I lived among the natives, learning their language and getting enough of their language to move easily about their lands. In one small village, I discovered the art of sword fighting. I did so for many years, working on my physique and health. If I was to find you, I would look my very best, be in the best shape of my life. When I finally ventured over the Gulf of Mexico, I landed in Texas. The 'white man' as they were called attacked the natives, trying to take their land away by force. It just so happened the villagers were werewolves like you and I. They spoke an ancient language, one I did not. Luckily a few members spoke Spanish, having heard it from the settlers. I helped the wolves in their fight for what seemed like ages. But then again, time away from you feels like centuries being locked in a dark cell, sitting in my solitude. When I finally left and came to New York, I had this feeling deep in my heart that I would find you again. That I would see those eyes, and that perfect smile once more."


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