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Natasha - Venantium

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Natasha - Venantium

Post by Guest on Fri 14 Mar - 12:15

- Name: Natasha Arianna Capulet

   - Gender: Female

   - Age: 338

   - Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

   - Requested Pack: Venantium

   - Requested Rank: Beta

   - Appearance: Bright blue eyes stare into the night as she wanders around carefully. Over the years her eyes have changed from color to color with the aid of colored contact lenses. But blue is their natural color. She has colored lenses for brown, green, hazel, and even a light silver. With the changing of her eye color, she also changed the color of her hair. Her natural color is brown and she normally keeps it longer than shoulder length. But in her travels, she has changed it much like a chameleon to other colors as red, blonde, dirty blonde, and black. Her body is long and slender, fit and firm. She always makes sure to keep her body in tip top physical shape. She stands at 5 foot 9 inches.  

In her wolf form, she has blue eyes, the same as her human form. Her coat is mixed with tans, browns, blacks, and cream. Most of her fur is covered in dark brown color. Her body is covered in a thick coat, but can still see the muscles beneath. Her ears are large and perky, ready for anything. Her wolf is 8 feet and 6 inches. Her tail is thick and bushy, often being used to cover her nose protectively.

   - Face Claim: Alexis Knapp

   - Human Photo:


   - Wolf Photo:


   - Joining Keys: -Keys have been removed... blah blah blah.. ~Ze Evil Alphess

   - How Did You Find Us?: Axel is my other character!

   - History: Changing appearance. Changing hair styles. Changing the clothes you wear. All of these are not easy to do, to mold and bend with the populace, hiding among their numbers, mixing with their fools. Hunting the hunters can be a very rough job to do, something not all werewolves would devote their lives to doing. Infiltrating enemy camps and busting operations to bring local packs down. Fear does not sit with this fae. Honors rests upon her tiny shoulders, responsibility keeps her going. Her nightmares are never ending, attacking her within her slumber.

But the worst of her job, discovering which are friends or allies, while others can be enemies in disguise. The hunters come in many different ways: male, female, human, vampires. Vampires were her hardest kill, never easy, while humans could be tricked or overpowered. Vampires were smart, they could smell a werewolf from miles away. Hunting and tracking was very difficult. One night in particular, she killed the nest of a vampire clan.

It was a dark night in the month of October, the New York wind was chilled and loud, whipping through the branches and brush. With the wind, traveled scents and smells from all over the world, making it easier for the huntress to make it to her destination. This clan lived on the outskirts of town, taking possession of an old country home in the hills. They had killed or changed the owner of the residence, then set up camp within it's walls. From the look of the house, they had lived there for many years, probably feasting on poor humans from the city, louring them to their bed chambers, taking their life and blood with one strong bite to the neck.

Natasha watched them curiously from the bushes, preparing her tools and weapons for this very kill. She did not believe in guns, no, she wished to watch their last breath being taken as she twisted her knife deep within their body. She enjoyed watching their blood drip, making the beautiful noise of hitting the hard ground. For now she would be patient. Suddenly from her path to the right, a large truck came rushing from the darkness. Loud laughs and giggles could be heard, while an idiot held most of his body from within the vehicle. He carried a bottle with a dark liquid. Watching the bottle closely, he gave a drink to a girl, obviously she was very drunk. Apparently, this clan was feeding humans their blood, changing them into raging new vampires, giving them ample amounts of strength and ferocity. But this girl had not changed just yet, she was still human.

Without a moment's notice, Natasha dashed for the vehicle, hiding behind the massive tire, pulling her silver blade from her thigh, holding holy water in her other. One male seemed to be following the others in a slow pace, obviously he was drunk. Natasha moved to his quickly, stabbing his in the heart and slowly dropping his body to the floor. Silence. All other members had slipped into the barn. Wiping her blade clean, she pressed one, moving about the shadows. Her wolf sensed they were deep within, possibly carrying on a party of initiation. Their banter was soft, unaware of the danger that was right outside their door. Death would come to them, one at a time, if she had it her way. Walking around the barn, she found a hole, small, but it was large enough for her tiny body to slip through. Her flexible frame slid through the opening, hiding in the dark corner. Natasha's eyes watched the creatures, dancing, kissing and touching one another. It almost seemed this would be a waste, but then the leader entered the room. She could tell by the way the females laid themselves at his feet. As she looked, she was curious to their ways. Werewolves were a proud race, none threw themselves to their Alpha's feet. Natasha moved from her hiding spot, shrouded by the dark room. She moved about, silent, like the trained hunter she was. When she found the perfect opportunity, she lunged towards them, slicing into one, while tossing a bit of her holy water on the other. The demonic creatures attacked her, coming from all angels, but this was not the first time she were in this very situation. Taking one down from the start, she swung in a slow circle, planting her knife deep within its chest. Vampire after vampire, they were killed.

~ Since Joining Lost ~

Natasha had been following a group of wandering vampires. They had rooted in New York, seeding around the city and killing humans. She had gone there to hunt them down. But soon found herself around the borders to a neighboring werewolf pack. No longer wishing to move about the world, she decided to stay with the pack. She was met by the Beta, Teimhnin. Natasha found an immediate attraction to her, and soon found herself within a growing pack. She had found it to be normal and boring in the pack. But soon everything changed. She had been called by Jace in a panic and given a new address to meet him in. This house turned into a new land for the couple. Natasha swore herself to them and aided Teimhnin with her vampire bites. She gathered as many herbs as she could, trying to get Jace to collect the rest. In over a few months, she had to care for both of the wolves. Jace stopped eating, and Natasha found herself feeding him to keep him alive. When Teimhnin woke, she was overjoyed and did everything she could to aid in her recovery. Months passed and Teimhnin became pregnant. In these crucial days Natasha and Teimhnin found themselves becoming romantically involved for one afternoon. From that moment, Natasha swore she would never allow anything to hurt her ever again.

One night, Natasha found herself drunk in a local bar. She sat alone, though the countless males came to her, offering to give her a night out on the town. After hours of men giving her drinks and compliments, she went with one into a dark alley. Her wolf told her that he was of their breed and her nose confirmed it. From her drunken stand point, he was handsome and suave. In the alley, they met as one, combining in sexual relations to the point of climax. Months later, Natasha discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to a little girl. She named her Juliet Annalise Capulet.

   - Example Writing: Example Post: A Taste For Adventure - Gabriel and Natasha

After being escorted by the Beta herself, she made her way to her room. As she looked over the oak door, she smiled. It had been a long time since she had a place of her own, one covered by massive walls and lined with windows. Her last places of residence were run down places or ones that had long been abandoned, blanketed by cobwebs and dust covers. This place was much nicer. The walls were lined with color and the furniture, so elegant and beautiful. Opening her door, she looked around her room as she closed the door. It was everything she imagined it to be. A large bed placed in the center of the room, but closest to the back wall. The furniture was amazing and beautiful in there as well. She walked to her new bed and placed her bag down, opening it, she grabbed clothes which smelled fresh like flowers and fabric softener. Grabbing her things, she made it to the bathroom attached to her private room. Going inside, she released the clothes from her body and turned on the water. Allowing it to heat up, looked over her body in the mirror, lightly touching herself  before making it into the shower.

Her shower was not too long, cleaning all the places that needed it. Once she had finished, she shut off the water and began to dry herself off. Walking to her bedroom, she hung her towel on a rack and moved to her clothes. Her booty shorts were very low cut, just below her ass and her tank top was a plain light blue color. She finished getting dressed and walked out of her room, ready to explore her new home. As she found her way to the outside of the mansion, she noticed the sky had turned black, but the way the stars sparkled in the night sky made her not care as much. Her wolf would be with her every step of the way, taking in the scents and directing her towards important areas. She moved from the house, entering the shrouded trees of the forest. She walked slowly, taking in the sights and smells. It was not long until she realized she was not alone. Hearing a howl, she jerked her head towards the direction it came and listened closely. It was a call to the pack, and Natasha would answer it. Quickly shifting to her wolf, she ran through the forest, returning his call with a beautiful howl of her own. Being part of a pack was something special, something she missed in her travels.

As she made it to the clearing, her eyes spotted a cabin. It looked dark and ominous, one she was very used to seeing. Her nose scanned the air, sniffing for any signs of danger. But her nose identified something of value. The Alpha male. His scent was scattered throughout everything she eyed. She could not go anywhere without it lingering nearby. But now it was ever so close. He must have been the wolf to call to the pack. Natasha looked around until she finally spotted the large black male. Her eyes raked over his body, checking over his muscles and the intensity of his black coat against the night sky. He was magnificent, a beautiful creature. She could feel her heat swelling as she eyed him, but knew she must be on her best behavior. This male was her Alpha and deserved her respect. She was new to the pack, only knowing the female Beta. As she made her way towards him, she lowered herself to the ground, submitting to him and rolling onto her back, presenting herself to him. "I am Warrior Natasha. Beta Teimhnin has just recently allowed me entrance to your pack. I wish you no harm and only ask that I might know your name, the name of the Alpha I wish to serve the rest of my life." As she laid there,she looked over him again and again, wondering what kind of Alpha he was and if he would enjoy her company.


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Re: Natasha - Venantium

Post by Alphess Noctavia on Fri 14 Mar - 16:22

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